16 Best Push Notification Tools to Monetize your Mobile App

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By: Sagar Sharma

16 Best Push Notification Tools to Monetize your Mobile App

Nowadays, push notifications have become an essential part of mobile app development. Businesses are utilizing push notifications to engage with their customers and communicate with them more effectively. It is a great way to retain customers. The retention rate is 2x if a customer has opted-in for receiving push notifications.

However, customer retention also depends on the display and content of a particular push notification. It is the UI/UX and content of your push notification which decides whether or not the customer will be engaged. Below is a list of best push notification tools that will help you to get in touch with your target audience quickly and effectively.

Best Push Notification Tools

1. OneSignal


It is free to use push notification tool. Companies like Skyscanner, Conde Nast, Adobe, Uber, etc. use its service. Using this tool, you can send in-app notifications, web notifications, mobile notifications, and email notifications as well. The reason why it is one of the best push notification tools is that you can easily integrate it with your website as well as a mobile app.

2. Urban Airship

urban airship

Urban Airship is a combination of push notifications, mobile analytics, and engagement strategies. Using it, you can also integrate various wallets such as Google Wallet and Apple Passbook. It can also be used for A/B testing as it offers user categorization options based on their local history, device information, user preferences, in-app behaviors, etc. It has a stunning messaging center and a web editor to review the notification before sending it to customers.

3. Google Firebase


Google Firebase is one of the leading free to use push notification tools. It works only for mobile apps. Hence, it has limited features compared to other push notification tools. It helps you send in-app message notifications. It also provides the facility to integrate it with analytics.

4. WebEngage


WebEngage helps in turning users into active and loyal customers by sending them smart and automatic push messages, wherever they are. It offers personalised, triggered and contextual mobile push notifications to ensure better engagement, conversion and retention. Through WebEngage, companies can create complex lifecycle push campaigns in seconds using the Journey Designer and can even A/B test messages for effective communication.

5. Push Woosh


Push Woosh is an excellent push notification tool for startups as they are going to increase in size in the upcoming years. It is a highly scalable push notification tool which works on almost every platform including Android, iOS, Windows, and even Blackberry. It offers features such as advanced reporting, multi-lingual support, remote API, code review, analytics support, notification scheduling, location-based tagging, and more.

6. LeanPlum


LeanPlum is a paid push notification tool which offers a complete toolkit that will help you layout a successful push notification strategy. It offers a wide spectrum of communication channels such as app inbox messaging, email marketing, mobile notifications, and more. Apart from that, it provides push notification personalization, A/B testing, and other features that will help you increase customer retention.

7. Mixpanel


Mixpanel allows you to track the activity of your user, which will help you identify what type of push notifications will engage customers more effectively. It provides features such as retroactive funnel report, real-time data analytics, event tracking, A/B testing, precision segmentation, and more.

8. PushBots



PushBots is a paid push notifications services provider. If you’re looking for highly automated service, then Pushbots is your way to go. It has features such as retargeting, engagement campaigns, dynamic push notifications, and more. It helps you to target your audience based on the parameters such as geographical location, devices, username, etc. and broadcast personalized messages.

9. Sailthru


Sailthru is a paid push notification tool that can help you scale your business based on monthly or quarterly active users. It helps you to run various push notification campaigns at the same time. Some of its core features include audience segmentation, time zone settings, user behavior analysis, in-app messaging, message automation, and more.

10. PushCrew


PushCrew offers both paid as well as free options to its users to use its service. It is a focused tool, which focuses on only mobile and web push notifications. It allows you to set notification triggers based on user behaviors or actions.

11. Swrve


Swrve claims themselves to be one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive mobile app marketing platforms. It works only with mobile app notifications. Some of its core features are marketing automation, messaging, and in-app campaigns. It is one of the best push notification tools for A/B testing and platform optimization for mobile apps.

12. CataPush


CataPush offers both free as well as paid push notification services to its customers. It is known for its simple delivery API, which is ideal for sending transactional and data-driven push notifications to your customers based on their activity on your website or mobile app. Unlike many push notification tools, CataPush offers 2-way communication facility to your customers where your customers can interact with you via push notifications. It is a great way to collect feedback from your customers on your service.

13. Kahuna


Kahuna is a fantastic tool for cross-platform marketing. It offers excellent ways for enterprises to understand their customers through its ability in marketing, analyzing, and reporting. It also allows you to segment customers based on several parameters. You can handle up to eight push notification campaigns using Kahuna. It has features such as ghost push to measure the number of uninstalls, smart delivery time, built-in analytics, person-centric data layer, automatic selection of best push notifications, and more.

14. PushAlert


PushAlert is a dedicated WordPress plugin. It’s a bit more advanced tool to send push notifications to mobiles and desktop apps. It offers both paid as well as free services to its customers. One of the coolest features it offers is the audience creator. It helps you with A/B testing and sending specific push notifications to the selected customer group.

15. Sinch


Reaching out to your customers via push messaging is super easy with Sinch. It offers 2-way communication feature which helps your customers to communicate with you directly and help you to keep track of that communication based on segments. So that you can plan your future campaigns accordingly. It has features such as long message support, multiple formats of messages, data-driven campaigns, and more.

16. QuickBlox


QuickBlox is a feature-rich push notification tool. It offers services such as automated reception of news, updates, alerts, reminders, scores, and call-to-actions. Some of its core features are messaging tools, customized calling, and scheduling.


All the push notification tools mentioned above offer excellent services to their customers. However, before choosing the right push notification tool, you need to decide on what devices/platforms/operating systems, your customers are available the most. Then you need to define your push notification strategy and a few target numbers as to how many customers do you want to engage per month, how many click-through-rates are you expecting on spending a certain amount in push notification tools, etc.

Once you have it all, we at Crednecys will help you choose the right push notification tools for your web and mobile application.


1) Is Firebase push notification free?

Yes, Firebase push notification is a free service provided by Google. It enables user notifications for Android and iOS devices.

2) How do you send app notifications?

When manually sending out push notifications, you can choose to send alert all users or select iOS or Android devices. You’ll see a count of registered devices.

3) Can I send push notifications without an app?

Yes, you can. Pushover is a tool that allows you to send push notifications without actually developing your mobile app. You can send push notifications to Android, iOS, and Desktop users.

4) Can a website send push notifications?

Web push notifications can be given to your mobile phones or desktops, even when the user is not on your website. It can only be sent to users who have opted-in to receive these notifications.

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