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By: Sagar Sharma

A Brief About PIM Workflow Management

For any product-based company, the product plays a very crucial role. The company needs to focus on developing the product and providing the best to its customers. The customers are attracted to the product based on the product information provided to them through the different marketing channels.

The Product Information Management (PIM) software helps to collect, compile and manage all the product details including all the information related to the product that is essential for all the teams working as a part of the product supply chain.

What is PIM Workflow Management?

For any product-based business big or small, it is important to have a PIM system in place that helps the organization in keeping the product details updated and available to all the marketing channels. More the number of products by the organization, more difficulties faced while managing all the details. The recent PIM software has a workflow that allows efficient and seamless organization of the data.

As the name suggests, it includes a workflow that provides designated tasks in a particular sequence. These steps mentioned in the workflow enable the organization to ease the task of managing the product information. This workflow includes the sequence of processes and tasks to be followed in each step.

The different tenets included in the workflow are automation, efficiency, and productivity. Access is given to different members based on the task allotted to them. This workflow acts as a useful tool for updating the product details and improving the business.

Importance of Having Better PIM Workflow Management

For a product-based organization, the different solutions like the PIM software or the workflow software will help in improving the product details. It depends on the need of the organization to select either or both software. The selection of the software depends on the solution required by the organization.

Organizations may face the issue of managing the product attributes, spec sheets, data files, etc. while some may face issues related to miscommunication and slow processing. Different software acts on different issues that are related to each other. Considering all these aspects it is beneficial to use the PIM workflow. The different aspects that suggest the importance of this PIM workflow include:

1. PIM workflow management promotes collaboration

Different types of companies based on their needs can use workflow in different ways. This workflow allows remote access to perform the automation work based on the individual organizational needs. Workflow integrated with PIM allows in transforming the work performance. Sales and marketing of the product involve various departments of the organization working together in a close-knit manner.

The workflow allows the different teams to work smoothly in a collaborative manner. Each team can access the same product information and help to maintain consistency. Each department within the organization has different responsibilities. The workflow helps in proper coordination within the different teams to achieve their goals in less time and frictionless manner.

2. Sharing content between internal and external teams

For any product, the different product data comes from different places. This data needs to be finalized before sharing it with the suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers. During the pre-marketing phase, the product data needs to be accessed and updated with the help of many internal and external members.

PIM workflow allows keeping a track of all the data and files efficiently thus reducing the confusion and chaotic situations. This workflow enables regulating the access to the outside with the external members without risking the data leak. The administrator can select the data section that can be assessed by which team thus reducing the risk of the data leak.

3. PIM workflow management eliminates inaccuracies

The sale and marketing of the product depending on the product information shared with the customers. These customers purchase the products based on their specifications, reviews, feedback, etc. Providing accurate details to the customers and helps in increasing their confidence and encouraging them to buy more products. Thus product information plays a very important role in attracting customers.

A slight mistake or error in the product information can lead to products returns and also affect the reviews and feedback thus having a negative impact. Using a PIM workflow will help to maintain data integrity. This workflow has a built-in proofing system that allows critical checking of the data before making it public. This workflow automates the data management thus reducing and eliminating the data inaccuracies.

4. PIM workflow management boosts productivity

Using this PIM workflow helps in easy communication within the different teams in an organization. This immediate communication within the different teams allows for speeding up the process of data management. Even in case of any issue, the problem gets identified quickly and resolved thus reducing the data risk.

It allows the organization to allow people for different tasks based on their importance. It ensures giving priority to the important tasks thus improving the working environment, quality of work. This overall helps in boosting productivity.

5. Cut out time-consuming processes

Automation using the PIM workflow helps in efficiently adding, editing, or deleting the product’s details across the different channels due to its centralized access. This helps in reducing a lot of manual work thus leading to time-saving. This time can be used for some other important work.

The workflow plays an important role in lowering the overall turnaround time. This allows in achieving better product sales. It helps in cutting down the response time, wait time, and overall market time.

6. Create a specialized workflow process

The PIM workflow has some specialized features that encourage improving working efficiency. The different types of workflows used for product information management include the workflow for a new product, workflow for product update, and workflow for product discontinuation. The organization can tailor the workflow based on their requirements. Each type of workflow has different steps involved in the specific process.

7. Customize workflow view

Different types of views are possible using the workflow. The organization can change the workflow view based on their requirements and the tasks important for them. These different types of view settings include the calendar view and the task view. The organization can select the view based on their priority, date, etc.

This will enable the organization to be updated with the upcoming process and increase their working efficiency. The workflow allows the organization to customize the view based on their needs.

