Features and Business Model to Consider While Developing Personal Trainer App like 7 minute Workout

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By: Sagar Sharma

Features and Business Model to Consider While Developing Personal Trainer App like 7 minute Workout

In a recent survey conducted by a group of health institutions on what people are more concerned about and what is the cause of a physical and mental ailment, in most cases that doctors deal with, health and fitness were termed as the primary factor.

Most people may go to the gym for a regular workout, but in case they go out for a vacation for weeks and weeks or not in a situation to go to the gym at times, then they might lose the entire energy gained throughout. To stabilize their health and keep it fit even when they are away from the gym, an app like 7-minute workout definitely helps them to fill the health gap.

This blog is to showcase how to initiate workout app development and useful tips from a mobile app development company on how to create a fitness app like a 7-minute workout.

The trend of workout and personal trainer apps in the market

Personal trainer apps are mostly invested and introduced by fitness studios and popular trainers. There was no proper reach during the time such apps were introduced due to a lack of promotion. But recently, these apps are picking up heat among people who are obese, women in middle-age and men of 40 years age, and it is constantly growing as well.

In a report released by Grand View Research, the present revenue of the market for fitness apps was $2.4 billion in 2018 and it seemed to increase up to $10.9 billion in 2020.

What is a 7-minute workout and how this exercise app works?

Johnson & Johnson introduced the 7-minute official app. This is one of the best apps that has a recorded history of 3 million downloads on both Google Play Store and Apple Play Store apps and is used by people across 230 countries. Meanwhile, this app offers free access up to 72 exercises and 22 workouts that vary as per complexity and video duration so that users can choose according to their suitability.

What workout activities does a fitness trainer app offer?

There are five main components in a fitness trainer app which is as follows.

  1. Aerobic and resistance workouts: If you expect a stable and balanced exercise program, then a combination of aerobic and resistance exercises definitely help you in rejuvenating your physical health and fitness in a very effective manner.
  2. High-intensity workouts: high-intense workouts make sure that you create workout programs that consume less time. Because when you perform workout extensively, you might need only less time to exercise and reach the desired results.
  3. Order of exercise: Your body requires equal exercise to balance at every stage of losing or gaining weight. Hence the order of exercise has been set in a manner that you can give an equal amount of pressure to entire body muscles.
  4. Minimal rest time: Depending on a load of exercise given to your muscles, the app calculates the rest time that you can take between one exercise and another. By doing so, you can cut down on the time consumption during training.
  5. Less-weight equipment: As you can do these exercises from home itself, it does not involve too much heavy equipment to perform workouts from anywhere.

Important features of the 7-minute workout app and how to incorporate them into your workout app

The features provided in the following section do exist in the 7-minute workout app. In case you wish to create a customized app, it is also possible if you can go through the listed features carefully.

You should first personalize your app features such that it gives a smooth interface to the user by balancing and altering user’s preferences and abilities.

#1: Smart Questionnaire

The moment the user enters into the app, it should prompt for filling information of few questions such as weight, height, level of physical activity, and type of sports – it could be running, yoga, cardio training, and meditation. Depending on the demography that you target keep measurements for users’ weight in kilograms or pounds. The 7-minute app has Sworkit that fills in all the aforementioned criteria before suggesting proper workout ideas to the user.

#2: Choice of workout

The 7-minute workout app keeps suggestion factors for users to know their likes and dislikes of workouts they enroll themselves and get to know from them how difficult it was for them to complete a single workout. With this, the app notices the pulse of users and displays them exercises that they can do and are interested too. From the next time when the user logs into the app, they will be shown workout videos as per their preference.

Also, attaching a feedback or rating page is necessary so that you can work on other’s opinions. At the end of the workout, the app displays how many cycles the user has gone, the number of rests taken and the duration of the workout.

#3: Customized workouts

The 7-minute workout app lets users create customized workouts with their preferred exercises, convenient rest timings and set number of cycles. This will provide you a balanced workout style and allow you to connect with all the devices, which you have installed this app.

#4: Workout browsing

Allocate categorization of workouts in your app so that users who are well-aware of how to do workouts and which one is suitable for them searching by themselves. So make sure that you include categories that can be easily searchable and understandable by users.

#5: Stop clock

The timer is one of the best functions that you should include in your workout app. There might be some exercises that need to be repeated or performed on a cycle. In such cases, having a timer helps the user monitor time and work out.

#6: Video player

Though descriptions with text and pictures can help users understand the workout techniques, still video representation is better than anything. Hence adding a high-resolution video explanation is super advantageous.

#7: Achievements

Maintain a dashboard of the user to display their weekly and monthly achievements and throw a bit on daily improvements, where they went wrong and where they did right everything. This will boost the user to burn more calories and motivates them not to skip the workout at any cost.

#8: Add a music player

Workout along with energetic instrumental music keeps the mind of users always fresh and reduces their tiredness during the exercise. There are many open-source music players available in the market. Depending on which platform you are introducing the workout app; you can choose the application accordingly.

Bottom Line

Many people have started realizing the importance of a healthy life, and hence staying fit and healthy has become a habitat in their everyday life. So developing a personal trainer app isn’t a bad idea. Just stick with the guidelines and include all the essential features on your app to attract more consumers around the world.

Frequently asked questions on Developing a Personal Trainer App

1. What are the main types of health and fitness apps?

You can choose between diet and nutrition, personal trainer, yoga and meditation and activity trainer.

2. What are the essential features of health and fitness applications?

Your app should include features such as easy registration process, interactive user profile, and social media integration, wearable device support, tracking option, GPS support, Push notifications, video format tutorials, IAP services, and various payment options.

3. How much would it cost to develop a health and fitness application?

Few factors decide the cost of a workout app development because you will be customizing it for Android and iOS platform mobile phones.

  • First, you should check the hourly rate and calculate the number of hours that you would require your developers to work on the project, and how much you will be paying for them.
  • Second, calculate the number of days that the project might take and based on that, estimate the other expenses as well.
  • Third, what are the applications and software you might be using to develop the app, along with the front-end and back-end application support as well? Estimate the cost that could incur for application integration.

Collate all the individual costs and calculate per month cost together and you should be able to come to a figure. You cannot expect a standard figure for workout or fitness app development mobile solutions because of the complexity you may choose to incorporate in it.

4. How to choose the best business model for a personal trainer app?

You can choose between three types of business models for a personal trainer app. You can opt for a paid app, premium or ads depending on which you can afford.

  • The paid app will not be an ideal choice because you need to pay for the app before you install it in the stores that you wish to launch, and you will have open competitors around that may hit the user from not downloading your app.
  • Premium is something you can work around because you cannot offer all features for free of cost. There are some features left out for premium users who can pay and get access to more exercise.
  • Ads are merely costly but if you work it out in a positive manner, nothing is equal to their success.

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