Augmented Reality Goggles For Skiers riders, The Future ahead

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Augmented Reality
By: Manish Shewaramani

Augmented Reality Goggles For Skiers: The Future Ahead!

For adrenaline junkies, skiing is bliss!

It thrives them when they descend off from mountains.

In a heavy dose of rainfall or harshest conditions, navigating resort or tracking your friend with a map in a hand ruins the real fun of the sport.

Even sometimes, glasses gets fog up that leads to major accidents.

It’s really upsetting.

Augmented reality goggles can help in bringing back the thrill of sport even in extreme weather.

Deploying augmented reality, smart glasses are developed which allow skiers do everything without taking phone out of the pocket in their field of vision.

It seems fascinating!

Anti-fog Smart goggles can make this happen just at a glance away.

They are made especially for tough environmental conditions to remove all the hurdles that are worsening the pleasure of sport.

What is augmented reality goggles?

Augmented reality goggles or smart goggles look like snow goggles that enable the user view virtual information like- audio, video, or images over real-world information in real-time.

After wearing smart goggles, one can easily interact with the distant friends without wasting time in hunting them.

Different skiing smart goggles vary as some are controlled with eyes while some with a remote on the glove.

Let’s take a look at the advantages sports person’s best companion- Augmented snow goggles brought.

Get Instant information

Keeping the group together on the mountain during skiing is a hard nut to crack. Plus, tracking and locating different point of interest like- resort, lodges and more increases the difficulty of skier.

Using mobile app to track friend’s position or navigating different places along with gliding on snow is not enjoyable.

Smart snow goggles display required information in their field of view. Viewers can see the maps, find a way around and also view their friend’s position relative to the resort’s position dynamically.

Get connected without lifting a finger

In snowy winter, taking the gloves off and using mobile phone to listens songs, sending message or make a call set one’s teeth on edge.

Here, smart goggles would come to their rescue that enable calling, text messaging, sharing on social media or streaming music with gloves on.

The goggles are connected to smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-fi and wearer can view the text messages, attend the calls and change the music playing on phone. New generation heads-up-display keep your phone safe, be connected and in control.

Track your performance

Measuring how good you are performing is nearly impossible without taking help of any guide. In addition, hiring a guide also costs pretty penny.

Snow goggles’ onboard GPS and sensors check every move, jump, run and turn the skiers made with high accuracy. One can detect the speed, distance, altitude they covered.

All the data is recorded and maintained to determine highest score and achievements of all the time. It can be shared with friends as well.

Play with yourself

Smart goggles supplement the fun of skiing on mountains by creating a virtual game play that only user can see and play.

Goggles create a virtual slalom track which remains visible to the wearer only and they can follow shadow of their favorite ski athlete.

The amazing game play engages the wearer and lets them compete against themselves or friends.


Technology has gone an extra mile to whip-up the sports fans. It has not only helped in overcoming all the obstacles but enriched the skiing experience.

Some of the tech leaders leveraging the potential of augmented reality built augmented reality snow goggles like- Recon Snow2, Rideon, Oakley Airwave, Zeal Optics and pretty more.

Well, the possibilities to design new apps on these smart glasses are endless.

This knocks the opportunity at the door of developers to show their creativity and craft solutions which were never imagined before.

Here, at Credencys, the brilliant team of expertise is tuned up for building such smart snow goggle applications.

Get one solution built right away.

And, enjoy hi-tech snowboarding with AR goggles!

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