Bluetooth Connectivity in Apple devices Myth or the Truth?

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By: Sagar Sharma

What Will Bluetooth Connectivity Be Like In iOS ?

Bluetooth Connectivity in Apple devices Myth or the Truth?

Techno Freaks like me love researching here and there or say always staying ahead as to what is new in the market. So today, I was going through a discussion and the topic was one of my favorites – Bluetooth Connectivity in Apple Devices.

We all are aware of the constant fight between the iOS and Android users. Android Users boost and show off the conveniences they have at their disposal, especially when it comes to transferring files. Well thanks to Bluetooth for this. However, when it comes to iOS devices, file transfer may not be their strongest point, but if we look closer, there are some wonderful apps, which actually let you use Bluetooth in your iOS devices.

Amazed Or Shocked To Know This? Lets us get to know these Apps…

All iOS devices come with Bluetooth support but the biggest myth present is that one cannot use Bluetooth on iOS devices, and the only reason for this is that many of us are actually not aware about the way one can use Bluetooth on iOS devices. Well even, I was the one who believed this until I came across the following Apps. Here is a gist of those apps.
iShareFile App.

This app tops my personal list. Many of us feel that this app is not useful. However, the truth is when we go deep; we find this app useful. The only thing needed is that this app must be installed in both the iOS devices. You do not need to sign up or perform any configuration steps. Amazing isn’t it? All you have to do is to fire up the app on both the devices and click on the big Bluetooth button located in the middle of the screen. This app lets you transfer photos & contacts. The best part here is that this app allows you to transfer photos from two ways. The first simple way is just to transfer a photo from your camera roll into the other device. The second way is to just snap a photo from the camera of your device and send it to other device. The files transferred from iShareFile App users do not ask the permission but directly enter your device. In other words if this app is installed in your device and the Bluetooth is switched on, the photographs directly enter your device without your permission. However, you have the option to preview the images before saving them. These images after being saved get stored in the camera roll of your device.

Bluetooth Communicator – All in One Share.

The first app allows us to transfer only photos and contact cards but the second app allows us to do lot more. As the same suggests Bluetooth Communicator app allows you to share everything, from contacts to photos, to text, notes & voice messages. Indeed Amazing! Bluetooth communicator is a completely easy & user-friendly app. Bluetooth Communicator is the ultimate app for transferring files between iPad, iPhone and iPod. The most important thing to be taken care of is that both the devices should install the updated version to use this app and the best part of this app as said by one of the customer is that if one optimizes this app according to one’s needs the speed increases. So in other words I can say not only use this app but also optimize it in such a way that you actually get to see the increased speed of your file transfer.

Well this was just a gist but now the next time when any iOS user lands in a fight with an Android user about file transfer these apps can come to your rescue and this would definitely help you.

So finally, the “myth” has been broken & now whenever I see a discussion relating to the Bluetooth Connectivity of Apple Devices, these two apps would definitely come to my mind!!!

What about you?


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