Retain Players and Enhance Monetization Opportunities

Constantly Striving Towards Delivering Quality Content and Breath-Taking Game-Play!

Hand-held devices have had a substantial impact on the gaming industry. The future belongs to smartphones, tablets and wearable devices like Google Glass when we talk about gaming. Crafting engaging cross-platform mobile game apps that are centered towards delivering the best gaming experience ever! What’s more, you can also get solutions for building your very own game app for smart glasses too!

Designing User-Focused Gaming Apps

A gamer takes a few seconds to decide whether to download an app or hunt for another. Using a consultative approach, our team delivers tailored solutions after considering your requirements. Each developer of our team is a gamer and that makes them know what exactly your end-users require!

Strategy Design, Development & Implementation

Building custom gaming apps with multiple device capabilities by carefully assessing & identifying your end-users’ needs & requirements. Our game developers listen to your needs to come up with an engaging storyline. Design & development starts once the entire strategic planning phase is completed. By delivering iterative builds every 15 days, you get a complete picture about your project’s progress.

Eye-Catching Graphic Designs Coupled With Fantastic UI

Front end looks are equally important when compared to back end functionalities. Our UI design team consists of creative artists who infuse life into your mobile game apps to make these more fun, enjoyable and entertaining.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust back-end architecture
  • Remarkable sound effects
  • Interesting characters
  • Cross platform compatibility

Game-Play That Keeps Players Hooked On

It is the game-play that keeps users engaged. Hence, our developers ensure that game-plays are interesting, compelling and thrilling too! Be it developing adventure or strategy games, our team makes it a point to carve out the best game-play ever that keep your users engrossed for long time. Providing an unique touch to your app by working carefully on the game art.

  • 3D character modelling
  • Texturing & rigging
  • Designing creative concepts
  • Environment & object design
  • Storyboard creation
  • Level design & development

Unrivalled Technical Capabilities

Gaming apps require robust engineering to offer a flawless user-experience. By using the latest technologies in our Game Design Studio, your complex projects are made simpler. Our mobile apps developer team has both, requisite expertise & experience, to deliver solutions that match your ideas & vision

  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Advanced programming
  • Creative art skills
  • Proficiency in C++

Complete Testing

Our quality assurance team continuously keeps a check on your gaming app to identify & resolve programming/coding issues. Since testing is done simultaneously with design & development, the overall time on game development gets reduced considerably. Our aim is to offer cross platform mobile game development solutions that amaze your users.

  • Functionality & usability testing
  • Solving bug issues
  • Periodic performance check
  • Regular upgrades

Building Apps Having Multiple Device Compatibility


Designing gaming apps for smartphones is not the same as designing for tablets. The kind of choice, consumers, have today in terms of buying a smartphone is absolutely overwhelming. Screen sizes, interface, battery, widgets, system bars etc, differ a lot depending on the smartphone one chooses. Credencys team has extensive experience in developing cross-platform (iOS & Android compatible) gaming apps that run seamlessly, irrespective of the device your end-users purchase.


One needs to follow specific UI conventions while building & designing a gaming app for an Android Tablet and iPad. Our team has thorough knowledge about these conventions and what it takes to build an engaging gaming app for these devices. While designing a gaming app for tablets, our developers make sure that it offers the best UI experience to end-users and functions seamlessly.


You can also build a smartglass specific gaming apps to offer end-users with the next-generation gaming experience. Imagine, if your end-users could play games in real-time. Our developers build magnificent apps that offer an immersive experience to gamers, blurring the line between what’s real and what’s virtual!

Live The Story By Interacting In Real-Time With Your Favourite Game Characters

Augmented Reality has already started making a huge impact in the gaming landscape. Using this technology, you can offer your target audience a more immersive gaming experience.

Our mobile game developers specialize in designing innovative AR based gaming apps that consist of attractive characters, remarkable 3D models, and amazing sound effects.that consist of attractive characters, remarkable 3D models, and amazing sound effects.