How to Create an App for your Business – Best and Simple Ways to Develop an App

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By: Sagar Sharma

How to Create an App for your Business – Best and Simple Ways to Develop an App

When you hear the word app, what comes to your mind? Definitely, it is a mobile right. Do you know how to create an app in a mobile-friendly interface, how much does it cost to create an app or how to develop an app that best suits your business? You need not be technically savvy to create an app because you can always hire developers or approach any mobile app development company for the same. This blog provides you simple steps to create an app for your business.

How mobile app development is a rising trend in the world?

There are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world where 1.35 billion people are tablet users who have been doubled in the past six years. People spend 90% of the time using their mobile phones. This shows that irrespective of whatever it is people are spending time using an app for that case.

If you look at the statistics, mobile apps are looking to generate $189 billion revenue in 2020, where 21% of the young group open apps more than 50 times a day, 49% of people open apps at least more than 11 times a day and 57% of digital media usage clicks from mobile apps. This shows the increase in demand to create an app ever.

How to develop an app?

There are several steps involved in creating an app. You might have numerous ideas to develop your business and want the same to be incorporated into the app. To bring all your ideas into the limelight and create an app as per your preference, these are the following steps you should follow, as an entrepreneur or developer.

Step 1: Determine your app goal

Before you develop an app, you must understand why you are doing it. To determine what should be your app output is and how appealing you are going to present it to users. Also, your app should serve a specific or common purpose for the target customers of your product/service. Another important factor that you should think of is how to market your app. If you have a clear goal of your app output, then you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Write down your ideas

You may not know if you can clearly explain all your ideas to create an app, to the developer. To not miss even a simple thing that adds value to your app, sketch your ideas on a white paper. Sometimes, it helps you shape up ideas that you have missed remembering as well. It may not act as a wireframe for your app, but definitely, it works like a flowchart before you begin with.

Step 3: Brainstorm your ideas

Discuss app ideas with your friends or experts and take feedback. Have a deep brainstorming session that helps you bring out other ideas into your app development, and sometimes, it may bring success to your app among your target audience. Rather than appreciation, criticism is more important for a product or service to achieve success. Accept criticism from your friends or relatives about your app ideas and try to frame up a strong ideology and then plan for app development.

Step 4: Design your app wireframe

Many applications give you access to get your own app wireframe within minutes. Do intensive research for adapting the best app for building wireframe design and design your ideas in the web application accordingly, to get an overview of how your app appears in public. You can search in Google for the best websites that offer you wireframe design for free or cost.

Depending on your flexibility, you can choose the best one and get the wireframe design work complete. In case you do not have any idea of it, you can leave it to the developer to provide you the wireframe of your app.

Step 5: Decide the backend framework of your app

This step determines the functionality of your app according to the framework. You can choose which platform you would like to develop your app and what features you would like to add on to it that decides the density of the app and its usage among your target audience. Many websites help you to run your wireframe on it and see if there are any technical difficulties attached to it. Check any of them to make sure that you are on the right path.

Step 6: Certify your app model

Once the wireframe and backend framework has been completed, show the app model to your friends and collect feedback–be it positive or negative. Note that before your app goes into the real-time development stage, it should be fine-tuned at the framework level and then sent. Make the necessary corrections and restructure the wireframe accordingly.

Step 7: Start your app development

Now it is your developer’s turn, to begin with, app development and shaping it as a fine-tuned and complete product. Keep checking every single stage of your app development and let your developer(s) know your views or feedback on your preferences.

Step 8: Finalize a perfect app design

It is time for your designers to create your user interface, which is a very important aspect of your app for people to get attracted and how things look after implementing user interface and user experience designs. You can implement user interface elements according to your design.

Step 9: Perform design retesting

Check your app design and functionality by performing testing again. This will ensure that your app is perfect in terms of design, functionality and backend platforms as well.

Step 10: Conduct Beta testing and launch your app

Upload your app API in the Android or iOS platform or any other platform that you are planning to launch it on and check how the user interface and user experience look like. After successful completion of Beta testing, you can very well launch your app on your desired platforms.

How much does it cost to create an app for your business?

The cost for developing an app may vary according to features, geography and developer’s hourly rate. All you have to do is figure out what features you are adding to your app and what platforms you are implementing in the frontend and backend. Depending on all these factors, the cost of developing an app may range from $40,000 to $60,000.

You can also create an app with a local developer or outsource it to a developing company, but the cost variation is high if you outsource the same to a developing company rather than choosing a development company in local.


From the aforementioned sections, I hope this blog has provided you a clear idea of how to develop an app and how to create an app for your business. Be firm with your app ideas and ensure you protect those ideas before others steal or think of it because the competition is huge in the present technological market. You can always approach us for any app development ideas or suggestions on how to proceed with your app development furthermore through call, e-mail or chat.

Frequently asked questions

1. What factors may affect or influence app development cost?

There might be several factors involved in the cost of app development, but the following are considered to be the most important ones–features, the complexity of product design, number of platforms, backend infrastructure, app administration and location and structure of a team. These are considered to be primary because they may affect mobile functionality to a great extent if not designed and set properly.

2. What are the common features should I consider to create an app?

To create an app, you require general features to be incorporated, such as login, file uploading, profile completion, profile editing, search, basic messaging, push notifications, basic admin panel for user management, payment management, push notifications, etc. and more.

There are some complex features to be added to your apps such as maps, payments, streaming, and calls, depending on your app wireframe, which may take more time to develop an app compared to the general features aforementioned.

3. How do I structure a team for my app development?

App development is not an easy task. It requires more of your employees’ time to achieve the desired output. So you must be lavish in spending for your employees in the form of salary and perks to get your work completed. When it comes to the team, you require a business analyst, UI/UX designer, mobile app engineer, quality/testing engineer, and a project manager.

4. What would be my app maintenance cost if I am hiring only an app developer?

If you are not outsourcing your app development to a company, then you will be paying your developer for the following activities on your app, as maintenance cost—continuous bug fixing, improving stability and performance, code optimization, adding support for latest operating system versions, developing new features and supporting latest versions of third-party services.

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