JavaScript Framework List - Top 10 Frameworks To Use 2023

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By: Sagar Sharma

JavaScript Framework List - Top 10 Frameworks To Use 2023

Since the time Internet has emerged, the tech world has witnessed the rise of a wide range of technologies and brought drastic changes around the globe. It started with the emergence of websites and is leading businesses to make an online presence. Today, a majority of these entrepreneurs are on the verge of adopting mobile apps to cater to the specific needs of their customers having different smartphones.

With the increasing use of different smartphones, developers are coming up with amazing mobile apps and web applications. Technically speaking, they build mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms using different programming languages like Objective-C, and .NET respectively.

Now, programmers use different frameworks to develop specific applications and websites among which, JavaScript is one of the most popular ones.

What is a JavaScript Framework?

An application framework written in JavaScript is typically known as a JavaScript framework. It enables programmers to manipulate the functions to their advantage while developing particular applications or websites.

JS frameworks also make it possible for developers to code the application as device-responsive. It is one of the main reasons for its popularity when it comes to using a high-level machine language.

Now, let us jump to the most significant JS frameworks to look for in 2019.

Top 10 JavaScript Framework List

1. Angular

It is one of the most powerful, efficient, and open-source JS frameworks. Google operates it, and developers implement it for developing a Single Page Application (SPA). Angular implements the HTML in the app and interprets the attributes to perform data binding. Businesses commonly AngularJs Web Development company to build applications for their trade.

2. Vue.JS

Developed in 2016, Vue.JS has effectively made its way into the market and proved its worth by offering diverse features. Dual integration is one of its most engaging features for creating high-end Single Page Application. It is considered to be a reliable platform for building cross-platform.

3. Meteor

Meteor serves the larger portion of the software development. It is majorly used in backend development, management of the database, business logic and rendering of the front-end part of the websites.

4. React

Facebook created the React framework, and it has earned popularity within a short duration. Developers use it to create and operate the dynamic User Interface of the web pages with high incoming traffic. React uses a virtual DOM, which makes the integration with any application quite easier. You can hire React Js Developers if you are planning to build a robust web application.

5. Ember.js

Ember.js hit the market in 2015 and gained immense popularity with its wide application area. Its features support two-way data binding, thereby building a reliable platform for managing the complicated User Interfaces. Famous websites like LinkedIn, Netflix, Nordstrom and more use the Ember.JS platform for their sites.

6. Node.js

It is open-source and a server-side JavaScript run-time environment, which works on cross platforms. This framework has the capability of managing asynchronous I/O with its event-driven architecture. As it runs in the JavaScript Runtime environment, it has similar properties of JAVA like threading, packages, and forming of loops. Companies popularly hire node js developers these days to accomplish their relevant projects.

7. Aurelia

Aurelia framework is the latest version of the JavaScript. Developers use it to implement any interface. It is considered as the next generation of the framework for building robust websites. This framework can extend HTML for several purposes that include data binding. The modern architecture of Aurelia assures that the toll can be used for interpretation of client-side and server-side at a time.

8. Mithril

It is a client-side JavaScript framework, which is primarily used in building Single Page Applications. It is easy to deploy the framework, as its functions are not derived from a base class. It is small and offers routing & XHR utilities out of the box. A few features are similar to React.

9. Polymer

The Polymer is an open source JavaScript library developed by Google. It can create elements of websites without going into a complex level. Moreover, it also supports one-way and two-way data binding, thereby making the application area wider.

10. Backbone.js

Backbone.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. You can easily understand and learn this framework. It can be used to develop Single Page Applications. This framework enables all the server-side functions to flow smoothly through an API. As a result, it helps in achieving complex functionalities by writing less code.

Let us dig deeper into the benefits the JavaScript framework list offers.

Advantages of Adopting JavaScript Frameworks

1. Speed

Speed of client-side JavaScript is very fast, as it can run immediately within the client-side browser. JavaScript is uninterrupted by network calls to a backend server unless outside resources are required. It is not needed to be compiled on the client side, which increases the speed.

2. Popularity

JavaScript is popular among developers, as it offers numerous features to build robust applications and websites. The language as a whole has gained a lot of traction in the industry in recent years.

3. Efficiency

JS Framework consists of pre-built functions, which adds to the numerous benefits it offers. As a result, the developer can build applications faster with less code. It means that the task of development that used to take hours can now be completed within a few minutes.

4. Interoperability

Developers can effectively take advantage of combining JavaScript with other languages to build a variety of applications. Unlike PHP or SSI scripts, you can conveniently integrate the framework into any web page irrespective of the file extension. Moreover, you can also use JavaScript inside scripts written in other languages like Perl and PHP.

5. Security

The more you use a framework, the more security you require. Therefore, it is beneficial to use a framework that has a large and active community, which acts as long-term testers. As a result, in the case of security issues, they can report and also provide solutions to these troubles. JavaScript is one of those secured frameworks.

6. Versatility

One of the benefits of JavaScript is its versatility. Now, you can use it in various ways through Node.js servers. For example, if you want to bootstrap node.js with Express, then you can use a document database such as MongoDB. Also, you use JavaScript on the front-end for clients to make it possible to build an entire JavaScript app from front to back using only JavaScript.

Summing Up

From the discussion above, it is clear that JavaScript Framework proves to be the best framework when you need to use one for building applications.

When you plan to develop a robust application, Credencys strive to offer excellent web development services. We have the best Angular Js, Node Js, and React JS developers to help you accomplish your desired project using JavaScript frameworks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a JavaScript framework do?

JavaScript is a collection of JS code libraries that enables developers with pre-written code. They use the JavaScript code while programming tasks and features for developing a web application or website.

Which is best JavaScript framework?

The most popular JavaScript frameworks are Angular, React, Vue.js, Ember.js, Meteor, Mithril, Node.js, Polymer, Backbone.js, Aurelia, and more.

Why do we need JavaScript frameworks?

JavaScript is an application framework that enables developers with ready to use yet customization code for a website or web application development. Programmers can manipulate the functions and use them as per their convenience.

What are the latest JavaScript frameworks?

The highly advanced JavaScript frameworks are Spring, Grails, Blade, Google Web Toolkit, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Play, and Struts.

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