All You Need To Know about Developing an On-demand beauty services app

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By: Sagar Sharma

All You Need To Know about Developing an On-demand beauty services app

Product-based or service-oriented businesses rely on technology to reach their target audience/customers/consumers. With the increase in usage of smartphones and the Internet, the demand for door-step services has also increased. Most of us know the need for a mobile app to attain any service—be it food, grocery, product delivery, etc. Today, we are going to elaborate on the On Demand Beauty App and its development that has been growing along with the emerging beauty trend in both men and women.

Market Value For On-demand Beauty Services App

A research survey says that women spend about $3, 756 in a year at salons for beauty services, which captures 5% of the economy in the current growing market. The expected amount of revenue from the Asia Pacific alone with respect to beauty services is $6.6 billion from 2016 until 2021. With the help of the Internet, beauticians, stylists as a part of salon or individually, making their own way to provide beauty services to customers through beauty on demand app.

In one of the survey reports released by Forbes magazine, 28% of stylists, hairdressers and cosmetologists are working as independent contractors by reaching their customers through beauty on demand app. It also states that in 2017, the revenue generated by global spas and beauty salons was USD 128.59 billion and the forecasted reach is close to USD 190.81 billion by 2024. To be frank, it is good growth for the beauty and cosmetics industry as well.

How On-demand Beauty Services App Provides The Scope For Employment?

In one of the statistical surveys released by the Bureau of Labour, more than one million people are self-employed under the category of beauty salons for both men and women. If you look at the data, barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists were 656,000 in 2014, and they are expected to grow by 10% in 2024. Similarly, manicurists and pedicurists were 113,600 and expected to grow by 10% in 2024; skincare specialists were 55,000 in 2014 with an expected growth by 12% and massage therapists were 168,800 in 2014 and likely to grow by 22% in 2024.

Benefits Of On-demand Beauty Services App

Initially, on demand beauty service was only bridal makeup during the occasion of the wedding. But now with the development of on demand beauty services apps, every other beauty service has become easy, providing at your door-step.

1. Branching out of locations

Any beauty salon requires publicity of existence so that customers know where these salons are, are they nearby, what kind of beauty services do they offer, etc. With the introduction of on demand beauty app, salons can list their services in their dedicated app and can promote the app to their existing customers. They can also take help from their existing customers to spread the app to their friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. for home-based beauty services too. Depending on the number of app downloads and the demography, beauty salons can plan for location extension in the specified area.

2. Easy and convenient

Customers easily attract the beauty of on-demand app services, as they get high-class spa and salon treatment from the comfort of the place they are. With the increase in competition of home salon services, customers even get beauty services at a cheaper price.

3. Push notifications

A mobile app is the best way to convey about your beauty services to the customer right from listing down what services do you offer, discounts, offers, new service, newly added cosmetics, etc. You can be in touch with your customers by sending in promo codes as pop-up notifications, similarly, offers, discounts, changes in timing, etc. Beauty on demand services app not only improves customer traffic by using it but also takes your brand to the next level.

How To Initiate For On-demand Beauty Services App Development?

You cannot develop an on demand beauty services app unless you have an IT background of developing applications or programs. You can approach the app development company and consult with developers and discuss your ideas about creating an app.

Depending on the number of features you wish to add on to the app, the pricing may vary. Do not stop with only one app developing company; take app-building advice and pricing terms from three or four companies and then pick the right one. Before you approach any developer for developing an app for beauty services at home or brand promotion, you can go through these general features that an app should have.

Features Of On-demand Beauty Services App

Your app should contain four types of panel: user panel, salon owner panel, individual beauty expert panel, and admin panel.

  • User panel: Here, you should display features such as Social Signup/Login, Nearby Salons and Services, Book/Schedule appointments, Multiple Payment Options, Rate and Review Services, Order History and Repeat Order, View Subscription Packages, Chat/Call with the stylist and Track Stylist Roof.
  • Salon Owner panel: Under this panel, you should have Social Signup / Login, Accept/Decline user’s requests, Manage catalog and price, Schedule stylist, Create offers and discounts and Track Earnings.
  • Individual beauty expert panel: This will again have Social Signup/Login, Accept/Reject/Reschedule user request, Manage calendar, List services, and prices, Make offers and discounts, Track payments, Chat/call with users, In-app Navigation and User location tracking.
  • Admin panel: This is a high-security panel that should contain options such as Manage User, Stylist and Beauty Salons, Approve or Reject Stylist Registration Request, Real-time Reports, and Analytics, Create offers and discounts, Manage Payment and earnings and Marketing activities.

Apart from the aforementioned features, you can add any other new feature that makes you stand unique from your competitors.


It is worth developing an app for beauty services at home and the money you invest in development yields you good business within 6 months to 1 year of providing regular beauty service and maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate. Search and buy quality beauty products so that on usage and the results that your customers obtain is going to lift your business up.

Important Things To Consider Before You Introduce an On-demand Beauty Application

  • Make sure that your application provides both the required user experience and user interface design explicitly. Customers should love using your on-demand beauty app. Keep the design simple and relevant and avoid adding unwanted content.
  • Provide time slots to your customers only if you have the required stylist, hairdressers and other resources available at that time slot. Otherwise, it will lead to customer disappointment or dissatisfaction.
  • Make sure that you have incorporated digital banking for payment options so that your app will not have bounce rates.

Frequently asked questions

1. How much it costs to develop an on demand beauty services app?

The cost of app development depends on the features and platform you choose to design and implement. It also considers the complexity involved in using and testing applications and software compatible with your desired app features. You should also consider the cost of UX/UI development. You may never know the number of developers required to develop your app and based on that their pricing also varies.

Approximately, considering the common features, the app development cost in India would come around $15, 0000, for both Android and iOS. If you include advanced technologies, then it would cost around $25,000–$40,000.

2. What is the team structure required for on demand beauty app development?

If you want to begin as an app development company, then you require a business analysis team, project manager, Android or iOS developers, front-end developers, backend developers, and QA-testing professionals.

3. In how many days can I expect business growth of my beauty salon with on demand beauty app?

No business grows overnight. You should put sufficient effort in terms of gaining customers, publicizing your services and mobile app to your existing and new customers. Once your app kick-starts a good move among customers, then slowly through word of mouth, your salon’s brand name spreads easily. It takes a minimum of 6 months to one year to see a change in your business growth and after 2 to 3 years, you need not require any publicity except providing offers and discounts to your customers.

4. What should I do to boost my on demand beauty services app business?

There are certain things that you need to consider boosting your beauty services business through the app.

  • Determine and brief your brand with catchy words and promotion
  • Analyze and understand the necessities of your customers and the regular services they come for.
  • Use social media channels completely to reach your target customers
  • Implement effective digital marketing and leverage your content marketing
  • Impress your customers with loyalty and rewards
  • Provide extended support to your customers
  • Focus strongly on video ads often
  • Customer is the king in every business; ensure that your customer’s satisfaction rate is always high
  • Do not say no to any small service for a walk-in or home service customer. If you feel that service value is too less for you to afford at home, then explain and convince your customer for additional services.

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