Master Data Management Solution: Take It to New Heights

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Master Data Management Solution: It’s Time to Take It to New Heights

In recent years, the necessity of  a Master Data Management Solution among businesses has arisen a lot. Master Data Management (MDM) improves the consistency of delivering quality master data to gain a competitive edge in today’s market.

To overcome modern-day challenges, companies’ particularly global enterprises prefer the master data management solution. This elaborates more about MDM solutions and how MDM can be taken to new heights in detail.

What Is A Master Data Management Solution?

Master Data Management Solution is about managing the enterprise’s master data and making sure the quality of master data is maintained above the par level. The MDM solution offers a unified set of operations/services that provide accurate, high-quality, up-to-date, consistent, and complete master data across the enterprise.

MDM solution has the capability of creating and maintaining master data. Depending upon the technology being used, Master Data Management can able to maintain the master data of a single domain or multiple domains.

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Why Do You Need A Master Data Management Solution?

Master Data Management Solution enables businesses to deliver highly optimized master data to all the relevant processes linked with the business process chain. In addition to that, MDM solution offers a wide range of benefits to businesses, take a look.

Decreased Workload

MDM solution offers a centralized data storage system by using which almost all departments of a business will access the accurate data at any time. This eliminates the work of each department to collect and store the data separately.

Moreover, collecting data by each department will lead to data duplicity or inaccurate data that can be avoided by MDM software. Also, the workload of the employees is reduced dramatically as MDM collects and stores the master data once in a centralized data repository and enables a clear data governance process.

Improved Data Quality

Data quality is a big concern for an organization when they follow unstructured or decentralized data management tactics. As every department maintains its own data source in unstructured data management, data-oriented problems will rise inevitably.

However, the Master Data Management solution offers a single source of truth for data which eliminates the risk of data problems across departments and increases the data accuracy.

Better Data Governance & Data Compliance

The MDM solution offers a centralized database for storing and managing all master data which allows companies & businesses to easily manage the data.

Also, centralized data management enables companies to comply with the data rules and regulations set by the governments easily. The structured data management of the MDM solution maintains clear documents for every data thus ensuring its quality.

Reduced Time-to-market

The centralized data repository provided by MDM solution empowers businesses and companies to utilize the master data quickly when new applications or systems are launched.

This reduces a significant amount of time by connecting the primary master data directly via the MDM solution. Because of that, the time-to-market reduces and new products are accelerated instantly and sustainably.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

The MDM solution act as an excellent single source of truth of data that supports business processes significantly. Moreover, the MDM system offers easy access to high-quality master data for all applications and employees of an organization.

This allows employees to gain a vast knowledge of the master data in a quick time and it drives them to increase the business process efficiency.

Easy Decision-making Ability

The holistic and comprehensive view of the master data provided by the MDM solution helps an organization or company to improve data efficiency across the departments.

Because of that, the decision-making ability of the executives and senior management officials improves significantly. In addition, all other employees of the organization or company will be informed about the face-based decisions taken by the higher officials.

Bring Automation

When an organization deal with a large volume of data maintaining and managing them manually would be a hectic and daunting task. Also, it will lead to data errors and drags the business performance backward.

However, the MDM solution offers a centralized data storage and automated process for data collecting and managing. This eliminates the risk of getting manual data entry errors. Also, the centralized system for data management provided by MDM empowers companies with better data governance.

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How Does A Master Data Management Solution Lead Your Business to the Success?

The ability of the Master Data Management Solution to overcome the challenges faced by modern businesses due to manual data management has raised its popularity. Also, the data redundancy, data error, and data discrepancies of your company’s master data will be eliminated with this MDM solution.

In addition, the MDM solution enables an organization or company to have deeper insights into the interactions held between the officials and the customers. This enables business leaders to understand more about what their customers are looking for and to provide custom-tailored services accordingly.

Here are the listed key benefits an organization or company can leverage from the MDM solution.

