Android 11 - Important Features to Consider for Next Mobile app Development

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By: Sagar Sharma

Android 11 - Important Features to Consider for Next Mobile app Development

We all love Android because it is amazing. With the development of mobile technology, the Android operating system has also been showing great improvement since its inception. Recently, Google the makers of Android has released its latest 11th version of its Mobile OS and the Android 11 features are just amazing.

Android 10 created a new era in the operating system environment and brought success to Google’s approach to the same. By applying the same principles, the Android 11 preview has been announced, which is likely to be launched in the mid of May 2020. The features are set as per the developer’s preview announcement and a lot more features can be set in the due course.

Android 10 features were amazing and let us see how Android 11 features are going to create excitement among users, stakeholders, app owners, and developers. It is expected that with Android 11, a new vision can be seen in Android app development. With new features in Android app development, the way developers build an app is definitely going to take a turn. This blog shows you what this new version can support Android new app development features.

List of Attractive Android 11 features

1. New and more improvements for messaging

Although the previous versions of Android have certain messaging features, Android 11 brings in few unique features that impress the crowd.

  • Now you can hide all your sent conversations inside a bubble with Android 11’s chat bubble feature. It appears on the side of your message window screen and you can move those bubbles around to reveal your previous conversations required whenever.
  • To ensure that all your messages are being sent and as a sort of confirmation, Android 11 gives you a dedicated conversation section in the notification bar, to view all your on-going conversations.
  • Wow! You can now send images while replying to a message from notifications with Android 11.

2. One-time permission

Android 10 gave users the privilege of controlling and managing app permissions. The same feature is carried forward to Android 11 as well. But this time, the app registers the user’s permission one time and retains it as long as the user stays and uses the app. Once the user logs out, the permission gets revoked.

3. Screen recorder by default

This feature is long expected by Android users and waiting for Google to launch it. Though it is a basic feature that Google could have launched in its previous versions, it did not happen. This time it is happening with Android 11 by providing a smooth user interface for audio call recording, though sometimes it is annoying.

4. Multi-screen adaptability

Until now in the Android era, there had not been any implementation of screen size adaptability for foldable smartphones, whereas Android 11 in this 2020 is going to bring that change widely. Now users will enjoy using foldable smartphones with a great enhancement of all running at different screen sizes and resolutions.

5. Getting ready to meet 5G

By this time, the world should have been running around 5Gtechnology, but with coronavirus pandemic, it has slightly taken a step off from its launch. Yet, Android 11 is making itself compatible to work on 5G when introduced. The special feature that Android 11 has for 5G compatibility is Dynamic Meterdness API, which will be auto-installed and later becomes adaptive when 5G comes into range. Your device automatically detects a 5G network and allows you to access the Internet with unlimited speed.

These are really amazing features that Android lovers were waiting for, and it is going to be available in real.

Benefits of Migrating your apps to Android 11

Android 11 features cater to three categories as per the developer’s preview documentation–behavior changes, privacy features, and new features & APIs. But these categories carry certain pointers that impact the performance of an application.

1. Users get the privilege of restricting app permissions when the dialog box appears

Android 11 has been developed by understanding the user’s mindset of accepting or denying app permission. If the user clicks Deny twice, then the app will never ask for permission and displays Don’t ask me again but lets you access the app features.

2. The usage activity of your app status will be maintained at the privacy

Security to users will be favored by Android 11 by protecting the user’s app usage statistics in an encrypted storage format with strong credentials. Neither the app nor any other system can access these statistics unless someone applies a strong coding to break it in.

3. Reduces data redundancy to a great extent

This is amazing because only developers were able to use this technology during developing the same type of app, somehow using the ReactNative and similar kind of application. They can use the same features for different platforms using this tool. Similarly, now similar types of app used by Android lovers take space of one app and feature the other.

4. Provides great clarity on app process exit reasons

Android 11 now brings proper reasons whenever an app crashes to the app owners so that it can be rectified immediately before it happens to other users.

5. Ensures fastest APK installation

If your app has a large APK file to be installed, the previous versions of Android could not cope with the speed of using apps. But Android 11 will break that hurdle and accelerates the installation process by providing enough APK files required to launch the app successfully.

6. Supports neural network applications immensely

If your app works on neural and network applications, then Android 11 is here to make it work smoothly. With Google taking its effort through Android 11 by running all your machine learning apps on all Android devices, you will be able to bring your AI project management process in scope and create more and more advancements in technology.

7. Has a great infrastructure allocation to avail benefits out of 5G once implemented

We all have been experiencing the fastest internet through 4G and now with Android 11 having space for 5G, going to offer you a superfast Internet with full support to technology. Businesses can reach their heightened level and users get a wonderful experience of using Android 11.


Android 11 features will definitely amaze developers, businesses, users and Google itself. Companies have to prep themselves to adapt themselves to the new version of technology when released because they get enough time before it is launched. Companies should be able to face and be proactive with their competitors; otherwise, it is going to be hectic to get along with the updating trend in technology. Hoping you will feel joyous by knowing Android 11 features and feel free to share your comments anytime to our e-mail id. If you wish to know more technical updates, keep reading our blog site frequently or if you require clarity on any technology-related topics, write to us; we will come up with the relevant information.

Frequently asked questions

1. When Android 11 will be launched officially?

Though the exact date has not been known yet, Google has planned to launch Android 11 in the mid of May 2020, but due to the current pandemic COVID-19, it might be postponed to September 2020. So you can keep watching the Internet for a software update.

2. What are the best features of Android 11?

A few were explained in this blog previously, still to recollect, these are the few more exciting Android 11 features that you have to know about.

  • Scheduled dark theme
  • Chat head bubbles
  • One-time permission
  • Screen recording
  • Motion sense gesture
  • Share menu pinning
  • Airdrop-style file sharing
  • New APIs
  • Resume on Boot

3. How migrating to Android 11 will benefit developers?

Users always love to use apps that are modernized with technology because most of them live on their phones for almost 16 to 18 hours of time. So migrating to the better version from your current one is always going to give a better user interface experience to users. Users should not be disappointed and they always like to stay in tune with using the latest technology.

4. What are the new features, API & security that Android 11 contains?

Android 11 offers three different types of API into usage.

  • Display cut-out API: This API brings in curved and waterfall screens onto your phone which is new in Android.
  • Bubbles API: This API makes sure that your long conversations are protected inside a bubble. Messaging and chat apps on your device should use this in Android 11 when upgraded.
  • Neural networks API 1.3: This API ensures the smooth running of apps based out of machine learning on Android devices. It caters few operational APIs such as Quality of Service APIs for ensuring priority and timeout for model implementation, Memory Domain APIs for reducing copying of memory and transformation of the next model implementation and extended quantization support for enlarged coding.

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