10 Innovative Mobile App Development Ideas to Try In 2023 [Checklist]

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By: Sagar Sharma

10 Innovative Mobile App Development Ideas to Try In 2023 [Checklist]

Over the past few years, the mobile app industry has witnessed tremendous growth and it shows a promising sign of growth in future years too. So far, the mobile industry grabs the leading position on the list of sectors that are facing fast growth around the world.

As per the recent study reports, the mobile app development is expected to touch $190 billion US dollars revenue by the end of 2022. And the revenue amount expected to grow further in the upcoming years.

Leading Mobile App Development Ideas of 2022

Seeking the latest trends on mobile app development in this 2022, well here we have listed all those top mobile app ideas that are currently in trend.

  • Utilizing Beacon Technology
  • APM and EMM
  • Inclusion of AI in Mobile Apps
  • 5G Wireless Services
  • AR and VR Transformation
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Auto Bots
  • Mobile App Security
  • Blockchain in Mobile Apps
  • Predictive Analytics for UX Enhancement

Top List of Innovative Mobile App Development Ideas You can Try in 2022

For those who are looking to do something unique and want to achieve something peculiar that no one did so far in the mobile app development ideas, then the upcoming list is for you. Take a look at our innovative mobile app development ideas and pick the one as you like to have a successful career in the mobile app development.

1. Voice Language Translation App

It may sound old since you may be familiar with the Google translation however; here we are talking about real-time voice language translation app that works instantly. With this app, you can understand if a person speaks in an unknown language. This voice language translation app will be pretty useful for those who are traveling to a new place where the local language is not known. If you are planning to do something big, then preferring this innovative void language translation mobile app would be the right option.

2. App for Refugees

Well, the name itself elaborates a lot about this Refugee app. This mobile application is specifically for those who enter into another country as a refugee. With this refugee app, people are able to easily understand the languages, cultures, and locations of their new place. Also, this refugee app is pretty handy for new people to get mingles with the locals and to be part of the new community in a better way. Apart from becoming a commercial hit making this Refugee app could be service-minded by helping refugees.

3. Tenant Finder and Communication App

If you are looking for enterprise mobile app ideas, then opting for this Tenant finder and communication app could be the right solution. Because these days, finding new homes and engaging with house owners is nearly impossible without brokers in developed cities. By introducing this app, tenants and house owners can eliminate the broker’s part and by doing so they can save handsome money. Also, a tenant can find an easy way to communicate directly with the house owners through this mobile app. Besides, developers can also add features like property maintenance, rent payment options, and so on.

4. Criminal Alert App

Currently, we are living in a civilization where it is hard to predict any crimes and criminals. Anytime anywhere anything can happen to anyone. Developing a criminal alert app can be useful for people who wish to stay protected from crimes. This criminal alert app comes with a fully loaded wanted criminal database according to the user’s location. Also, this app must have the feature of a panic button that alerts the police and your closed ones with your location. With that, they can easily trace you based on your GPS location.

5. Travel Suggestion App

How do you feel if you start receiving a list of things to do and places you should visit on your trip automatically on your smartphone. Isn’t it awesome, it will simply eliminate your search activity online to find the best places right? This Travel Suggestion App can track your location and list all those top places and things to do in and around the region automatically by reading your location. In addition, it can also be a feature with top restaurants and hotels to stay in that region.

6. Lottery App

The craziness of offline lottery isn’t faded that much among the people around the world. Even though some countries banned the lottery by pointing out poor and illiterate people getting cheated. By introducing the lottery app you can make the lottery legal by allowing only people who are interested in such practice. This online lottery app can include QR codes for getting numbers and must have online payment options to buy tickets by the users. With 24 hours notification, this lottery app can be a hit among the like-minded people around the globe.

7. Travel Buddy App

The travel buddy app allows travelers to find a new travel buddy who planned to visit the same destination. This allows travelers to get travel buddies to visit new places. The concept behind this travel buddy app could be pretty helpful for those who love to travel along with other people. Besides, this app will act as a bridge to finding new buddies. This app must-have features of contact sharing among the users after they intended to do so.

8. Wedding Planner App

Wedding planner app is another excellent enterprise mobile app idea that can be handy for the people about to plan a wedding ceremony. In today’s busy world, keeping track of all those arrangements for a wedding ceremony isn’t that easy. Owing to that, many prefer to hire agencies for managing their wedding events. This wedding planner app comes with a preloaded database of all details for wedding arrangements including the contact numbers of food makers, DJ parties, decorations, photography and so.

9. Food Wastage App

Food wastage app is one of the most essential apps in today’s modern world, often we witnessed a huge amount of food getting wasted in a function or party event. This food wastage app is about to deliver the unwanted or extra foods to the needed person through a voluntary person or a delivery boy. This app is handy for people who seek food and not waste good food because of the excess amount.

10. Anti-Smartphone Addiction App

This might sound crazy; the anti smartphone addiction app is to create alerts and tips to skip mobile usage after prolonged usage. This app might be useful for the modern generation who seem to be more addicted to their mobile phones.


The afore-mentioned lists of future mobile app ideas can really work and make you a successful person in mobile app development. All those above-listed app development ideas are unique and never tried before by any developers across the world. Those are the worthy new app development concepts to try in 2022.

Frequently Asked Question on Mobile App Development Ideas

1. What are the important stages involved in the mobile app development process?

When it comes to mobile app development or any other software development, developers should pass through these below listed 3 vital stages

  • Planning: Proper understanding of the objectives behind particular app development
  • Design & Development: In this stage developers create a design, character models, add sound effects along by testing all those features and get rid of any errors if it has.
  • Launch: It is the third and final stage of the mobile app development where developers seek help from the marketers to launch their app after making desire popularity among the target audience.

2. What are all the popular platforms on which developers prefer to develop mobile apps?

As we all know Android is the most preferred mobile OS platform which many developers across the world show interest in developing their apps. Next, the iOS and Windows platform follows subsequently. However, in the recent past, developers are showing interest in developing hybrid/cross-platform mobile apps which can be used on any platform. In most cases, these hybrid mobile apps are developed in HTML5.

3. How to protect my mobile App development Idea?

Well, this might be a million-dollar question among the modern age mobile app developers who intended to develop unique mobile apps. The real truth is you should have control of not leaking your mobile app concept until it gets launched. Once it launched successfully you can prefer to patent your app idea from being copied by your competitors. However, the concept of patenting your app idea works up to certain levels.

4. Is it possible to raise funds for my app development idea?

Yes! There are a few ways from which you can raise enough funds for developing your app with your unique idea. All you need is to approach the right venture capitalists and to meet the right set of investors who are willing to invest in app development. Also, you can attend various startup meetings for gaining knowledge on how top brands generating funds for their app developments.

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