Credencys: Remarkable Event of Innovation And Collaboration

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By: Sagar Sharma

Credethon: The Remarkable Event of Ideation, Innovation And Collaboration

Organizing stellar events often to enlighten the office environment and introduce a fun element in the routine work of employees is the thing for which Credencys culture is known for.

Moreover, these events create a worthwhile opportunity and provide a stage to employees to showcase their hidden talent and expertise. Advancing in this direction, company has come up with a new idea of hosting Credethon.

Credethon was a two-day hackathon where hackers were invited to animate their hacking ideas into cool applications leveraging the technology they like to incorporate.

This event was aimed to nurture the spirit and encourage engineers, programmers, designers, testers and marketeers for digital innovations. Fortunately, event brought the result what’s desired, as number of employees was eagerly waiting for the event to take up the challenge and exhibit their skills.

# Credethon
The phenomenal event brings together entrepreneurs, hackers, technologists and designers under one roof in the guise of Credethonians to stimulate new ideas, new processes or prototypes, and new business solutions.

The event was kicked off on 14th August, 2015, and 55+ resources in 12 teams were amassed to put their brain to a little more exercise for engineering a world-class solution that solves global challenges and serves customers’ needs.

48 hours long hackathon was brain-crunching, code-driven, entertaining and charged the air at office space. Not only had the resources with years of experience participated, while beginners also took an initiative to drill down into the depth of their favorite technology to build creative and complex prototypes.

The ideation was seen on multitude of devices, multiple platforms and in diverse technology like- iBeacons, Android image processing, Unity 3D, Android wear, Solr, core PHP, virtual reality, Google cardboard, and signalR

The rigorous coding session of two days has lasted until the evening of 15th August 2015. Twelve applications were crafted by the techies to solve the core challenges related to virtual mall, immersive gaming, heart rate monitoring, E-commerce, social media, shopping list, mobile device management, web-based software and data computation.

After the completion of Credethon, a common buzz was all around- “We get a wonderful chance to learn novel technology, languages, tools and pretty more.”

Finally, winners were selected based on the ideation, team collaboration, innovation, design, architecture, complexity, and presentation. After assessing the apps on the above criteria, three teams conquered that were rewarded with a trophy and sponsored trips to Goa to get relax, enjoy the nightlife and have fun at beaches away from work.

Last but not least, the words with which Credethonians came up with are- We all enthusiastically await the worthwhile event of ideation, collaboration, and innovation. That’s Credethon 2.0.


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