Cab Booking Apps: Top 10 Taxi Booking Apps [Updated List]

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By: Sagar Sharma

Cab Booking Apps: Top 10 Taxi Booking Apps [Updated List]

Who could have imagined that booking a cab would be so simple that you could call it with a single click? Well, it is no longer a fantasy.

Today, there are so many cab booking apps that anyone can get confused as to which one they should install. It is quite challenging to identify the best taxi booking app.

Top 10 Cab Booking Apps (Taxi Booking Apps)

Below is the list of top 10 cab booking apps. They have been judged based on their features, ease of access, speed, and ratings.

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Grab
  • Gett
  • Ola
  • Didi
  • Cabify
  • LeCab
  • Curb
  • GoCatch

#1 Uber

Based out of San Francisco, this silicon valley startup has changed the definition of on-demand cab booking apps across the world. Today, Uber is active in 700+ cities and 65+ countries.

Uber has become popular because of reasons like simple user interface, availability of drivers and cars, easy payment options, ride safety features, country-specific features, different cab rental models, and more.

#2 Lyft

Lyft is another San Francisco based unicorn, which has its presence in the USA and Canada in over 640 cities. Lyft is well-known for its safety and trustworthiness.

Lyft is one of the biggest competitors of Uber in the USA. Similar to Uber, it provides ratings to its drivers based on the rating provided by riders. Based on the number of riders, it provides three options to users, which are Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line.

#3 Grab

Founded in the year 2012, Grab is a Malaysian firm that offers transportation, food delivery, finance, and insurance services in Southeast Asia. Grab operates in 500+ cities of 8 countries, which makes it one of the largest ride-hailing services providers in Southeast Asia.

Grab in an all in one mobile app solution for food delivery, taxi booking, and making payments. GrabTaxi offers features such as ride tracking, pre-screening of drivers, and more.

#4 Gett

Headquartered in Israel, Gett is one of the largest and most popular cab booking apps. It operates in 120+ cities of 4 countries, i.e., USA, UK, Israel, Russia.

One of the best features of Gett is that one can book a cab in advance (2 weeks). Recently Gett acquired Juno, which is the USA’s leading ride-hailing services provider, for $200 million, to revolutionize taxi booking in NYC.

Despite showing almost no price surge in taxi bookings, it had been one of the fastest-growing companies according to Forbs. Other popular publications like Business Insider, Mashable, TechCrunch, etc. have also recognized Gett.

#5 Ola

Ola is one of the fastest expanding taxi booking apps in India. It is operative in 100+ cities across India. It is known for its unbelievably easy-to-use user interface.

One can book Ola for daily commutes and one-way trips to the outstation. One can also rent an Ola on an hourly basis. Ola provides verified drivers, safety, cleanliness, and comfort trip to its riders.

Ola offers the widest variety of fleets in India. From bikes to cars, from SUVs to LUX (luxury ride), from autorickshaws to local taxi drivers, Ola offers transportation services in multiple forms.

#6 Didi

Didi is China’s one of the largest transportation services providers. Today, along with China, Didi operates in countries like Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.

Using Didi, you can hire cars, taxis, buses, luxury cars, bike, e-bike, and more. You can also book cars from Didi for self-driving. It covers 300+ cities across China alone. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

#7 Cabify

Cabify is one of Spain’s leading taxi booking apps. Today, Cabify is available in 12 countries and 90+ cities across Europe and South America.

Cabify has one of the most transparent pricing models ever. It offers fixed pricing without any hidden charges. It is believed to be an ideal cab booking services provider for corporate traveling.

It offers features such as invoices, multiple account support, account manager, multiple payment options, booking cab for someone else, and more.

#8 LeCab

Established in 2012, LeCab is one of France’s leading cab booking apps. Majorly, it serves the fashion capital of the world, Paris. It is also France’s fastest-growing taxi booking apps with 100,000+ downloads.

One can book a LeCab in three different ways, i.e., application, telephone, and website. It also offers priority cab booking for its loyal customers.

#9 Curb

Boasting over 50,000 taxis, Curb is one of the USA’s leading taxi booking apps. Curb is operable in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Philly, Las Vagas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Miami.

Curb offers three riding options to its users: Ride Now, Ride Later, and Pair & Pay. Customers of Curb recommended it for its fast service because of the high volume of taxis.

#10 GoCatch

GoCatch is Australia’s one of the best cab booking apps. One amazing feature of the app is that you can book a cab as early as one year!

GoCatch allows its users to choose from economy, taxi, premium, premium taxi, and maxi. It is an affordable, quick, easy, and secure way to commute.

GoCatch allows you to collect GoCoins, which you can redeem at GoCatch Rewards Shop. Apart from this, the app also offers special services to its VIP customers.


A majority of the cab booking apps mentioned above are a clone of Uber since it was one of the first successful ride-hailing services providers. Every country has its ride-hailing services providers.

If you want to become a successful ride-hailing services provider in your country or you just want to build an app like Uber, Contact our mobile app development experts to get a free consultation.

General FAQs for Cab Booking Apps:

1) What app is like Uber?

In the USA, you have apps like Lyft, Gett, and Curb. In India, you have Ola. In China, you have Didi. In Europe, you have apps like LeCab, Cabify, Gett, etc.

2) Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Barcelona?

According to Uber, its prices are almost 15-20% lower than the local taxis of Barcelona. Hence, Uber is a better option in Europe.

3) Is Uber better than Ola?

Both the ride-hailing services providers have their USPs. Uber has a better user interface whereas, Ola provides more options to its users to ride. For example, Bikes, Rickshaws, Cars, SUVs, and more.

4) Who offers the best ridesharing services?

Among the cab booking apps mentioned in this article, Uber, Lyft, Gett, and Curb offer the best ridesharing services in the world.

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