Top iPhone App Development Trends To Follow In 2023

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Top iPhone App Development Trends to Keep an Eye Out

Apple is known for tech innovations and evolutions since its establishment. The brand releases tech inventions for its different platforms during the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) every year. All new updates and features affect the existing iPhone app development practices as they have to be revolved in order to meet the latest trends.

Recently, Apple has released iOS 13. It is going to change earlier iPhone app development trends. To address the changing demands of the tech world, iPhone app developers also have all set to adopt new standards and implement them in the development process.

Excited to explore the top trends that are going to make remarkable changes in the iPhone app development? Let’s deep dive into right away.

Top 7 iPhone App Development Trends

#1. Swift 5.0

Swift is a widely used programing language by iOS app developers due to some of its advanced attributes such as effortlessness, scalability, security, and flexibility. Swift 5, the latest version of the technology, introduced during the WWDC summit in April 2019.

It is expected that the new version will come with more stable technology for the Application Binary Interface (ABI). It enables iPhone app developers with a better-embedded mechanism for Swift libraries on a runtime basis. Swift 5.0 will help developers to build powerful apps with seamless performance. Thus, while hiring iPhone app developers, make sure they have worked with all the different versions of Swift.

#2. Machine Learning (ML)

iOS 13 has introduced the Core ML 2. It is going to be used for the development of future-ready hardware products. It is expected the technology will empower iPhone app developers to build responsive, interactive, high-performing, and feature-rich apps for iOS platforms by integrating groundbreaking features of machine learning.

Additionally, the company is planning to introduce Apple Neural Engine to make ML and AI integrations easier and quicker. Let’s get ready to leverage the more intelligent iPhone apps with advanced ML and AI in the coming years.

#3. Siri with Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Siri, AI-based Voice Assistant of Apple, is going to be smarter with the release of new software updates. It will become more advanced than Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortona. According to a report from Loop Venture, “Siri gave correct answers about 70% of the questions.” It keeps improving response accuracy over time.

Apple has all set to auction its Sirikit to facilitate iPhone app developers to integrate it into the apps. With the Sirikit advancements, developers can build robust iPhone apps that open up many opportunities for the businesses.

#4. On-demand Delivery Apps

The on-demand delivery apps industry is growing like leaps and bounce as it gives next-level comfort to the customers to receive their desired products or services at the doorsteps. On-demand apps have started impacting almost all the industry domains.

New concepts of on-demand apps have transformed the way industries used to operate and the traditional business models of various organizations.

#5. App Security

App security is always a prime concern for Android and iOS developers as well as businesses. Undoubtedly, iOS wins over Android due to its high-end security features.

The tech giant has all set for implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) in iPhone apps to offer App Transport Security (ATS). It controls the hackers who carry out cyber attacks to damage your app code. TLS versions have been securing the Apple platforms for the last two decades. Each new release of TLS came up with robust privacy policies.

Now, the tech giant is going to introduce ATS compliance standards as a biological feature that makes it near impossible for the hackers to reach iPhone app security layers.

#6. Apple Pay

It’s an era of mCommerce where people use mobile wallets to make safer payments. There are a lot of applications on the App Store that require payment gateway integration and in-app purchase feature where the users can integrate Apple Pay as a digital wallet.

Apple Pay Usage

Image Credit: Statista

According to Statista, the global user base of Apple Pay amounted to 383 million users worldwide, up from 127 in the previous year. This number clearly depicts that Apple Pay had billions of transactions in 2018. It is estimated by Loup Ventures, the number will grow by 200% in 2019.

#7. Apple Homekit

With the Homekit, Apple becomes one of the significant players in the realm of the smart home industry. To address the varied requirements of Smart Home, iPhone app developers can use Apple Homekit. Combining Apple Homekit with IoT devices, businesses can develop hi-tech Smart Home devices & appliances and generate extraordinary results. Thus, Apple Homekit is going to be a buzzing trend in the upcoming time.

#8. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) both the technologies have transformed the business landscape by enabling end-users with visually rich and compelling experiences. AR/VR iPhone apps help businesses in creating personalized shopping experiences for customers.

With 3D visualization, it becomes easy for the brand to communicate its message with next level clarity and effectiveness. These technologies continue to impact the iPhone app development in the upcoming time.

The updated ARKit 2 is going to spice up the user experience by improving the rendering of the AR and VR elements. It allows businesses to create a 3D art that can be viewed by other people in the same place at any time.

ARKit 2 with SceneKit allows for designing lifelike 3D graphics to build highly immersive iPhone apps.

iPhone app developers of Credencys are early adopters of the latest trends

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top iPhone app development trends?

To build the robust iPhone apps, developers integrate advanced tool and technologies in the app that includes Machine Learning, Swift, Apple Pay, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, On-demand app development, Siri, and more.

How long does it take to develop an iPhone app?

When it comes to iPhone app development time, it depends on the complexity of the app. An iPhone app with basic features can be developed in four to five months. However, an iPhone app with highly advanced features takes more than twelve months to be developed and deployed.

Which is the best company to hire dedicated iPhone app developers in the USA?

Many options are available to you when it comes to select an iPhone app services provider. But Credencys is a reliable and experienced iPhone app development company with proven expertise in developing the iPhone apps considering the latest tools, technologies, and trends. Check out the work of the leading iPhone app development company.

How to hire the best iPhone app developers?

You can hire iPhone app developers by following the three simple steps, 1. Access the Talent Pool, 2. Interview & Select Developer(s), and  3. Kick Start.

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