Why Code Quality is Important in Custom Software Development?

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By: Sagar Sharma

Why Code Quality is Important in Custom Software Development?

For any app to be successful, code quality is more important because it provides the flexibility of customizing your app according to the current trend. Through this blog, you will know why code quality is important in app development and how to measure code quality.

According to the user, the quality of an app relies on providing a high-end user interface, but at the same time, you must maintain code quality to make your custom software reliable. To dig into the details, let us go through this blog till the end.

Let us assume that you have an existing app with good functionality, but you wish to improve its user interface design and experience overall.

So you approach a developer or an app development company for accomplishing the same. But after analyzing and running through your app, the developer says that it cannot be performed because the code quality is not supportive, and by doing so, it may crash the entire app functionality.

At this stage, you will be pushed to a situation where you may have to change your app from scratch or leave it as it is. Therefore, focusing on code quality is more important as you give preference to UI/UX. You require the best code quality to be followed in custom software development rather than in ready-to-use software.

In the following sections, you will learn what code quality is, the importance of code quality, and how code quality and testing impacts your app development in a great manner.

What is code quality?

Code quality ensures the sustainability and conceivability of your app in the long-run. It talks about both good and bad code qualities, which act as the best coding practices and working style maintained by developers’ team.

It easily narrates the insight of an app to project managers and allows them to streamline the app/software development process quickly. It does not need to show the same meaning to all types of technological developments because we have different types of software used cross-functionally.

Why should you emphasize on code quality?

We saw what code quality is, but to know why code quality is important, here are the key points.

  • If you want your app to be successful, code quality should be considered as a priority.
  • It is a mandate key performance indicator(s) that evaluates the efficacy and potentiality of the app.
  • Quality coding is a good investment and yields you quicker results.
  • In case you face any technical ditches here and there, with good code quality, you can cover up everything in the future as well.
  • You cannot carry out proper testing if you have a bad code quality; at the same time, bad code quality is prone to errors/bugs.
  • If you have good coding quality, you can apply any technology and allow experts to review and provide feedback.

Now let us take a look at what factors measure a good quality code.

Features of good quality code

To validate the aforementioned points as to why code quality is important, here are the good quality code characteristics that support app development extensively. Here comes efficiency, readable, maintainability, reliability, robustness and portable, which we will see in detail below.

1. Efficiency

Efficiency relates to the performance and speed of the app or software you develop. The booting time of your app or software confirms how efficiently it can function. Every app owner or developer may look forward to an app that loads super fast and not an app that takes a lifetime to load.

So your software should be efficient enough so that it tops on performance and functionality. In case you have written unnecessary or non-reliable codes that may not help you at all, remove them and rewrite with the right code.

2. Authenticity

Your software should ensure appropriate functioning every time it is run. In case it breaks down without throwing any errors frequently, your software may become completely unusable and your purpose may not be served. This again creates a negative impression among users.

To make sure that you have developed your software with good quality code and it is reliable, you can take experts’ opinion to test and see the drawbacks with the software. With this, you can immediately make the necessary changes before many use it.

3. Robustness

This is an essential part to be considered when talking about good quality code. Here the importance of good code quality relies on irrespective of any conditions your software will run hassle-free and provides expected output. You should write robust code that keeps your software unaffected by external factors.

This can be achieved by testing the software in every usual and unusual aspect with proper documentation for future references.

4. Portability

If your software does not possess the portability factor then you may incur so much loss in terms of time and energy in writing code. Portability refers to the software’s ability to run on multiple operating systems extensively.

Instead of performing testing at the end of software development, it is good to test it prior and frequently to check how it is responding on multiple platforms.

5. Maintainability

This again provides you with the answer to why code quality is important. If you wish to make any modifications in your existing software, want to add on more features or wish to fix bugs/errors with minimum efforts, good quality code is very important.

6. Readability

This is something dealt technically between developers and reviewers. If you are a developer and developed an app and go in a no-contact mode for some reason, and the app owner goes to another developer for further additions or changes to the app, the new developer should be able to clearly understand what you have done to the app. Similarly, if the software is sent for testing, the same rules should go good with the reviewer as well.

Best ways to ensure good code quality

Here are a few points that you can consider to maintain good code quality for your software development to be successful.

1. System architecture

You should create an appropriate architecture that aligns inside the development rules so that you will not be confused in between. The coding part should be in a manner that it can be extended anytime in the future.

2. Follow a naming convention

Your software should be developed using naming convention programming that allows you to form a set of rules for selecting the character sequence, which denotes the software features, functions, variables and more in both the source code and documentation.

3. Test coverage

Cover at least up to 90% of testing cases because it is not possible to identify all errors in the testing stage.

Sometimes, this may make the software crash and down your app credibility as well. You need experienced developers who can sort this out easily and send your software an accomplished one by the time it is launched.


Hoping we were able to give you a good piece of information on why code quality is important. There are some best practices that you can follow for improving the code such as perfect architecture planning, optimization and readability, and reviewing code effectively and frequently.

For any queries on developing quality code, you can get in touch with our expert team of developers anytime.

Frequently asked questions on Code Quality

1. Why is code quality important for software/app development?

If everyone is aware of the time and effort you and your developers spend on developing software/apps, you will also get to know why code quality is important. If you have already built an app and want to make some changes, if there is no proper coding done, then it becomes difficult for the new one to start from scratch.

2. How do I know whether my software has good quality code?

While your app is in the development stage, send it for testing and collect the reviewer’s feedback. If there are not many unusual errors and without the developer explaining to you or your reviewer if the app is understandable, then the coding part is of good quality development.

3. Whom should I approach for quality code development?

If you have a clear architecture of your software, then it is easy for your developers to understand and keep a track of. You should approach a developer who has immense experience in developing various types of coding or a software development company that has great developing talents.

4. Why are coding standards almost similar in the software development process?

Coding standards are necessary to ensure that developers work on your software development without following their own techniques or methods. Moreover, to avoid security concerns and performance issues, developers or a development team should have and follow a universal coding standard to achieve the desired output.

It will help you understand what you should bring into the coding part and what you are not supposed to. Firstly, make sure that your coding is easy to read and adaptive to multiple changes as well.

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