  • The MDM solution gives the option of centralizing or decentralizing the data management process to the business leaders or administrators. This means they can either manage their business or product data by assigning them to a single user or they can award the data management process to multiple entities.
  • The configuration of MDM is very simple and doesn’t require any coding. Also, the entire process can be done rapidly in the most user-friendly environment.
  • Apart from configuration, handling MDM software is also easy. The key person assigned to manage MDM operations can do it effortlessly. The handling operation of MDM software doesn’t require any IT professional’s help.
  • With the MDM solution, only data managers are provided with the authority to approve or reject the data. This ensures the maintenance of high data quality in the centralized data storage provided by MDM.
  • Moreover, the MDM solution offers a completely transparent and accountable data management process which adds more value to your company’s assets and gains customers’ trust.

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Key Features of A Master Data Management Solution

Evaluation of MDM software is done based on its features and functionality. Also, how the elements of the MDM solution benefit your organization as a collective force.

Those who are looking to invest in an MDM solution need to be aware of these upcoming features and capabilities and ensure the chosen MDM has them. This section describes the key features and capabilities of MDM in brief; take a look.

Matching & Linking Master Data

The matching and linking features of the Master Data Management solution use specific algorithms to detect data duplication automatically and quickly. Also, it helps business entities eliminate duplicate entries of data and ensure data accuracy is above par. With these features, business leaders can get better customer insight.

Business Rules for Master Data

Applying conditions and actions over the master data is one of the prime features of the Master Data Management Solution. Generally, conditions and actions are introduced through business rules. And those rules are meant to be shared across various use cases, including data importing and data approval processes.

MDM solutions should support applying business rules, which will enable business leaders to create, manage, and enrich enterprise-wide data with better data governance policies.

Data Localization

Data localization becomes mandatory for businesses looking to expand their business activities to various geographical origins. The Master Data Management solution enables businesses to standardize their product data according to their business location.

Data localization becomes possible through integrations, data quality tools, and referring to various parameters like data relationships, relevant documents, and so on.

Data Privacy & Security

An MDM solution should empower an organization to encrypt data attributes with business-defined cryptographic keys. This ensures business data is safe from vulnerabilities.

Also, it prompts people who have passwords to be able to view the product attribute values at any time and from anywhere.

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is the process of enhancing the quality of the data. In an organization, data are consolidated from various sources. All that data should be cleansed and streamlined to get a more accurate and insightful view of customers or products.

Apart from that, enriched data from a Master Data Management solution helps business leaders analyze trends and predict the pattern to follow for reducing risk factors.

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Need for Master Data Management in Cloud

Cloud computing is no longer new to the business world. For the past few years, companies and businesses across different sectors have experienced enormous business benefits because of cloud technology.

Cloud computing has a significant positive impact on business by enhancing its growth, operational efficiency, agility, and cost reduction. This triggers many CIOs to prefer cloud technologies for their business operations and to keep cloud computing as the main aspect of their IT strategy.

The impact of cloud computing on business has turned business architects and data management leaders towards implementing cloud technology in master data management. The implementation of the cloud in MDM delivers significant benefits, starting from delivering optimized operational data to driving superior business outcomes quickly.

Here are a few notable aspects that business architects and data management leaders can achieve by implementing cloud technology in their MDM solutions.

  • Cloud MDM offers flexible subscriptions and delivers indisputable up-front costs for on-premise MDM services.
  • A cloud-based MDM service supports seamless integrations that allow businesses to easily scale up or down storage capabilities.
  • Security risks will be kept to a minimum while introducing cloud technology for MDM services.

Moreover, cloud-based MDM would be one of those innovative approaches that will keep your business ahead in today’s highly competitive market. And data governance and compliance will become much easier with cloud MDM.

Finally, having a comprehensive cloud-based MDM solution will allow all its users to make efficient use of the master data and utilize its full capabilities for generating positive business impact.

How to Evaluate Whether Your Business Requires a Cloud Master Data Management Solution?

Experts suggest evaluating the business’s current state before starting the MDM journey in the cloud. Also, you should be ready to ask a few critical questions regarding the usage of Master Data Management software so that vendors have a clear mindset on what platform will work best.

