10 Reasons Why All Businesses Should Blaze A Mobile Trail

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By: Manish Shewaramani

10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Blaze A Mobile Trail

Now, mobility has become all-imperative! In every sphere, smartphones are making the lives of the people a lot easier and comfortable. With the exponential growth of mobile phones out there, an unprecedented growth in the mobile customers is also observed.

According to Comscore, 80% of internet users owns a smartphone.

The existing mobile customers expecting the brands to go mobile way. It implies having a dedicated mobility application for businesses helps them engage more customers, adds credibility to their brand and bring them on the crest of a wave.

The crucial shift in user’s behavior and content consumption habits compelling businesses to develop mobile channels. Take a look at all the reasons why businesses should embrace mobility-The Driver Of Change.

1) The world has gone mobile

The power of the internet has connected everything. With traditional websites, businesses have made their online presence, but now it does not suffice to sustain, grow and prosper anymore. There is an urgent need to make existing websites responsive or engineer a mobile app as people prefer to use the services at fingertips and it’s better to connect with your customers where they are.

Presently, 69 percent of mobile users now browsing and buying products on their devices that are up 10 percent from 2013.

2) Enhance communication

Social media has become an integral part of the modern society. People spend a good amount of time while communicating on Facebook, Twitter and pretty more. Making smart use of the social media brands can improve their social standing. So, getting built a mobile app and integrating social media features would give a boost to business services and offerings.

3) Offer on-the-go marketing

Allowing the customers to reach brands when they want and wherever they want would reinforce the businesses. Innovating the marketing through mobile would make customers aware about your new offerings or discounts, which in turn establishes a long-term relationship with customers.

78% of Facebook users are mobile-only

According to an ad network survey, almost one in five consumers expect over 50 per cent of their overall digital spending to be carried out via a mobile device in 2016.

4) Gain customers’ insights

Placing business in the customer’s pocket, not only put a hole into the customer’s pocket, but also helps in analyzing how customer’s purchase. The mobile solutions collect the information about customer preference and based on the data deliver relevant personalized content to different individuals. This customization helps business to understand customer perspective and take the next merchandising decision accordingly.

5) Better sales and service

Best services are a key to drive more sales. Mobility solution transforming the way customers view and analyze the company offerings before making any purchase. The app helps in making more informed decisions by providing all the information that users need. Value-added services and support build a trust which increases customer loyalty.

6) Elevate customer interest

To know about businesses, users have to extract the data from different places that’s an arduous task. Instead, a mobile app is a one-stop point where users can get all the information they need. Plus, if making any changes to the content is notified to them on a regular basis. All this makes customers to take interest in your business.

7) Accessible anytime, anywhere

People have mobile phones with them at every point of time and can access it on-the-go. A dedicated mobile app enables users to access business and track their activities even in the middle of the night. The accessibility and immediate response from the business help in winning more customers.

8) Take hold of the target audience

Today, a large share of young generation and Millennials owns smartphones. Obsolete digital devices are neither enough engaging nor appealing to this chunk as mobile. The new digital asset- Mobile is highly used by the new generation for communicating with friends, browsing, buying and a lot more. Businesses can easily reach this audience by virtualizing the business with a mobile app.

9) The best formula to engage customers

Making the place in the customer’s mind through mobile solution is easy. Mobile app with easy interface and navigation allows customers to interact with businesses in the most innovative manner. Plus, smartly embedding the technology into the mobile app adds personalized value and uplift brands.

10) Maximize ROI

When sales and services got better, customer’s interest get boosted, and knowing customers’ insights, brands can do wonders. Also, mobility improves workflow, streamline operations, optimize processes and empowers resources. Certainly, revenue generation would be impacted and businesses will grow by leaps and bounds.


To sum it up mobile experiences have changed the game and taking the businesses towards northwards. Examining the world’s biggest paradigm shift, top honchos have adopted mobility solution to ironclad their business strategies. Getting built a mobile solution would transform your organization and standing ahead in the competition would justify your technology investment, so don’t wait anymore. Contact our consultants today to know more about mobile app development.

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