Apple iOS 14 Features You Must Know

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By: Sagar Sharma

Apple iOS 14 Features You Must Know

Apple is a favorite brand for its existing users and a dream for many who love the brand. Anything like Corona, recently, can stop the world from working or leading a regular life, but even in such conditions, Apple does not seem to stop releasing iOS14 and iPad OS14. The basic tendency of Apple updates ensures easy-to-use interface and great user experience. No one can wait for iOS 14 features to be revealed until this June. This blog brings you wonderful Apple iOS 14 features that you cannot deny wanting to know.

How iPhone users are crazy knowing about iOS 14 features?

Apple updates its iOS software once a year with the creative implementation of drastic features. With iOS 13’s troubled launch, Apple lovers have huge expectations towards iOS 14. According to a recent survey conducted in the USA, from 2014, the usage of smartphones in the iOS platform has increased from 42.3% and expected to be 45.4% by 2021. Roughly 80% of the US population has access to a smartphone and treats having iPhones a prestige.

List of iOS 14 features

The following features are only a rough list of what iOS 14 caters during the launch date, but there are several other features that you will be experiencing completely after the further release of iOS 14.

1. iOS 14 apps

Apple’s app library will be a new augmented reality app that provides access to all information about the world around with user experience. It has also termed that Apple will be partnering with Starbucks as it does similar to Apple Pay and Apple Card. iOS 14 is about to release a new fitness app from which users can download fitness-related videos that cater to a wide range of multiple workout options and activities and also enables guidance to those activities via Apple Watch. iOS 14 allows its users to take back a message that was sent accidentally.

2. iOS 14 UI and navigation

The previous version of iPad OS has a smart keyboard with Trackpad and the current iOS version update might have Mac-style cursors for Apple tablets with classic arrow pointer and sleek hand icons that let you experience a great user interface design. It might also be introducing new trackpad gestures that let you switch between apps and reports. Additionally, the Home screen also might be getting a new structure. The iPhone might get an iPad-style multitasking screen named Grid Switcher, i.e. when you swipe up on the Home screen, you can see two rows of recent apps used along with some split functionality as well.

3. iOS 14 Apple Pencil

You can experience new optical character recognition for Apple Pencil that converts your handwritten notes into text, which reduces your time of typing. iOS 14 compatibility extends to messages, notes, reminders, calendar, mail, etc. with the PencilKit feature. You can even work it out with other third-party apps after the release of this iOS 14 feature. This feature attracts users explicitly and looks for further enhancements.

4. iOS 14 Home Kit

Previous versions of Apple failed in providing smart-home support where Amazon and Google Home were dominating. Now, with the release of iOS 14, the gap also seems to be closed. Similar to HomePod, Apple might bring in the AirPlay audio option built-in and connects to the same speaker when you turn it on. Along with these features, lights and cameras will also get some new capabilities of auto-adjustment throughout the day and night.

5. iOS 14 Accessibility

A new feature that can detect new sounds such as fire alarms, sirens, alarm clocks, door knocks, doorbells and sounds of crying babies sometimes to alert people who have hearing problems and also act as hearing aid for normal and impaired people as well. AirPods are seeming to get new accessibility features such as detecting hand gestures.

6. iOS 14 Compatibility

iOS developers have designed iOS 14 in such a way that it is compatible with every device that was working well on iOS 13. Devices that are likely to be compatible with iOS 14 are iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and higher, 5th generation iPad and more and the latest iPad mini and iPad Air, etc.

All the aforementioned features are just minimally explained, but there are few other great features on the way with iOS 14.

List of iPhones Models going to get iOS 14

There are several versions of the iPhone for which iOS compatibility supports and extends. The following is the list of iPhones that is compatible with iOS 14.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch (seventh generation)

When will iOS 14 be released?

iOS 14 is likely to be launched by September Month of 2020, but the glance of its features have been leaked out for Apple fans to increase curiosity and knowledge of using them prior it is released.


iOS 14 features are amazing and definitely thrill its users more than expected. Once iOS 14 is released, if you have the compatible iPhone as mentioned in the previous list, you can enjoy the benefits of each feature. Sometimes you may not be able to use certain features due to not updating any updates provided by Apple. In such cases, complete the previous update and then get your iPhone with iOS 14.

You can visit our blog site for more techie updates on iOS 14 or Apple devices and accessories. Stay in tune with the on-going trend and reach us for any technical queries if you have.

Frequently Asked Questions on Upcoming iOS 14 Features

1. What are the main features of iOS 14?

Apple will release iOS 14 with upgraded features such as new multitasking interface, set default apps, new list view for apps, new fitness app, messages update, 5G support, augmented reality support and better mouse support.

Multitasking interface ensures access to split-screen functionality where you can use multiple apps in one single window and perform your desired activities. Setting default apps gives you the accessibility to display the recently used apps up to two rows so that if there are any regularly used apps, you need not open it every time from your iPhone window.

New listing view of apps makes sure that app listing is aligned as per your priorities and preferences, so you do not get confused while searching. The new fitness app is an existing app on the iPhone, but iOS 14 makes it more real and enhanced for fitness freaks. Messaging update ensures that any sort of written messages turn automatically into text and reduces the time consumed for messaging manually.

Augmented reality support is something that every app requires for providing great user interface and user experience design for user flexibility, in which iOS 14 is not the least. These are minimal iOS 14 features that Apple is likely to offer to its fans. Upgrade your iPhone such that it supports iOS 14 features and enjoy using your iPhone until Apple releases another version of iOS.

2. Does iOS 14 require downloading the public beta?

Apple’s public beta program might attract you to join and tempt you to use its new features but incurs a few risks. Sometimes your favorite apps may not work well if you have installed the public beta program. Hence, understand the pros and cons of an update or software before you install and then use iOS 14 vigorously.

3. What features should we consider the success of iOS 14?

Apple is planning for the following iOS 14 features between now and June 2020 as a final cut.

  • More multitasking improvements: Apple provides a multitasking interface which is a welcome addition to iOS14. Split-screen support is one more added feature already present in Apple tablets, especially when iPhones get larger.
  • Better call screening: Call screening is something that most of us always wanted to avoid spam or unwanted calls. Unknown Callers setting in iOS 14 helps you block calls from unwanted callers, callers not in your contact list or among recent outgoing calls.
  • Keep improving built-in apps: Apple always fine-tunes its existing apps and tweaks features here and there for better user interface and navigation. It provides a better search experience in the News app and the Photos app.
  • Better stability all around: iOS 13 was a great improvement to Apple’s mobile operating system, but it has quite a good number of bugs that require fixing. To overcome such bugs and present it to users as a fine-tuned version of iOS, Apple is looking to introduce iOS 14.

4. When iOS 14 is expected to be released?

Apple tends not to release any plans in advance–be it product announcement or iOS version updates. But it always releases a glimpse of features that the product or iOS versions may have. Some forums say that Apple may release iOS 14 during June 2020 and some say that it can happen in August or September 2020.

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