Gym Workout App Development for Personal Brand: Types and Must-have Features

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By: Sagar Sharma

Gym Workout App Development for Personal Brand: Types and Must-have Features

Staying fit and healthy is a part of our daily life. Unless you keep your body in good condition, its inner mechanism may not function properly. Moreover, due to the increase in the number of jobholders, it becomes hectic for an individual to keep his/her health intact. This is how gyms and yoga centers came into tradition. Yet, in this busy scheduled life, it is not possible for everyone to go to the gym or yoga to maintain perfect health. Hence, gym trainers brought the idea of a gym workout app into the limelight.

Not many can have fitness centers, and for few, it may not be affordable as well. In a way of reducing the risk of such situations, fitness app development companies took it as an initiative to develop personal trainer apps for the benefit of customers.

A recent study states that by 2025, the US market is expected to achieve around $3.5 billion in revenue in the fitness app development market. Several startups have been emerging with the best fitness app ideas that contain multiple features, which definitely thrill the customers. By 2020, the research report of the Global Fitness App market states that the overall growth of fitness app usage seemed to be increased by 12% CAGR between 2020 and 2024, and at the end of 2024, it is estimated to show individual growth of 9.34%.

Why does a fitness center need a gym workout app?

A fitness app serves several purposes of both users and gym trainers/owners to a great extent. Nothing is impossible in this technology-updated mobile usage world. You can get whatever you want from the place you are. When considering such scenarios, to make it more improved and clear, the following are the factors why a gym needs a mobile app.

  • Instant update: Having a fitness workout app for your customers is always on the positive side. Customers, who regularly visit your fitness center for a workout, get instant updates on changes in gym timings or diet schedule if any. If your gym has quite a good number of customers, then it becomes difficult for you to update each and every trainee. So with a health and fitness development app, you can communicate instantly to them on any health-related things. It gives them a feeling that your fitness center is available 24/7, and you can even pay special attention to those customers who need close observation on their health maintenance.
  • Generate more business: Your customers may have friends in other fitness centers, where they might be using a workout app sponsored by their gym, which may have useful information to keep customers always engaged in the app. So if you do not have a workout app, then there are chances that your existing customers might make a move to your competitors. Moreover, most of the people somehow or the other way, are on mobile phones and introducing a gym workout app definitely helps you create more fitness freaks to your center.
  • Track customer’s progress: With the facility that you provide in your workout app not only allows its users to monitor and track their health but also lets you track their progress from day 1 of their joining in your gym. This report helps you in an explicit manner to talk to your customers individually about where they stand in terms of health and what are the dos and don’ts they have to follow for betterment. This will create a positive impression on your approach and stay focused on health.
  • Stay tuned with wearable devices: People entrust technology and its advantages in their livelihood and so prefer staying in tune with the trend. So look for some good wrist wearable devices that can help them monitor their workout level through the device. This will create some positive energy among your customers and motivates them for maintaining consistency in their workouts.
  • Enriched customer interface: No customer would like following a manual entry or carry a gym membership card while entering the fitness center. You can incorporate the barcode scanner system where they can access the gym whenever they want, and in some manner, your customers would love to use the gym for such reasons as well.
  • Easy payment methods: Now everything is digitized. Only people who do not have proper knowledge of using online payment apps might carry some cash with them; otherwise, it has all become cashless. To enable multiple payment options on your gym workout app and give them the experience of making effortless payment.
  • Include push notifications: Add push notification option in your app so that in case you wish to send any notification about discounts, offers, new course, promotions, again information about gym timings, and more, these notifications display instantly on the app and you may get good business out of them as well.
  • Preview of exercises: Any customer before joining a fitness center definitely looks at the website. More than a website, if you have it integrated as an app, customers will glance through the preview videos of exercises and decides if it works for them.
  • One-stop solution: A fitness app provides all details required by your customers at one shot in the app itself. This will save their time in browsing for your gym timings, diet plans or any sort of inquiry for that matter.
  • Best marketing channel: Though you require strong promotional channels for developing your business, still a gym workout app yields you good business through referrals as first and then through viewers. As you will post some exercise videos on the app similar to a 7-minute workout, you can try and pull free users to premium users as well. So the fitness app acts as one of the best marketing channels.

Must-have features of a fitness app

You should include three types of features such as user app, dietician app, and admin app otherwise, your app may not provide clarification either to its users or yourselves too.

  • User app: Under user app, include the following features: Login for user registration, exercise videos, chatbot for a chat with fitness experts, fitness plans, workout plans, daily progress tracking, steps counter, push notifications, feedback, and reminders.
  • Dietician app: This app should include features such as fitness chart, BMI (body mass index) calculator, subscription packages, coupon code, diet chart, water intake, customized plan details, and calorie counter.
  • Admin app: Under the admin app feature, include features such as dashboard, user session management, food plans management, payment methods, nutrition management, and trainer management.


Fitness app development these days is always going to be a benefit of boon but definitely not a waste of time and investment. Do a lot of analysis on your competitor apps and think about what uniqueness you can bring into your app, which helps you rather than any other approach.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mobile Application for GYM Customers

1. How is a mobile app useful in improving a user’s fitness?

Mobile fitness apps help users to know the standard of their every minute health and retune it then and there in case they tend to face any problems. It observes their diet, water intake, exercise timing, and many other health factors and keeps them posted through notifications. Also, the wearable device they wear helps them to monitor their heartbeat and pulse rate so that they are made alert of heart diseases if any.

2. How should I choose the best gym workout app development company?

It is not possible to decide which could be the best app development company for a fitness app, yet you can check these factors for certain help.

  • Look for the company’s experience and the experience of their developers
  • Testimonials of previous clients or any feedback for that case
  • Portfolio of the company and history of developing such apps previously
  • Cost estimation of the app and post-launch support

Do not just go with one or two companies and decide upon. Refer to more than 5 or 6 and shortlist the best.

3. How does revenue generation happen with a fitness app?

The mobile app by nature itself is a stepping stone to generating good revenue. Keep the features unlocked to your users so that in the beginning even if you offer discounts to many users, once you have a good pick of customers, you can always gain it back. If you are ready to pay for promotion, invite a few affiliate marketers and pay them for generating leads. This also helps you to an extent.

4. What is the future of the mobile app in the fitness industry?

The usage rate of mobile apps has been immensely growing in the last 2 to 3 years. Throughout the world, the consciousness of staying fit and healthy has been enduring among fitness freaks. The more you add interesting features to excite your customers, the more your app is going to help you with gaining the return on investment.

If you want to attract users and overcome competition, you definitely require a mobile app owned by your fitness center with factors making users stay on the app for a long time.

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