eCommerce Marketplace Integration - All You Need to Know

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By: Sagar Sharma

eCommerce Marketplace Integration - All You Need to Know

Effective marketplace integration is very important for almost every business. Successful eCommerce resources need to connect their systems with different marketplaces and platforms to win over the competition. You can research the important things about eCommerce marketplace integration in detail and make a well-informed decision to reap benefits from this process.

What Do You Need To Know About eCommerce Marketplace Integration?

A good marketplace integration system is an application programming interface-based eCommerce solution that connects so many online marketplace accounts to a single selling platform.

The best eCommerce marketplace integration is a successful technology that integrates so many eCommerce operations and unifies the overall data from different sources into a single location.

Merchants use this excellent tool to syndicate their product listings or catalogs to the marketplaces in particular Wal-Mart, Amazon, and eBay.

The best marketplace integration involves developing an application programming interface connection between the system and several marketplaces. You can research important aspects of the eCommerce marketplace integration and make certain how to get so many favorite things.

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What Kind of Functions Does eCommerce Marketplace Integration Provide?

Business people in the eCommerce sector use the eCommerce marketplace integration to sell their products on the third-party marketplaces. They reap so many benefits from the functions of the marketplace integration and make a good decision to develop the business in every possible way.

1. Centralized dashboard with an outline of the website

You can use the advanced eCommerce dashboard with one screen of the entire data. The marketplace integration will give a single dashboard where the users can check inventory numbers, new orders get dispatched of such orders, and make changes to the product.

Merchants use the easy dashboard to evaluate the success of selling campaigns on the marketplaces. You will find records of the best-selling items on the market on the site along with lifetime revenue totals for every consumer and recent order summaries by account.

2. Real-time updates

Marketplace integration establishes very good real-time communication between the overall connected platforms. It successfully ensures that every figure like orders, inventory numbers, and product details get updated on all ends in real-time.

The marketplace integration eliminates the overall possibilities of overselling and underselling. The main challenges faced by multichannel sellers in our time are increasing beyond doubt. The real-time synchronization makes certain that any such wrong happening does not occur by updating every figure on every end in real-time.

3. Automated Crons

A cron is a series of commands or instructions used to inform the server to run a predefined process in the programmed time. You can focus on other essential problems associated with your eCommerce store as this tool eliminates the difficulties of doing the same tasks repeatedly.

You will get the chance of using automated cron jobs for eliminating manual mistakes while integrating with the eCommerce marketplace. You will be happy that data exchange across different systems is accelerated.

For example, you can consider that you receive twenty orders every hour and you have to visit your seller panel every five to ten minutes to find out any new order. You can set up an automatic import of every order from the marketplace into the shop panel on a five-minute basis by using this proper connection.

Your eCommerce business can get the complete orders received from the marketplaces and you would not have to lift a finger. You can use the option to schedule a certain function to be done after a given length of time.

4. Management and upload of products in bulk

You may upload and manage items in bulk on your shop and other third-party marketplaces as part of the eCommerce marketplace integration. You can use this system and get remarkable benefits. Merchants nowadays have several important things to do further than running an eCommerce store. They can upload tens of thousands of goods from their eCommerce stores to the third-party marketplaces with just a single click.

5. Unified orders management

Users of the marketplace integration can manage orders from several markets in one location. This enables them to get rid of challenges in managing orders from several platforms. In addition, they can easily sort out situations like failing to accept and executing received orders in time.

What Benefits Your Online Business Can Get Through eCommerce Marketplace Integration?

All users of the eCommerce marketplace integration nowadays get so many favorite things. They find and use every option to efficiently use this system.

1. Beat the competition

In today’s ever-growing retail market, beating the competition is not an easy thing. Many people worldwide start selling on a marketplace and use every option to beat the competition. They have to keep in mind that numerous websites sell products similar to their products.

They understand the difficulties to stand out among all such eCommerce stores. They have to compete with every website by properly integrating with the marketplace and encouraging the brand name and increasing the business growth.

2. Reach a huge audience

The main purpose of integrating with the marketplace is to catch the attention of a huge audience towards the products. The majority of shoppers nowadays do not prefer small websites to buy products mainly because of the lack of trust.

You have to know and keep in mind that the marketplace is the perfect place to get noticed by the potential customers and also compel them to buy products.

3. Save time and money

Promoting the brand name separately via different marketing processes is not fruitful for you. Though you could get a huge loss of revenue and waste your priceless time for business promoting activities in the beginning, you will get favorable things from integrating the eCommerce store marketplace.

This is because the marketplace integration system provides everything to build a digital storefront and attracts heavy consumer traffic.

4. Improve your SEOs

You have to ensure that your products are placed on the top shelf of the search results to divert the attention of customers towards them. If your product is not visible to the shoppers, then there is no possibility for its sale. The best marketplaces help a lot to maximize brand exposure and search engine optimization strategies.

The first-class product listing on an online marketplace assists you to enhance the search engine optimization results by bringing it to the visibility of users. The most excellent SEO practices of the website turn out in huge sales and also revenues.

