How Do PIM Solution Help eCommerce Business Growth and Increase Sales?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Do PIM Solution Help eCommerce Business Growth and Increase Sales?

For running a successful business increasing your product sales along by boosting your marketing campaigns are essential, eCommerce business is not an exception to it. You can find numerous eCommerce solutions online for boosting your product sales results and marketing activities, however, picking the right one that offers the best eCommerce features according to your business requirements is more important.

This article elaborates how a PIM solution can be your best eCommerce solution online that can help your eCommerce business to run successfully.

PIM for eCommerce

PIM (Product Information Management) is one of the most vital eCommerce tools that can guide your eCommerce business towards success. A PIM is a kind of software that provides you with an environment where you can store all details & information of your products in a logical and efficient structure.

It acts as the single source of truth for your products by providing a centralized database for storing, manipulating, and retrieving information at any time. You can find various eCommerce solutions online providing a similar function to a Product Information Management system; however, opting for PIM software will allow you to store your product data most intuitively.

PIM Solution Features For eCommerce Business

ECommerce has made online shopping much easier for consumers all around the world. The hassle-free shopping experience keeps attracting more people to shop online. Having product information management not only helps you to store and retrieve product information in an organized and structured way, but it also supports digital experience development, hassle-free data across platforms and systems in desired formats.

Apart from that, PIM software has a set of attractive features that eCommerce businesses can’t miss.

1. Integrating & Connecting Multiple Systems

When your eCommerce business experiences growth, you may need to expand your resources and eCommerce solutions to tackle your business potency. Having the right PIM system will allow you to scale your business resource through seamless integration with various eCommerce tools and systems.

In addition, PIM enables both internal and external teams of your business to share accurate and up-to-date product content on time. This enables your team to provide robust services to consumers across various touchpoints, suppliers, store staff, POS systems and so.

2. User-friendly UI & Beyond

Modern consumers are seeking more from the store apart from just providing the products which they look for. Online stores taking innovative steps to match the expectation of modern consumers for digital experience development, PIM provides exactly what online stores looking for.

PIM software comes with an intuitive UI enabling anyone to access the tool at ease. The platform offered by the PIM system allows online store owners to access it fully and take full advantage of it. The simplistic UI of PIM enables users to view all those store product contents and catalogs in a concise view.

3. Omni-channel Marketing

Product content or data plays a key role in conducting efficient marketing campaigns. To attract the potential audience in today’s market, marketers need to utilize the power of omnichannel experience and publish their well-optimized data on various channels. PIM software enables marketers to carry out omnichannel publishing easily and drive more consumers.

PIM platform allows marketers to find accurate and up-to-date optimized product content and publish them on various channels. Moreover, PIM helps marketers to follow the guidelines on data publishing on various channels or platforms.

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4. Data Authority

The centralized data repository offered by the PIM platform allows store owners to store product content in a well-structured and organized manner. In addition, it enables data publications on multiple platforms simultaneously.

PIM gets rid of all those hassles involved while handling bulk data content, especially those data mapping and handling data modules of a huge set of products. The automated process of handling product data modules makes things easier for store owners on data enrichments and creating firm deals over their extensive collection of products.

5. Quality Product Data

There is no need to explain the importance of product data being quality; having quality product data increases product sales. The quality of the product data gets affected mainly because of having misinformation or inadequate product information, having a PIM system will eliminate all those hassles.

PIM software helps to enhance the product information along with product attributes. In addition, it allows you to carry out a run of precious data quality checks periodically this ensures you have quality product content.

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How PIM Solution Can Be Beneficial For eCommerce Business?

PIM delivers a wide range of benefits for marketers, online retailers, and so on. Without any doubt, you can simply say as the PIM software is the best eCommerce solution online you can find for your eCommerce business. Thus, considering PIM for eCommerce, you can gain a competitive edge and ensure remarkable business success.

Here are the lists of a few vital benefits offered by PIM solutions that can create a positive impact on your product sales.

1. Single Source of Truth (SSoT) For Your Product Data

Product content may come from various departments and it will be a daunting task for teams to collect those from various systems. This is where the PIM system plays a significant role, it simply collects product data together and stores it in a centralized database, which can easily be accessed by anyone at any time.

In simple words, a PIM system acts as a single source of truth (SSoT) where teams can collect accurate and up-to-date product content from the single location provided by the PIM platform. Any corrections or updates done on the data storage of PIM will reflect immediately across all sales channels.

2. Reach Your Products To Market Much Faster

Launching a new product will not be an easy task to carry, especially for the marketing team because of the lack of quality product content to post on various sales channels. This causes a delay of the new product to reach the market in most cases.

