Mobile App UI/UX Trends To Start 2022 With

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By: Sagar Sharma

Mobile App UI/UX Trends To Start 2023 With

Do you know global app revenue will increase by more than 50% in 2023? Statistically speaking, in 2018, the mobile app industry generated 92.1 billion in global app revenue, which will increase by 139.6 billion by 2023, according to Newzoo report.

Mobile app users are increasing to 3.8 billion globally by 2023, and thus, a business can generate more incentive by developing engaging mobile with the latest UI/UX. We prefer using UI/UX trends not only for fulfilling the customers’ requirements but also to provide them a higher level of usability in their daily life.

UI trends of 2023

  • Custom made graphics
  • Motion effects
  • Usage of less contrasting gradient

UX trends of 2023

  • Designing of speed
  • No more loaders
  • UX audit

The technical ecosystem always affects trends. There are top 14 trends which we will cover here

Top 14 Mobile App UI/UX Trends

1. Full-screen smartphones

Nowadays, mobile phones are designed without borders and with edge screens. These bring change in their interface quite. These create challenges for the competitor for using the sharp-edged elements while designing the mobile UI and application design.

Moreover, iPhones do not have the button anymore and even android phones are losing the button providing the large display screens. To achieve a cleaner and full-screen display the navigation depends on the gestures. It is a challenging step to make users learn new things to inform of navigation styles.

Applications that run on the operating system are inhabiting the dark mode.

2. Unique animation

Unaligned designs and vast asymmetries not only help the platform but creates a friendly environment for a better experience. Additionally, for more attractions complex motion illustrations help to stand out even better. These illustrations make it easier for the company to brand the product. Fortunately, during this year, we will soon be thriving through animated elements like logos, illustrations, and texts.

Whenever a change is created, it should be tested well keeping in mind the conversion rates. We need to be tactical while taking bold solutions.

3. Storytelling

The intelligence of telling the story through the digital experience will always be the latest trend. A strong visual hierarchy is built itself by Typography. Typography is an extremely crucial element of UI, which plays a major role in getting user experience.

4. Developing applications for foldable devices

The foldable device has various advantages of sharing more space for detailed and immersive experience. There are multi-windows where a user can perform multi-tasks at the same time. Video streaming and gaming applications are more advantageous because of the increase in screen size.

5. Artificial intelligence and material learning

These two technologies work parallel when mobile application development is concerned. We can use the analytical ability for synchronizing machine learning with applications.

Artificial learning and material learning are already present in e-commerce applications as they allow the applications to make customized recommendations according to the data analyzed by the machine.

6. Augmented reality

Augmented reality stands for thinking out of the box and forgets the UI fixed to the screens. Google and Apple have already invented their AR with the platforms ARCore and ARKit, combining both the physical world and the digital world. There are different approaches to which the UI works.

  • Object-related, real-world objects that have restrained interaction.
  • Fixed screen space, where the user keeps the camera in a specific position.

The talent of creating augmented reality interfaces developing the 3D elements might become an efficient skill in the coming years.

7. Virtual reality

Virtual reality brings a lot of thrills in gaming applications for the gaming audience. Also, virtual reality would be the best possibility for healthcare to cure phobias or in education to enhance interaction.

Designers must get prepared to look out for the opportunity of creating the virtual space for collaboration.

8. Artificial Intelligence

In the year 2023, artificial intelligence will be integrated into almost all the possible devices. Artificial intelligence thrives to collect a lot of data that fulfill each and everyone’s requirement. The example of artificial intelligence can be described based on an application named Spotify where you can like or dislike the songs to figure out the taste in music.

Products will grain the ability to learn about the user’s behavior and a requirement for creating a better user experience. This ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate.

9. Attractive and responsive colors

Instead of owning the single color the brands are now responsive to their context. It has been now that brands are progressively adopting the concept of responsive colors. Applications such as Dropbox, Spotify, and Facebook have updated in their company brand.

10. Bold typography

Bold typography will take place in 2022. Not only it looks good but also it attracts users with its eye-catching solutions. It catches the user’s attraction to visit the application for more time. If we talk in contrast to the user interface, the text does not match will not bring out the expected results.

Without a strong value approach providing a solution to the user’s need and a call to the next action and next step towards conversion, there will be website risks to be a waste of time in both the design and development.

11. Rise of the chatbox

Chat boxes are considered an efficient way to extend customer relations management. More than 50% of the buyers will prefer do-it-yourself(DIY) service tools for online purchasing of any products.

Chat boxes will be earning around $8 billion in the cost savings of 2023. Approximately, there are 2.5 million applications in Google Play Store and about 1.8 million in the Apple App Store. There are several applications in the play stores which facilitate UI/UX services.

One of the best examples is Starbucks where they developed an application called “My Starbucks Barista” in which you need to mention the coffee you need. Integrating a chat box in the mobile application is considered a real business opportunity.

12. Skeuomorphic design

Skeuomorphism refers to the elements that are designed in a realistic way to simulate a real-life object with much proximity. The combination of soft shadows and gradients brings and element to life and looks too good.

But also, making the screen responsive with all the mixed skeuomorphic elements is always too challenging.

13. Custom Made Graphics

A good picture that shows relevancy with your business always adds more value to your business. Also, a relevant picture will add approach to your business.

The best way to get the relevant picture is to design your own picture using unique graphics. For eg. There is an event Olympic games in Tokyo in 2023, you can think on graphic, manga, and anime when you think of Japan. These drawings inspire the use of the unique graphics and special characters.

14. Testing

There are the times when the elements you install in mobile UI does not work properly which ruins the user experience. So, it is suggested to put efforts into mobile application UI testing. When it comes to testing of application the important thing to keep in mind is the depth to consider for UI screens.

Wrapping it

The world changes as there comes a change in the technology. There was a time when no one would have imagined the machine with size of the room would now fit in our pocket and the connection with the machine would then define the many aspects of our lives.

As we move on in 2023, we will find more usage of the technologies and more adoption of the technologies mentioned above. Everyone will be excited to know the things taking place in 2023 for Mobile App UI/UX.

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