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Keeping track of the driver and your goods while they are on the move

About Vanmile

Vanmile is an on demand, real time, local moving and delivery service venture launched by Cargo Community Network (CCN) which is a leader in providing cargo community systems for the air cargo industry. Bringing social collaboration to the transportation and logistics industry, VanMile acts as a marketplace which connects Helpers who have a pickup truck/cargo van with people who need help with moving or delivery in the city for large items. The services are currently available in Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Raleigh and Washington. While CCN was able to conceive this service in theory, developing it into a workable solution posed several technical challenges.

Developing the Vanmile Application

Credencys offered its consultancy and mobile development services to bring CCN’s VanMile application to life. The application gives an estimated price of transportation with distance calculations based on Google Map. Based on this estimate, a shipper can raise a booking request. Helpers with a pickup truck/cargo van in the vicinity get these booking requests; after which they can accept or reject the request – the notification for which is sent back to the shipper. Payment transactions are carried out via credit card and are secured with Stripe. Once the booking is finalized and shipment is in transit, VanMile users can track their items in real time as the app involves GPS and location tracking.


  • Affordability and availability
  • Same day service option
  • Seamless bookings
  • Safe payments
  • Real time tracking of shipped items
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