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By: Vishal Kulshrestha

Credencys Expands Its Global Presence, Opens Up Office in Singapore

Credencys Solutions Inc., known for its Augmented Reality and Wearable App Development Solutions, recently kick-started its operations in Singapore, With Augmented Reality quickly gaining momentum in recent years, the Company, felt it was utmost essential to have its presence felt in the global market as well as in Singapore region to help brands connect with target customers in a more meaningful way.

With more than 120,000 hours of experience, the Company, deliver exceptional Augmented Reality App Development solutions to industry-wide businesses and brands.

Some of the types of apps, the Company specializes into includes:

  • Image-recognition based applications
  • Apps involving 3D object tracking
  • Face tracking apps that help in virtual buying
  • Marker based AR apps
  • Location-based AR applications

“We are pleased to announce our presence in Singapore to deliver world-class Augmented Reality and Wearable Solutions to our global clients,” said Sandeep Agrawal, CEO of Credencys. He further added, “Credencys decision to start its operations in Singapore aims to further strengthen our presence in the Augmented Reality World and our commitment to engineering path-breaking solutions for industry-wide businesses.”

The Company helps B2B and B2C brands by building robust AR applications that allow customers to uncover engaging multimedia content in the form of videos, interactive graphics, 3D models, games, animation and much more.

Some of the industries, Credencys, helps using Augmented Reality include:

  • Education
  • Real-Estate
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • PR & Advertising
  • Print & Publishing
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare & Life sciences

Augmented Reality – A Peek Inside

Augmented Reality is a technology that helps overlay digital content on real-world objects using app-enabled smartphones and tablets.

For instance, let’s say you enter an IKEA store and are looking out for some extraordinary furniture to make your house look beautiful. Using an AR app, you can scan IKEA’s product catalogue and see different types of furniture coming to life. You can also visualize how a piece of furniture would look like in your living space. Sounds magical right?

Well, that’s the level of interactivity Augmented Reality Applications bring in your real-world environment.

How is it helping brands?

In recent years, almost every industry, is contemplating of some way or the other to incorporate Augmented Reality to help engage target audience and take their experience to a whole new level.

Real Estate corporations are leveraging this technology to beef up their marketing efforts. For instance, instead of browsing through a website searching for properties, customers can now point their smart phone in a different direction and see a list of vacant properties right in front of their line of sight. What’s more, Augmented Reality applications are also helping agents and brokers take prospects onto a virtual journey to help them understand how their future house would look like.

Advertising agencies are heavily relying on AR for brand launches and promotions. AR-enabled apps promise to offer a more life-like experience to customers. For example, billboards when scanned through smartphone, allow customers to place orders and unlock coupon codes to avail exciting offers and discounts.

In the field of education, teachers are resorting to AR to make learning highly interactive. Children tend to remember better, when a chapter from their textbook, comes alive right in front of their eyes.

Similarly, those involved in medicine, pharma and life sciences are using AR to deliver better healthcare services. Doctors are using AR for diagnosing diseases and becoming more precise and accurate while conducting complex surgeries.

What lies ahead?

Wearables like Google Glass and Meta’s Space Glasses will bring in real change and take Augmented Reality to a new level. These smart glasses will blend in the virtual and real world to deliver better user experience. The change has started making its way. Google Glass Applications are already redefining customer-brand interactions and paving way for another revolution. It’s time to make your brand future-ready!

To know more how augmented reality and wearables can transform your brand, get in touch with APAC Region Director – Mr. Shyam Prabhakaran ( today!

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