Top 10 programming languages will Boom in 2023

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By: Sagar Sharma

Top 10 programming languages will Boom in 2023

In today’s time where almost everything is working on coding based technology, we surely have a great scope to make a career in the dame. There is no doubt that today’s world has got coding in more than 330 programming languages. There is so much software that is built every year promising the customers with better services. Looking for the best programming language for sharpening your programming skills in 2023, then you are in the right place.

Here we have listed the top 10 programming languages which show promising growth in this 2023 and also for the next few years. So, pick any one or two from the list and improve your programming skills in that platform to have a bright career in the IT industry.

List of Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn in 2023

Listed are some of the best programming languages that are quite in demand and surely in 2023 as well their place on the top position will remain the same in the technical industry.

1. JavaScript

It is one of the most common and popular programming languages by the developers in 2023 that has been rated high. This language has increased its demand more into the gaming industry and the internet of things. It is said to be one of that core existing technology along with CSS and HTML that will always stay on the top in the position. This is a lightweight programming language and has some object-oriented results. It’s common purpose is to create three effects that are more interactive and within the internet browser itself. It is speed driven and simple to use but security issues from the client side can occur.


  • Simple to use
  • Extended functions
  • Open Source

2. Go programming language

Golang which is popular by Go programming language is widely used by Google. And the way Google is in demand every year, there is no denial of the fact the demand for this language will also keep on increasing. Even this language is best for those who want to have startups in Silicon Valley. Many companies rely on this language because of the multithreading excellent support. Certainly, this language offers mart documentation and is backed by Google. It has a cleaner syntax which makes it easier in learning. This is one statically-typed language that offers maximum security.


  • Simple to use and read
  • Allows to do multiple operations effectively
  • Compilation can be done quickly

3. Python

Python is the talk of the town in the year 2023 too. This is said to be a trending programming language by many other popular websites like Pinterest and Quora too. As per some for the reports, some statistics show that this language has been outranking even Java and has now reached out to be the second popular language after JavaScript. It is used by many mobile apps, desktop, and medial tools for network server and webs application sources too. It is said to be the root reason for creating some of the popular video games like Toontown and Vegas Trike. For beginners, it is an easy language with integration with web services.


  • Easy to read
  • Comes with pre-defined Tutorials
  • Easy integration.

4. R Programming Language

R Programming Language is another commonly used programming language that is used for machine learning and data analysis too. It offers the most incredible framework and has built-in libraries. It offers algorithms that are quite popular when it comes to machine learning. It is also used for graphics and statistical computing. The best part of learning this language is that you can work on different operations. It has an open-source solution which is why; you can make the changes as per the needs. Thanks to the wide statistical analysis, this language is quite trending.


  • Effective for creating statistical software

5. Java

We all know how popular Java is and there is no denying the fact that despite other new languages have come this is still on the top. It is a programming language that is generally based. This being an object-oriented structure is said to have become the standard of applications which you can use no matter whether the platform is iOS, Windows or Android. Besides, it has a feature that promises better portability and can be used all across the platforms that may range from the centers of the main data frame to even the Smartphone too.


  • Easy to learn
  • Platform independent

6. C/C++Programming

C/C++Programming is very old but still the most important programming language. They were the starter of the future programming and have helped in much festive knowledge too. The language is basically from a computer science background and even those who have no technical background can learn this programming language. You might have heard about programming languages like Golang and swift. Well, they are ideally written in C/C++ itself. There are very few skills that a programmer needs to acquire to know this language. It is also said to be the foundation for better support and growth for many other languages.


  • Offers more control
  • It is an Object-Oriented Programming Language

7. Ruby

This is also a popular language and is quite easy to learn and implement too. This language was developed in the year 1950s and has more human-friendly syntax. It is also popular for the web application framework called the Ruby on Rails (“RoR”). This programming language is one straightforward yet easy learning option. It is sturdy and can have the ability for creating web applications swiftly. However, the run time speed can affect the performance too.


  • Easy to create web applications

8. Swift

Swift may be a new programming language that is used in iOS applications but it has gained a lot of popularity. It has grabbed the attention of the market share for over a few years, for android it has only been the tough competition. This has been backed up by apply and is known to have extra protection and security against any kind of memory leaks. You can easily add many exciting features and functionalities in the product and thus make it more demanding than the previous one.


  • Safe and Secure
  • Inherits modern programming conventions

9. PHP

This programming language can help in building web development in a better way. It is said to be the demand programming languages of the year and web developers cannot even write those bulky things on the site and web applications if there is no PH coding rightly executed.

It offers the web application development brisk transition and can help in adding functions and features to web applications too. It paces up the development of the app and to maintain this language coding is simple too.


  • Open-source Language
  • Easy to develop websites

10. Scala Programming

Last but not least Scala Programming has been supporting the functions and object-oriented coding. It is quite popular and has been proved productive for developers too. Java has a strong influence on this language and is said to be rich in APIs. Meetup, Gilt, New York Times, SoundCloud are some of the companies that have Scala as their programming language. For those people who have an interest in data science, many find this language as a great opening door.


  • Object-oriented programming language
  • Rich in APIs

In addition to those above mentioned 10 lists, you cannot ignore the importance of learning C# Programming language. C# Programming paces up the development of the app and to maintain this language coding is simple too. The swift programming is quite easy to learn provided you have a clear base of C or C++ language too. Currently, more than 3 billion devices have applications that have built-in C# Programming. However, it has a low boosting speed which may hamper the stability.


The importance of Programming language entirely depends on the purpose for which you are using it. Once you choose the technology, it will be easy for you to select the language too. Also, make sure you are in the same field to have a bright career.

General FAQs about Programming Language

1. How many programming languages are there in this world?

Currently, there are more than 700 programming languages that exist under 4 types procedural, functional, object-oriented, scripting and logic programming language.

2. I am not a Programmer. How do I start learning Programming Language?

Well, just like learning subjects like maths and science in your academic studies, you can learn a computer programming language by starting with basics.

3. Is it necessary to be a computer science graduate to learn a programming language?

No! Your CS degree won’t play anything when it comes to software development. Yes! You can learn some basics on your CS degree but any graduate students can learn that privately. All you need is proper dedication and hard work.

4. Which programming language is mostly preferred for developing games?

As far as developers are concerned they prefer language which runs directly on computer hardware owing to that they prefer C and C++. Most PC games are written in C++.

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