What Do You Need To Know About PIM Workflow Management & Its Key Highlights?

Product information management workflow management is a coded application or system that enables the organization in enabling, managing, and executing the workflow for the efficient management of product details. This is an automated engine and enables the organization in eliminating the manual operations in handling the product data. This automation enables in reducing the risk of making mistakes and missing crucial data.

The PIM workflow management enables the organization to set their workflows that makes their business operations easier. The key highlights in the product information management workflow include:

PIM workflow configuration

It allows the organization to configure multiple workflows depending on their PIM elements.


There are different events already included in the workflow. The organization can select these events based on their needs and even modify some to suit their requirements. The different events can be customized according to the desired functions.

User notifications

PIM workflow allows access to the different teams working in collaboration. The user notification feature of the workflow allows sending notifications to the users through the PIM system.

Workflow history

The workflow allows keeping the track of all the events and notes the actions taken over the object.

Workflow overview

The workflow has an additional tab for every configured workflow that lists the graphs and other details for easy viewing.

How to Create an Efficient PIM Workflow Management Platform?

For the sales and marketing of the product online, it requires a lot of information related to the product. These details are collected from different departments, systems, and sources. A robust PIM system needs to combine the details from the different sources and provide the details in an accurate, consistent, and high-quality manner to their customers.

There are different components involved in efficient PIM workflow management. Each of these components involves multiple steps, processes, systems, technology, etc. All this works in unison and allows for simplification of the workflow.

These components include:

1. Product onboarding

The work of the PIM workflow starts along with the designing of the new product or while updating the existing product. For this, there is a requirement of a lot of product specification details like brand, color, size, cost, weight, etc. It also requires the details like the product status details like estimated shipping date, in-stock status, etc. All these details are important as it helps in building up the customer experience.

Based on the stock status and other details, it affects the communication with the customer. Some product websites allow the pre-order feature and enable the customer to select the receipt date. This will help in communicating the expected delivery details to the customers. This allows keeping the track of the product from the manufacturing till it reaches the customers.

2. Content updates

Once the product details are onboarded, the PIM creates and updates the product content. These details include all the data related to the product like its description, specification, videos, images, 360-degree photographs, etc. This involves the efforts and details from the various copywriters, videographers, photographers, designers, etc. to provide these details.

The PIM team uses the different PIM tools that allow them in reviewing and proofing all the contents faster and efficiently. This is important as any mistake can affect the product reviews and can lead to product returns. Once the product contents are updated, it gets ready for syndication through the various sales channels.

3. Sales channel syndication

This is one of the most challenging parts as it involves reaching the product to multiple channels. The important task is providing the contents as required by the retailers and distributors for posting on their sites. PIM helps to create a single product listing that can satisfy the content requirements for multiple channels. This makes the task of meeting the goals faster and easier.

Using PIM helps provide consistent product content across the different channels. This allows in creating the omnichannel experience for customers when they can list the products based on the location as well as requirements. By making the product content available for purchase on different channels, the customers can select their products.

4. Communication

For proper sales and marketing of the product, there needs to be proper communication along with the different steps involved in the workflow. Notifications are provided at different steps based on the updates. These signals help in triggering the next part of the workflow or the automated step thus keeping the information updated.

Benefits of Having Efficient PIM Workflow

The PIM workflow enables the organization in making tedious and stressful tasks easier and faster. This workflow reduces the stress and allows improving the interdepartmental collaborations.

The different benefits of having an efficient PIM workflow include:

Improved team collaboration

The PIM workflow gives access to the different teams within the organization. Through this workflow, the different teams can communicate efficiently with one another to launch and develop the product more efficiently.

Eliminate missing data

The product details play a very important role. The PIM workflow helps the organization to identify and add the missing product detail that might affect the product sales and review.

Faster product launch

PIM workflow management helps in eliminating the manual work of data entry and unproductive searches. PIM fastens the data compilation more accurately and efficiently.

Brand protection

PIM ensures that the best and accurate product details are provided to the customers and all members involved in the supply chain. PIM ensures that the right product reaches the eCommerce site.

Better digital customer experience

Providing organized product information makes it easier for the customers to shop for their required products.

Accelerated approvals

The automated notification tags keep the product managers, marketers, legal representatives, and other members updated before making the product live.

Bottom Line

For the organization, it is important to keep their product information updated and circulated to all the teams that are involved in the supply chain for the product. This coordinated work helps in the development of the product and also tracking the minute details.

The PIM workflow system allows the organization in managing all the steps essential for this product development. This workflow provides a stepwise guide so the organization can track the different components that are essential for its efficient functioning.

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