Success Stories: Credencys' Top 5 Case Studies

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Success Stories: Credencys' Top 5 Case Studies

In today’s competitive landscape, efficient management of product information is essential for businesses to thrive. Credencys has been at the forefront of empowering organizations with robust Product Information Management (PIM) solutions tailored to their unique needs.

In this blog, we’re excited to share a collection of five case studies illuminating various aspects of Credencys’ expertise. These stories not only illustrate our reach across diverse industries but also underscore the transformative impact of PIM solutions on global businesses. If you’re interested in expert guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly – we’re here to assist you every step of the way!

So grab your cup of coffee while we get started on our top five success stories!

Rough Country

Since 1975, Rough Country has excelled in producing and distributing branded aftermarket automotive products, including suspension systems, lift kits, and accessories for trucks and SUVs, marketed through various channels such as Magento-based eCommerce, Amazon, and a dealer network.

PIM case studies

They faced inefficiencies in managing product data, assets, and the ACES database across multiple systems. Manual processes for product data syndication and fitment management led to poor data quality and slowed operations.

Credencys implemented a robust Product Information Management (PIM) solution, integrating ERP, DAM, and the ACES database, helping them to:

  • Manage products, assets, and ACES data from a single source of truth
  • Streamline the complex processes of data enrichment, data approval, and data validation with a workflow for the sales and marketing team
  • Integrate the ACES database seamlessly

Read the case study in detail here.

Light Manufacturing Company

A leading manufacturer of lighting products selling through eCommerce and physical stores, managing product data from 300+ vendors. They sell a comprehensive selection of more than 100K lighting products belonging to different categories such as Bath Collections, Chandelier Collections, Close-To-Ceiling Collections, Lamps & Shades, LED Retrofit Kits, and so on.

Major challenges of the client were inconsistent data from vendors, scattered data management, and limitations of the Magento solution, which hindered effective product data management and distribution.

Credencys developed a comprehensive PIM platform, centralizing product data and integrating it with ERP, third-party plugins, and Magento.

  • Implementation of PIM and DAM to manage all the product data, inventory updates, and price changes of 300+ vendors in a single platform
  • Integration with ERP, Magento eCommerce store, third-party marketplace plugin, and customer reporting tools
  • Streamline the data management process and save a lot of time for their team for manual data management.

Explore the full case study for more details.


Kenmare, headquartered in Ireland, is a leading mine manufacturer with operations spanning globally. They have a large unit in Mozambique, Africa, known for its vast titanium mineral deposits. Renowned for supplying major mineral sand products like Zircon, Rutile, and Ilmenite, they serve a diverse customer base across 15+ countries.

The client faced challenges with sharing product information stored in their ERP system, SYSPRO, requiring manual conversion of CSV files for distribution. They aimed to streamline data accessibility for users and automate catalog management processes, reducing manual intervention and validation efforts.

Credencys created a Pimcore-based web portal and admin panel, enabling easy management of the client’s diverse product range through various PIM capabilities including MDM, CDM, DAM, and web content management.

  • Streamline their complex process of change request validation and implementation with the automated workflow for Request of Correction
  • Manage complicated product information validation process seamlessly
  • Bi-direction data synchronization between SYSPRO ERP and PIM solution-based web and admin portals

Click here to read the full case study.


IronList is a rapidly growing online sales and auction aggregator platform for used heavy equipment and machinery. They serve various sectors globally, including construction, transportation, agriculture, energy, oil and gas, mining, and forestry. They offer the best search and discovery platform in the fragmented heavy equipment and machinery industry, catering to diverse users such as vendors, contractors, pipeline companies, and construction firms.

The client’s core business is importing and exporting heavy equipment and machinery, catering to a global customer base. With connections to numerous suppliers, they sought to create a data aggregator platform to manage product, supplier, and customer data alongside content.

Credencys developed a data aggregate solution for the client using a PIM solution.

  • Custom web portal for the client using Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, Digital Experience Platform, and Customer Data Platform
  • Manage a large volume and variety of product data efficiently in a centralized location.
  • Time-to-market product improved significantly

Read the complete case study here


Established in 1975, Tractmotor Parts (M) SDN BHD is a leading Malaysia-based company. They specialize in agriculture, machinery, construction, and manufacturing parts. It is supported by global manufacturers and suppliers, positioning itself as an industry leader.

They faced challenges managing scattered automobile spare parts data, impacting sales and customer communication. Lack of synchronization between account and inventory systems led to inefficiencies. Manual catalog updates hindered sales team productivity. Inaccurate product information and disparate data affected decision-making. A centralized data repository and streamlined processes were needed for improved efficiency.

Credencys developed and implemented a web-based digital platform for Tractmotor using Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Digital Commerce capabilities of Pimcore.

  • Manage the products, media, and commerce-related activities from a single platform.
  • Enrich their product information and improve product data quality by managing and aggregating the product data and relevant media assets.
  • Manage different price levels for different products for different clients accurately.

Explore the full case study here. 

We’re Obsessed with Product Data Management

These case studies demonstrate the transformative impact of PIM solutions in overcoming data management challenges and driving business growth. By partnering with Credencys, businesses can unlock operational efficiencies, improve data quality, and deliver superior customer experiences.

Across diverse industries, we are passionate about using the power of data solutions to empower your business. Connect with our certified PIM expert to explore more about our expertise and how we can help you.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!