Here are the lists of a few considerations you need to analyze before stepping into cloud-based MDM premises.

  • Whether your business has any on-premise Master Data Management solution.
  • Are you looking to migrate or rebuild your existing on-premise MDM solution using cloud technology?
  • What are the capabilities you are looking for in an MDM solution if you are looking for something new?
  • Do you have clear details about your business infrastructure?
  • What would be the goals of your business in the future?
  • What scalability feature are you looking for in MDM software?
  • What kind of security features are you looking for in MDM software?
  • Whether your business is struggling due to a large volume of data?
  • Are you sure all of your business users can adopt the new software easily?

Once you have gone through those above-listed questions, you can easily have a holistic understanding of your business needs and when to take immediate action to put goals on cards.

Taking the Master Data Management Solution to New Heights

To keep up with industry standards and to meet the demands of modern buyers, companies around the world prefer their Master Data Management Solution and their tech infrastructure to be moved to the cloud.

With the MDM solution, it would be easier for business leaders or administrators to switch cloud services. This will provide a new height for your MDM solution.

This section briefs you about the benefits an organization can reap by switching its MDM solution to the cloud.

Reduction In Time on Data Management

If you are opting for a cloud-based MDM solution, you don’t have to worry about installing, managing, or updating the MDM software by placing a separate staff. Instead, you can utilize more manpower for your up-scaling business operations.

Cloud-based MDM helps business leaders focus on business expansion while reducing time and cost factors associated with data management.

Improve Scalability & Integrations

With the power of cloud computing, you can easily up or downscale your business tech infrastructure according to your business demand.

Also, a cloud premise allows business leaders to adjust their business operations according to the requirements. In addition to that, cloud computing empowers businesses to take their business operations to the next level through seamless integrations.

Pay For What You Use

One of the biggest advantages of using a cloud-based MDM solution is that it enables businesses to pay for or select the appropriate packages based on their business requirements.

By doing so, the cost barriers to availing of a typical license-based MDM solution can be reduced significantly.

Easy to Collaborate

With the cloud-based MDM solution, you can minimize the roadblocks that normal software can face during business expansion. Also, MDM on cloud premises easily fits with the existing market puzzles by increasing its capabilities according to the conditions.

The cloud unleashes its power of collaborations across the enterprise to integrate the data in a single place and enable better governance.

Potential Challenges of Moving Master Data Management Solution into the Cloud

In today’s market conditions, moving your MDM journey to the cloud becomes inevitable. A cloud-based MDM solution will provide the essentials for your business to stay competitive.

At the same time, implementing cloud-based MDM or switching an existing Master Data Management solution to the cloud is never going to be easy. As an enterprise owner, you need to face a few challenges.

This section briefs you on the common challenges your business may face when moving its MDM solution to the cloud.

Migration Problems in Master Data Management Solution

Migrating your existing MDM solution from one vendor to another would be costly and time-consuming. Moreover, the cloud infrastructure of a vendor is subject to change from time to time.

So, it is essential for you and your team to fully understand cloud software and its operational efficiency.

No Access to Existing Old MDM Data

Introducing and implementing a new cloud-based Master Data Management solution would be easier and simpler. However, if you are about to introduce a new MDM solution in the cloud, you need to be aware of the fact that accessing your existing MDM data will not be possible on the new cloud MDM.

Requires Proper Governance of Government Regulations & Restrictions

Governments across the globe have different sets of rules and regulations when it comes to handling user data. Since cloud computing can be accessed from anywhere, you should keep an eye on the local government’s rules and regulations. This would be a daunting task if you were running a global business with a single cloud-based MDM solution.


It is not to say that implementing a cloud-based Master Data Management solution or switching your existing MDM solution to the cloud is a challenge-free operation.

However, companies and businesses that are dealing with large volumes of data must invest in cloud-based MDM solutions to avail transparent and accountable data management services. MDM on cloud premises gives new heights to the organization in handling data efficiently.

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