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Empowering Cab Industry with a Digital Solution

Shift into the fast lane with a digital solution that streamlines your entire cab-business model. Leverage advanced reporting systems, automate operations and optimize resource management while cutting down unproductive costs.


Tech Talk: TCP v/s UDP

Taxi booking apps and private-car-for-hire services are selling like hot cakes. The success of any on-demand taxi service depends on the overall user experience. Being able to share your location in real-time with a driver forms the heart of taxi booking apps. Users need instant information on available taxis nearby. A slight delay can cause your users to abandon the app permanently. Selecting the wrong port will significantly reduce user experience.

Where Credencys can help you

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Passenger Application

Allows passengers to search for cabs, accept a fare and get the bookings done on mobile

Customizable ERP System

Tailormade ERP solution to manage and record the Bookings, Dispatch, Accounts, Billings, CRM & HRMS.

Driver Application

Mobile App to help drivers in bookings & payments, route directions & maintaining journey records

Reporting System

Get better insights with a consolidated view of booking status, sales, PoS, & dispatch-performance with custom reporting & filter criteria

Seamless 3rd Party Integration

Leverage 3rd party solutions for payments, voice assistance, communication, Internet of Things and analytics

Resource Allocation

Monitor resources in real time, optimize cabs & drivers allocation, booking assignments unproductive costs & reduce booking response time

INFOGRAPHIC: Discover what happens when you search and book a Taxi.


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EXPLORE HOW WE DEVELOPED Cab Bureau: Customizable, SaaS based App-suite

It is a cross channel SaaS based application package of an ERP system, a driver app to receive booking information & a passenger app for online bookings. Offering flexibility, these standalone apps can be used in different combinations to suit different business models, sizes, and specific requirements.

The suite brings transparency, reliability and operational ease. In real-time, cab owners can track their vehicles, monitor driver-behaviour, and utilize reporting system for better decision making. It offers personalised themes for their branding needs.

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