Know the Nature More Closely and Deeply with Plant Identification Apps

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By: Sagar Sharma

Know the Nature More Closely and Deeply with Plant Identification Apps

Many times, it happens that you saw a beautiful plant and flower somewhere. You would like to have it in your garden but you can’t as you don’t know even the plant name. We are habituated to do online research whenever we are willing to discover something unexplored. When you do Google to get information about the plant, it provides thousands of options and you need to find out the exact one out of them.

How tedious job it is!

Well, this won’t happen to you any more thanks to the plant identification apps. They introduce unknown plants, flowers, trees, leaves, and seeds to you with all the information.

Isn’t it amazing?

Additionally, most of these applications not only identify the plants but also provide the tips on gardening and farming for the better growth of the plants. In this post, you can learn about the user base, key features, cost and best apps in this category. Let’s start with the users.

Who Can Leverage Plant Identification Apps?


Wildlife travelers frequently visit the woods and forests where they find plenty of plants and trees. They are willing to explore the plants just because of their curiosity and interest. Moreover, they need to learn about the usability of different plants in order to use them in a medical emergency.

During the traveling there are possibilities, they get injured and some of the plants work as medicine on the injury.

Nature Lovers

Nature lovers always eager to discover different shades of nature. With plant identification apps, they get to know everything about a plant without the help of any expert. These apps have a strong database of n number of plants, trees, and flowers that help nature lovers know nature more closely.


Farmers can get all the information about an unknown seed, plant, tree, or fruits in a few minutes using plant identification applications. They can also get detailed information about different leaves and pests on the leaves. The apps enable farmers to make a well-informed decision about which crop they can harvest.


If you are fond of gardening, then plant identification apps enrich your knowledge about a variety of trees, plants, flowers, fruits, leaves, etc. You can use the app while you are in a nursery and buy a plant of your interest after having all the data such as plant’s name, origin, availability across the globe, usability, and much more.


Botany is an education stream where students learn about endangered spices, plants, and other natural areas. With these apps, students can access basic information about the plants on the go.

Once they have an overview of a tree or a flower or a fruit, it will be easy for them to grasp more details from subject matter experts or internet. Such apps make the study more interesting and exciting for students by addressing their queries quickly.


Zoologists have to check nutrition in the fruits or vegetables before considering them for animals. The animals also eat plants, tree branches, and flowers. To keep the pets and animals healthy, the zoologists have to feed them right. Using the plant identification applications, they can meet specific food requirements of every animal available in the zoo.

Key Features of Plant Identification Apps

Taking and Uploading a Photo of The Plant

Recognition of any plant is quite easy using the apps. Users need to take a snap of the plant using their smartphone camera and upload it in the app.

Plant Identification by Fetching Data from Database

Once you upload the plant picture in the application, the app starts searching for the relevant results. Integrated image recognition engine identifies the plant by fetching the information from the database and displays all possible output on the screen. Users can find the exact match and move ahead to explore more details about the plant.

Complete Details about the Plant

The plant identification applications enable users with all information related the plants such as leaves, fruits, group & family they belong, origin, scientific names, popular names, growth habits, description, and other details.


The applications allow users to add locations when and where they found a particular plant with the help of geo-tagging feature.

5 Best Plant Identification Apps

#1. PictureThis

The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify plants and flowers. It is quite easy to discover information about any plant with PictureThis. Users need to take a snap of the plant with their smartphone camera, upload it in the app, and wait until the app searches for relevant results. The app enables users with all the information regarding the plant within no time.

PictureThis allows plant lovers and horticulture specialists to add details about varied plants. They have a community where people across the globe share their plant pictures. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms for free and paid.

#2. PlantSnap

The app contains details of over 5,85,000+ discovered plants. It is powered by Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence and is revolutionizing the way of plant identification. Users can quickly find all the information about a plant just by scanning a snapshot of it.

PlantSnap also identifies trees, cacti, flowers, and even mushrooms. It allows users to add data about the different plants from any location, explore nature, and find plants worldwide or nearby locations. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

#3. PlantNet

The app uses visual scanning software to scan a picture of the plant. Before scanning an image, the app asks users to choose one of these five parts of the plant – seed, fruit, leaf, flower, stem. Focusing on a specific organ, it becomes easy for the app to recognize the plant. It analyzes the plant and delivers potential results by fetching the most relevant details from the database.

PlantNet is one of the highly preferred plant identification apps having 1 million+ users. It is available on Android and iOS platforms for free. The app is developed by French researchers. Along with identifying plants, it is a social network that connects plant lovers.

#4. Garden Tags

Users can access the app by completing a simple registration process. It is very popular amongst plant lovers and gardeners as the app contains detailed information about plants and gardening. Garden Tags helps you to discover new spices and identify unknown plants, flowers, trees, etc.
Along with plant identification, the app gives gardening tips that involve planting inspirations and advice. The app is connected with 1000+ experts who help users identify the plants by proving insightful data and get detailed answers to many gardening problems. It allows users to manage plant collection of their entire garden in a single place. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms for free.

#5. Garden Answers Plant Identification

It is a fantastic mobile application for instant plant identification. It recognizes 20,000 plants in no time and gives extremely accurate information about each of them.

To discover details about a plant, all you need to do is log in to the app, take a snap of the plant or upload it from your phone, and submit the photo in the app. It shows multiple options from which users need to select the best match and they have detailed information about the plant. The app is available to download on iOS and Android platforms.

How Does It Cost to Develop A Plant Identification App?

Plant identification app development cost varies project to project as per the custom requirements of the clients. It depends on a number of features and functionality, complexity of the app, mobile platforms the client wants to target, business model, engagement model, and more.

When it comes to selecting a development team, the rate of hiring a mobile app developer starts from $35/per hour. Share your app requirements with an experienced mobile app development company who can figure out the estimated cost for you.

Summing Up

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