10 Best Tips To Improve App Engagement With Your Mobile App

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By: Sagar Sharma

How to improve app engagement with your mobile app - 10 best tips to know?

Developing a mobile app is quite a tough task if it involves complexity, but it is tougher to increase app engagement more than the idea you invest in creating that app. To make an app successful, adding more spices to it in terms of design and features alone is not sufficient.

You need certain proven strategies that support you to improve app engagement. If you are able to identify loopholes in your app with user engagement tips and tricks recommended by experts, on-time, then it leads to your app success. Today, in this blog, you will learn how to increase users on the app and promote brand management.

Before that let us see how user engagement is important in mobile app development and taking your business to the next level. User engagement in a mobile app is required to know whether the user is able to find your app valuable.

It includes design, content and relevant searches as well. There are five levels of user engagement to be taken into consideration–discovery, research, shopping, loyalty and advocate. To increase app engagement, you definitely require a clear strategic plan that drives through successfully until you reach your determined target. It could be sales, customers, reach, etc.

10 best tips for increasing app engagement with your mobile app

Here are the top tips you can follow and implement to increase app engagement and ensure you make the required changes according to feedback or meet your customer expectations.

#1: Create a list with splendid categories for your app store

This is the first step that you should be able to focus on your users before they install the app and make them install it. You should display the benefits of using your app rather than what features it contains.

Anyhow when users install your app, they get all necessary features inside the app itself. But to make them interact with your app during installation leads to successful app downloads.

Give useful information to users on how to use the app, and what problems have been addressed in the app, which users were expecting in other similar apps, but they failed to address.

Also, place screenshots of the main pages of your app so that by looking at it, you should instill your users to install the app.

#2: Make users know more about your app while on-boarding

We have discussed gaining user’s attention while performing onboarding, and it is one of the best ways to increase app engagement. You can use animated presentations or nice pictorial representation of your app benefits rather than educating users about your app usage.

No user likes to listen to you while creating an account because they expect the on-boarding process to be completed soon.

#3: Provide space for users to try your product before they buy it in real

If your app requires a paid subscription or memberships, then making them go through and understand your app completely before they sign up works well. Many users will come forward to use your app as they know about your app information prior to registration, and whenever they wish to utilize the services in your app then they will go for account creation. This approach will sure to improve user engagement with your app and install it effortlessly.

#4: Apply best practices for implementing app permission requests

It is necessary that you implement app permission requests in your app before its launch; otherwise, there are high chances that users may uninstall your app without a second thought. You should consider factors such as time, context, tone, messaging and language while displaying permission requests. You should also have things ready to deal with users who reject permission requests accidentally or purposefully.

#5: Make quick delivery a mandated feature in your app

Many apps provide the same day delivery or quick delivery, which could be the prominent reason as to why users may prefer your app. If it is not fast and does not meet user expectations, it is just a matter of time that users may delete your app and may not use it forever. So making speed as a definite feature can help increase app engagement.

#6: Include push notifications

You should keenly keep track of the user’s browsing behavior and send relevant push notifications according to their shopping history. This helps to retain users and get them back to the app. You can create push notifications in a tailored and customized manner. Customization can be enforced based on devices, platforms and users you target.

#7: Create great link chains

Deep linking is something you should think of investing in. Push notifications or bulk SMS becomes effective if you have deep linking implemented in your app. It helps in inviting other users to install and use your app.

#8: Develop a streamlined communication

This is one of the best ways to improve app engagement among users because only user feedback helps you raise your app milestone. Help users with providing more frequently asked questions and give them sufficient time to go through them and clarify their doubts.

Allow them to ask questions whichever is not available in the FAQs. You can allow them to provide feedback in the comment box, but you should have someone to track it down because negative feedback may get your app installed. Still, you can allow users writing negative feedback but make sure you respond back to their problems with appropriate solutions.

#9: Update your app as in when it is required

It is necessary that you make at least 1 to 4 updates per month for your app and notify them on-time as a reminder to your users. If you fail to maintain your app properly, it leads users to search for alternates. Your app updates should make users realize that you are committed towards your app wellness.

#10: Provide flawless user experience

User experience is an important factor that supports improved app engagement. Your app should have a design that is very appealing to users and the background or colour you choose should not be offending or bothering to users. People have started using apps as a part of their lives, and it is a necessity for you to provide an excellent interface to use your app.


If you can understand and incorporate these factors in your mobile app, definitely there is a huge chance to increase app engagement and make your app popular across users.

If you are looking for successful mobile app development or looking for the continuous support of a developed app, you can get technical advice from our expert team by dropping us a simple email with a detailed query. We are here to help you and address your mobile app concerns rigorously.

Frequently asked questions on  improve app engagement

1. How to increase app engagement within a short period?

It all depends on your app features and the flexibility it provides to users. If your app has a good number of downloads but lacks user engagement, you can follow the factors mentioned in this blog.

But if your app is new to the market and requires user engagement, then there are several paid promotions you can implement and then apply those tips for effectiveness. But without proper effort, no wonder can happen overnight.

2. Is user engagement a feature of an app?

No, user engagement is not a feature; it is a metric that you use to monitor the performance of an app. It is considered important because without people using your app, you cannot make your business successful.

So it is a common and mandated metric that requires certain features or options to be added to your app.

3. What key performance indicators and goals to be set for improving user engagement?

Return is the foremost key performance indicator of user engagement. Though it is not likely to drive the entire scenario, you should always behold a return on investment.

User engagement also requires an app that provides a great experience, good information and timely delivery of what they are looking for. So these are also considered as KPIs and commercial sales are considered as your end goal of achievement.

4. What type of content and offers can engage the different audience to my app?

You should make use of eye-catchy digital content, which is simple to read and understand and ensure such content is placed in the right geographical locations for the right target audience.

You can effectively and efficiently make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ as powerful channels for your app publicity. Moreover, you can engage users by publishing product-related blogs or information that your users have been searching for and somehow try relating it to your business.

You have digital signage that allows you to create amazing and splendid content, which you can display on multiple screens from anywhere rigorously. It is the hottest trend used by most of the businesses for app promotion, in recent days, and showing good improvement in app engagement.

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