Leap Motion: The Technology which used in health industry

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Leap Motion: The Technology That has Transfigured Health space!

Healthcare industry has experienced the pinnacle of innovations!

The seismic shift has occurred in the way operations are done, patients are treated, medical information is stored and yet, new inventions are on-the-go.

Medical technology and biotechnology are currently worth around £255 billion to the UK and the market is growing 10% every year

Today, operation theaters are equipped with all advanced equipment, tools, and machines required for the operation.

But, controlling all the machines like- CT scan or MRIs with hands, once physician initiated the surgery is nearly impossible unless they scrub-in in between.

And, if practitioner dares, then a little time gap and distraction may put patient’s life at stake.

That’s where the new wave of technology – LEAP MOTION comes in.

The technology provides a touchless interface to the user that is controlled by gestures. It allows people interact with computer via sensation of hands.

Leap motion controller is a piece of hardware, which is connected to the computer that tracks the movement of hands to one-hundredth of millimeter with a 150-degree field of view.

Harnessing the power of 3D technology, surgeons can use their hands in lieu of mouse.

Let’s take a glance at the potential applications of motion-tracking technology

Operation theaters become hi-tech

During the complex surgeries, surgeons are required to review and manipulate the important images before and during the surgery. It helps them to perform the operation with a great precision and accuracy while keeping patient’s safety.

For instance, while cardio surgeries, physicians have to repetitively view the implications of every step they are taking.

Plus, before taking the next step, they prefer to do that first virtually on the screens, but frequently taking gloves out is not advisable as it kills good amount of time.

Sterility concern limited the intra-operative use and manipulation of digital radiography.

Integrating leap motion in the operation theatres can wipe out all the worries of surgeons. It let them interact with the images while keeping their gloves sterile with no visible latency.

Revolutionize Rehabilitation

Well, no doubt recovering from the illness or major accident is arduous task and that’s the problem physical rehabilitation centers can solve. They help patients to get recovered by assisting and providing a set of tailored exercise that they need to do daily.

However, the burning problem- 70% of patients doesn’t do their exercise at home after rehab session.

The reason behind is physical therapy lacks enthusiasm, seems boring and do not intrigue the patients at all.

The rehab sessions last for weeks and months, and costs around $600 to $1000 a day, Connors, of the Brain Injury Association of America said.

It’s very expensive to afford.

Here, leap motion would be a game changer that gamifies the exercises and make them more enjoyable. Also, it lets patients do the exercise anywhere and distant therapist can easily tab on and measure the performance.

Employing it therapists can taste the progress of wellness of injured ones effortlessly.

A quick look at the amazing results leap motion brought at rehab.

In addition, a child suffering from neurological disorders like Cerebral Palsy which obstructs physical and mental development of child is very tough to cure.

Using leap motion technology, games like- Poo Blaster that Credencys built allow children to play with eyes and their hands’ coordination. The score of child help in checking their health status and then, they are treated accordingly.

The final words

Incorporating Leap motion in health regime appears a bit more like a magic. Budding technology has provided a high degree of freedom into the hands of practitioners and therapists.

Fascinating tech has the wider scope and will be very effective if aptly used in different segments of health space.

Maximize the benefits leveraging the enormous potential of leap motion.

If you had come across some more benefits of leap motion in the healthcare industry, then please do share in the comments given below.

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