Best Opportunities for your Startup with Android App Development

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Android App development
By: Manish Shewaramani

Unlock the Best Opportunities for your Startup with Android App Development

Every start-up begins with an idea. An idea to make our lives even better. Start-ups can solve our day to day problems which we leave unnoticed. The foundation of every start-up is based on an innovative thought. Yet, almost 90% of the start-ups worldwide fail and shut their operations forever.

There is a strong reason behind such a high failure rate. Start-ups do not invest their time and money in searching the right market for their product. Even if they find the right market, they do not have a powerful strategy for customer engagement. Because of high competition nowadays it has become difficult to gain consumer attention. One of the ways to increase consumer base is to interact with them via mobile app.

There are two major mobile app development platforms in the world which are Android and iOS. Let us dive into the pool of benefits which Android app development provides especially to the start-ups.

Increase customer reach

When it comes to increasing consumer reach Android apps are the easiest way to do it. The global market share of Android is 87% which is more than the combined market share of Windows, Linux, and iOS. Hence, it is clear that globally Android users are prevailing. As a start-up founder if you want to connect with a broader audience and blow their mind with your product, then Android app development is the right choice for you.

Apart from reaching to bigger audience staying accessible to them all the time is equally crucial to increase customer reach. An android app will help you connect with your target audience instantaneously and help you connect to more customers.

Excellent ROI

One of the most significant concerns of start-ups is budget. The android app helps them overcome this concern like a piece of cake. As Android is an open source platform, we can create budget-friendly apps with it. Getting help from Android app development company will reduce your development cost even more.

There are two significant factors affecting Android app development cost. First one is that Android is an open source platform and second is that it uses Java for programming which is the most used programming language in the world. You’ll find numerous companies offering Android app development services. Choosing the right firm will help you climb the ladder of success quickly.

Better Customization options

Android app development will not only help you to gather more customers, but it will help you hold the old customers as well. Consumers are always hungry for having new experiences in the app. It can be anything starting from new User Interface to new service offerings. Android offers fantastic customization options with which you can regularly update your app and increase customer engagement.

Although, being an open source platform Android, can be your savior at the time when your start-up will be transforming into a big firm. Android is one of those few platforms which can handle both small and large consumer base seamlessly with its highly scalable framework.

Faster Development and Deployment

In this highly competitive market, it has become challenging to stay put and not lose customers. Faster we launch the app, more customers will get attracted. Being an open source platform Android can help you develop apps quicker.

After passing the first hurdle of developing apps faster, another hurdle to tackle is to receive app permission to make your app live. Another big reason to consider app development in Android platform is lower app approval time. Android apps also have better approval rates than any other platforms.

Improved marketing

An Android app can help you spread your brand name to thousands of potential customers simultaneously in just one day. It can do so by making you a part of world’s largest app marketplace: Google Play Store. Millions of users visit the Play Store every day. The Play Store has to offer dozens of advertising campaigns to offer from which we can choose the best appropriate campaign for our product.

Android app development is one of the best ways to generate more leads than ever. You can increase your customer base by uploading your Android app into third-party platforms such as Aptoid, ApkMirror, Amazon Appstore, etc.


Ever since the inception of Android mobile apps has revolutionized the business space. Today, Android apps are not just for entertainment or amusement. It has become a necessity of every business around the world regardless of the industry. If you want to reduce time to market, increase consumer engagement and enhance the customer experience as a wholem, you should hire Android app developer as soon as possible. Got an idea but don’t know how to proceed? Get in Touch with our experts now to unlock the best possible opportunity for your start-up.

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