5. Ease international sale

Marketplaces let users navigate into the international markets and assist you to maximize cross-border sales. You can use a single platform not only to attract customers in your country but also millions of customers worldwide.

Your sales can be increased and let you be a conventional seller worldwide. As a worldwide third-party seller, you can use every option and boost your sales and business growth.

6. IT Infrastructure already in existence

As a user of the eCommerce marketplace integrating system, you do not require investing in the IT infrastructure. Sellers can take advantage of the best marketplace structure devoid of any hassle. They can make a huge chunk of profits devoid of investing a single penny in technical advancements.

7. Stress-free product shipping as well as delivery management

Marketplace websites own courier services for shipping as well as delivery purposes. You can use the delivery service owned by the marketplace when you are at the starting stage of business. This process lets you save your revenue from delivery services-related investments.

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Top 5 eCommerce Marketplace Integration Tools Your Online Business Needs

Everyone in the competitive eCommerce business sector is eager to explore and use ever-increasing chances for developing their business. They concentrate on marketplace integration which is an important process of successfully developing a connection between the eCommerce applications with the marketplace.

Effective marketplace integration is useful a lot to get access to the data from the eCommerce stores listed on the marketplaces.

The following details give you an overview of some of the most popular and recommended marketplace integration tools.

1. SkuVault

SkuVault is known for its inventory management functions. In general, inventory shortages frustrate almost every customer and potential customer. This situation also deprives sellers of the ability to sell at the maximum capacity.

You require the best-in-class tools to excel in several marketplaces and avoid overstocks as well as sell-outs.

Once you have started using such tools, you can keep an accurate count of current inventory. You can research everything about the first-class inventory management solutions and use the best facilities designed to hone your competitive edge with detailed stock and sales data.

SkuVault includes an array of choices and controls particularly designed to save priceless time and get rid of confusion while locating things. This tool supports its users to make certain accurate inventory levels, perform quality controls, and organize purchase orders.

You can explore everything about real-time multi-channel synchronization, product kitting, interactive wave picking, modern inventory reporting, and other aspects of this marketplace integration tool. You will make certain how to efficiently use this tool and achieve your goal of eCommerce business development.

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a successfully hosted storefront platform designed to give everything a seller requires for building an outstanding eCommerce platform, driving traffic, and converting visitors into regular customers.

Every user of this tool can easily connect their stores to any major marketplace and list their products on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay. All merchants on this platform are happy to experience year-after-year growth of over 25%.

If you wish to become a seller of your products on marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, Jet, or any other marketplace, then you can use the tool designed for marketplace integration. This tool supports its users to get the desired improvement in their online business.

3. Desktop Shipper

Desktop Shipper is recommended for people who wish to get the top eCommerce fulfillment solutions. You can choose and use this tool when you expand your eCommerce business into a new channel that does not provide you with the option for outsourcing fulfillment. You will get so many favorable things from the best method to shipping and rate shopping.

Fulfilling each order takes enough money and time. You require maximum packages to send out when you make maximum sales. Multi-channel sellers have to provide their customers with appropriate delivery options especially when their consumers demand quick and cheap deliveries and they get fierce competition from businesses offering same-day turnaround.

As an eCommerce business owner with desires to enhance your expertise in shipping and rate shopping, you can concentrate on the marketplace integration facilities and make a good decision to use this tool.

Real-time rate shopping is helpful a lot to remove the guesswork from selecting the cheap and quick carrier and service. It assists you with the power to accurately price shipping and offer customers maximum flexibility during checkout.

This cloud-based affordable tool lets users comparison-shop live between carrier rates for so many shipping companies especially DHL, USPS, and UPS. All users of this tool can pick one of the cheapest choices from the complete carriers and automate time-consuming shipping research.

4. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting solution providers for eCommerce businesses worldwide. You can explore important aspects of this popular accounting system and make certain how users of this tool reap benefits from the scalability, flexibility, user-friendly nature, and affordability.

QuickBooks is a good option regardless of your business’s size and your proficiency level in accounting. All users of the QuickBook Desktop and QuickBook Online are happy to easily connect accounts and successfully synchronize sales.

5. SellerActive

SellerActive is the total multi-channel control tool. Every user of this renowned marketplace integration system is happy to enhance their business and use every option to succeed in the competitive business sector.

You can explore this tool’s repricing and channel management facilities and make certain how such things synchronize with your inventory, shipping, storefront, and bookkeeping software. You can retain complete operational control of the eCommerce sales regardless of where you do business.


All new and existing users of the effective marketplace integration system get excellent benefits and ensure an outstanding improvement in their eCommerce business. They are willing to explore and keep up-to-date with the eCommerce marketplace integration facilities.

You can prefer and invest in one of the most suitable eCommerce marketplace integration systems to get an array of favorable things. Finding and using one of the best marketplace integrations is very important to boost positive aspects of everything from order management to fulfillment to accounting.

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