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Digital Health record management solution

Advanced Web and iPad application for end-to-end workflow of TCM clinics


Plum Flower Health Clinic is a provider of classical Chinese medicines and acupuncture therapy. Before starting any treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners always prefer to go through their patients’ medical history, with complete descriptions of diagnosis and prescriptions. But, handling these difficult to manage medical records and paperwork was becoming a major bottleneck for the company. Plum Flower Health Clinic wanted a solution to not only manage these records but also make these records easily accessible by its acupuncturists and TCM Practitioners. Further, it wanted a solution which could ease communication between clients and therapists/TCM practitioners.


Credencys worked on these requirements to create TCM (iPad app) – which helps TCM practitioners easily track and view patient’s medical records and also meet regulatory compliance. TCM also enables users to directly connect with their therapist/TCM practitioner and update them regularly about their health status or symptoms. Clients can even request appointments to the practitioner for a check-up, which could be scheduled as and when the practitioner deems suitable.


  • Accessing patient history with name.
  • HIPPA compliance.
  • Bilingual (Chinese and English) support.
  • Users can easily locate nearby practitioners and view their profile.
  • The application lets clients know about their health status from time to time.


  • Paperwork is eliminated and records are organized efficiently.
  • TCM Practitioners spend more time on treatments than tracking files.
  • TCM practitioners are able to identify any adverse impact of their prescriptions on their patients well in advance.
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