In addition, the PIM system integrates with the ERP system and speeds up the process of product content distribution across multiple channels. Seamless integration with other systems, allows team members to share product contents and product assets easily.

Finally, the automated workflow offered by the PIM system enables team members to launch the new products in sales channels much faster.

3. Maintains Product Data Quality Consistently

Having improper or incomplete product data or content will cause sales loss and product return; this will affect your eCommerce business profits. More importantly, incorrect product content will give a negative reputation to your business.

Having a PIM system will eliminate all those risks by providing product data quality consistently. In general, the PIM system allows you to ingest, add and review product data from any of the connected systems.

Also, any changes that you made to your product content in the PIM platform will reflect in all the connected systems immediately.

4. Helps To Create Effective Marketing Strategies

Without any second thoughts, anyone can say that good product content will help marketers to create effective marketing campaigns that will drive more potential buyers towards business. In addition, the PIM platform assists store managers to have digital experience development and drives more potential consumers to purchase products from the store.

Since PIM delivers quality and consistent product content across multiple channels and consumers’ touchpoints, it will help you to get a unified consumer experience across touchpoints.

Apart from those lists of high benefits offered by the PIM platform, the PIM solution enriches product information and handles promptly & efficiently. At the same time, you need to make sure you have imported all data from all their eCommerce tools like ERP, DAM, and so for better usage of data using PIM.

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Best PIM Practices to Follow for eCommerce Success

PIM solution is a perfect and multi-channel eCommerce solution for online businesses; it collects and manages all product data in a single or cloud-based platform. The ultimate goal of the PIM solution is to streamline data production, data syndication, and data enrichment through automation. By doing so, PIM eliminates time delay and allows workers to focus on productivity.

The single source of information provided by the PIM solution will improve teamwork efficiency and deliver digital experience development that will lead to creating a consistent customer experience. Here are the lists of practices you can follow to avail full benefits of the PIM solution.

1. Integrating ERP & Sales Channels

To have consistent and quality product information across multiple sales channels, you need to integrate your ERP system and sales channels with the PIM platform. This will help your team members and also help to build a strong customer experience for your eCommerce business.

Moreover, with the integration of your ERP system, Sales channels with the PIM platform, you are able to update product information in all those systems in real-time.

2. Create and Optimize Your Product Life Cycles

Having unique product life cycles will allow you to prepare your team members for creating customized product content according to the sales channels requirement, and product category. This operation will be very handy while launching new products on a tight deadline.

PIM solution provides you with the ability to view all those content readiness throughout the product life cycles. This enables you to customize the product content according to the sales channels’ needed formats. Moreover, a PIM validation check ensures product contents are quality enough before being published on channels.

3. Access Rights Based on User’s Role

PIM solution makes content collaboration much easier than before, at the same time, maintaining content quality is not going to be easy since it allows users to do a content update from any integrated system at any time. Once content gets corrupted, it will affect product sales.

To get rid of this hassle, the PIM solution enables store owners to set access rights to the users based on the role. Also, provides tracking features by using which owners or managers can track who edited the content and when along with the option or rolling back to the previous version.

4. Improve Customer Experience through Content Enrichment

PIM solution gives you a centralized repository or cloud-based platform for storing and manipulating your product contents & assets. Using the PIM platform you are able to enrich your product’s digital asset by making it a 360-degree view, Gifs, PDFs, and so on. This set of data enrichments will help you to gain more customer experience from your shoppers.

5. Product Localization

Product localization is the key to your eCommerce business expansion. It allows you to sell your products according to the needs of local markets. To get the attention of the overseas consumers, you need to provide product content according to their regions, cultures, and in their local language.

PIM system enables you to localize your product data and deliver the content across sales channels according to the target region. By doing so, the local audience will gain trust over your brand and improve brand experience along with providing customer satisfaction among the local buyers.

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Picking Right PIM Solution for eCommerce

With the right PIM solution, you can able to have strong digital experience development for your eCommerce business. Often online stores fail to pick the right PIM solution for their business and struggle a lot to gain full benefits of PIM.

Here are the sets of instructions to follow to pick the right PIM solution for your eCommerce business

  • First of all, you need to be very clear on what your business requirements
  • Secondly, give prioritize to the features and functions which are essential for your eCommerce growth
  • Before finalizing the PIM software make sure you do proper evaluation by hiring experts and seek advice from them on whether the software will suit better for your eCommerce requirement.
  • Finally, have a proper implementation plan and give proper training to your staff & team members before allowing them to handle the PIM platform.

Bottom Line

Though you may use numerous online eCommerce tools and software to boost your online business sales and marketing tactics, the PIM solution stands tall against all of them. Apart from managing product information systematically, the PIM solution delivers various benefits to the eCommerce businesses by providing enough protection for data from getting scattered.

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