How A Mobile App Landing Page Can Drive Huge Downloads ?
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By: Vishal Kulshrestha

How A Mobile App Landing Page Can Drive Huge Downloads?

Publishing the app on app store and thinking all of the advertising or visibility will come automatically- it’s a great misconception!

Many app creators and app marketers live with similar concept to drive million downloads.

But, this is really not the case.

It is important to remember that virality is not always an accident.

An app like any other type of product or service must take some aggressive, conscious and strategic marketing in order to get the viral results that you want.

It is true that App Store Optimization (ASO) does provide several great features that will help your effort, relying solely on these services is not wise. You should definitely use the features that are available to you such as selecting great keywords, making app screenshots and even providing previews that are sure to grab a user’s attention.

But along with these tools, you will also want to use other types of user acquisition strategies that include both paid and viral tactics.

Paid acquisition is pretty self-explanatory, but what remains a mystery for most people is viral success. It is elusive and attractive. Everyone wants it but few people know how to systematically make it happen.

Certainly, there have been apps that were just great and virality was a natural result despite the efforts of the creators. However, virality can be produced consciously as well.

Here, these key facts will enlist how mobile app landing page will help you in achieving your goal that’s a million downloads.

Viral Planning

In most cases, if you do not “plan” to go viral you won’t. This is because in order for something to easily go viral there must be certain elements built into the design and functionality of the app itself. Basically, it should be very easy and even be rewarding for users to share what they are doing with others in order to quickly spread the word.

The next step is to make sure you already have a strong web presence before the app makes its appearance. You want to establish a web presence outside of the app store. The fastest way to do this is to create stellar mobile optimized landing page.

Landing Pages Not Just For Websites

Most people associate landing pages with websites and more specifically websites that are selling products.

Well, apps are products, and that is why you need a landing page. People are much more likely to download your app when anticipation has already been built. Anticipation is a huge psychological factor in converting leads into sales.

Creating and sharing a landing page for your app is like getting your little snowball rolling down the hill. Another great tool that the landing page provides is that you can ask visitors to leave their email so that they can be notified when the app is first released.

People love the thought of being first, regardless of for what. You can pull this psychological string by offering landing page visitors the privilege of “being the first to download.”

Give Your App a Personality

Your landing page will also create a personality for your app and your business. Most app creators and marketers are looking to not simply create one app, but they are looking to create a business with a long and prosperous future.

Your landing page will help you to begin to create this personality for this business. If you are thinking long term then you should really consider the importance of your big picture, and make sure that everything on your landing page is cohesive to your big picture as well.

Higher Search Rankings

A landing page also provides you will greater visibility in searches. When you create a landing page you are tapping into another branch of marketing that most app developers and marketers never consider.

Not only does a landing page allow you to publicize your app in ways that the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores don’t make available, but you are also accessing an entirely different audience through regular web searches that you would not have accessed simply through the app stores.

With a strong web presence through a landing page app you will have an edge over the vast competition you are facing in the app market.


Having a landing page for your new app means you will have the freedom to promote and market on your landing page in ways that may not necessarily be allowed through the app store.

Great improvements have been made in app store sharing, but you still will not have all of the options you can have through an independently run landing page.

Even, following some key tactics, you can make your mobile app go viral at the first day.

These are the best practices with which you can drive huge downloads and optimum traffic to your landing page.

However, if you need the immediate result and a genuine targeted traffic, then opting for max visits website would be a great option. This website would boost your landing page popularity and reputation. Get ready to create an impact over your Alexa rank with Maxvisits.

Don’t hang fire and plan for a landing page before uploading your app onto the app store.

Good luck!

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