The (Ultimate Guide) of Full Stack Development to Build Web & Mobile Apps

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By: Manish Shewaramani

The (Ultimate Guide) of Full Stack Development to Build Web & Mobile Apps

Gone are the days when you need to hire separate experts for your web or mobile app design and development. With each passing day, the tech industry evolves tremendously and many new technologies, concepts, and trends enter in the market. One of the buzzing concepts is Full Stack Development. If you search on Google, you will find full stack developers are highly demanded professionals.

While top tech organizations are hiring full stack developers, there is a certain set of people who feel hesitant to adopt this emerging concept. This is very obvious because it is relatively a new concept and people do not have a complete understanding of it that raises many doubts and questions regarding the successful implementation of it. Let’s start with understanding the concept, architecture, and technologies of full stack development.

What is Full Stack Development?

It covers different frontend, backend, and database technologies under a single roof. Rather than hiring for separate technology skills for your project, full stack development provides “all-in-one” solution. You can get access to all the technologies by hiring one developer as he/she has the expertise to work with varied web and mobile tech stack. Basically, full stack developers are “all-rounders”.

Full Stack Development Architecture

To understand full stack development as a whole, first, you need to get insights about the basics of the concept. Full stack architecture is divided into three different layers.


Presentation Layer

It’s a user-facing layer where users interact with your application. It contains a set of frontend technologies that help in developing UI/UX and frontend functionalities.

Business Logic Layer

It is a backend layer that is responsible for dynamic content processing and data validation.

Database Layer

Store, manage and process your application data in the database layer through APIs.

Full Stack Development Technologies

Full stack is a bunch of varied technologies that are used in mobile or web application development. When you are going to select a full stack development company for your project, make sure they have proven expertise to work with below-mentioned technology stack and experience to serve the diversified industry domains.

Frontend Technologies:

Frontend contains a set of technologies that allow full stack programmers to build the user interface of websites and applications. Create design, structure, and functionalities that users visually experience on the screens while using your website, web application and mobile app.

React JS

The open source JavaScript library creates amazing user interfaces. It is used for handling the presentation layer of your mobile or web applications The technology is also popular for delivering high-performance client-side and server-side rendering.


It is a client-side technology, developed and maintained by Google. AngularJS embraces CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to develop web & browser-based applications and mobile apps. The framework allows for creating highly dynamic applications with greater flexibility.


HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, allows for creating a structure for your website and application content such as headings, images, paragraphs, navigation, etc. While CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet that allows developers to define the appearance of content through font size, style, colors, and more.


It is a frontend framework that allows to build dynamic websites and applications in a fast and easy way. Bootstrap allows to create HTML and CSS based design templates that involve typography, buttons, forms, navigations, and other components of the user interface. It offers commonly used CSS functionalities and saves the coding efforts of the full stack developers.


JavaScript is the most popular client-side scripting language that performs quick actions on the client side itself without waiting for a response from the server side. It improves efficiency and user experience of your applications and websites.  

Backend Technologies:

It’s a set of technologies that make the servers, applications, and database communicate with each other to generate accurate output. An experienced full stack development company builds a robust backend that manages your system workflow seamlessly.


It is an open source programming language that allows to develop user-friendly and enterprise-grade websites or applications for small to large scale organizations.


NodeJS is an open source cross-browser environment, built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. It helps full stack programmers to build highly scalable and robust network applications faster than ever.


Express.js is an open source framework that comes with a set of tools, features, packages, and plugins. Combination of Express.js and Node.js creates APIs for hybrid web and mobile apps regardless of single and multiple pages.  


Python is a highly dynamic programming language that easily interacts with other languages. Develop large scale and highly customized web applications as Python offers next level extensibility, scalability, special library, and easily readable syntax.


Laravel is a PHP based framework and has the highest security standards for data and users. It limits unauthorized users from accessing any important information about the business.

Mobile Technologies:

Full stack development involves mobile app development as well. Along with the above-mentioned frontend and backend technologies, the full stack developers excel in working with a wide range of mobile technologies.

React Native

React Native creates compelling mobile applications using JavaScript. It speeds up mobile app development process and delivers a native-like user experience to the target audience.

Swift & Objective C

These are programming languages that have a set of APIs and Frameworks. These languages can be used to write code for Apple’s products such as iOS, MacOs, WatchOS, tvOS, LINUX (Swift based) operating system.

Java & Kotlin

Develop mobile apps with extreme JAVA compatibility and writing less code using JAVA/Kotlin, a  statically-typed programming language. It allows to compile the JavaScript Source code while having the readable source code.


It is a cross-platform technology that allows to create mobile app code once and integrates the application on all the leading mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and more. Xamarin is the prime choice of full stack developers when it comes to mobile app development as the technology minimizes the development time,  saves money and reduces the efforts of coding.


Cordova is an open source framework for mobile application development developed by Apache. It is used to create cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.


Database technologies store, organize and process the data in an easy and accurate way so that users will find the required and relevant information quickly.


MySQL is an open source and free Database Management System. You can easily manage your database by integrating MySQL in any software. It is a highly scalable, reliable and robust database system that provides high performance, on-demand data scalability, workflow control, and data security. It is highly preferred for small and mid-sized application development.


It is a free, open-source and distributed database having sharding and scaling features. The core strength of MongoDB is, it allows enterprises to customize and maintain database development to a large extent.


Leverage endless opportunities by adopting PostgreSQL, the most advanced database. It is an open source database and widely used in the development of large scale applications or websites.


DynamoDB is a highly flexible database that allows users to change the database structure quickly and run various queries against it.

Cloud Platforms:

Store and manage your data on your hosted server via an internet connection. It allows businesses to manage their digital assets such as documents, images, file,musics, videos remotely without taking up any physical space in your computer or laptop. Also, it allows you to access your data at any time.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the most powerful cloud services platform that offers a set of database storage, computing power, deployment tools, and content delivery solutions. These cloud services increase the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of application at lowering IT costs.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

It’s a public cloud computing that offers a wide range of hosted services for application development and storage. Google cloud services can be used by enterprise IT professionals, developers, and cloud admins by establishing a dedicated network connection.

Microsoft Azure

Host your application on Microsoft Azure that allows users to customize the cloud as per their tailored requirements and helps in enhancing the business agility.  

Version Control System & Debugging:

The version control system allows full stack developers to record the changes in a file or a set of files ongoing basis that helps them to recall a specific version as and when required.


It is a centralized version control system that stores the history of versions on a central server.


GIT is a widely adopted version control system that maintains the integrity of source code and ensures the authentic history of it. It is a highly robust, reliable and trusted platform by full stack programmers.   


It is a PHP extension that allows for debugging and profiling capabilities.

Credencys – A Leading Full Stack Development Company:

Credencys has a team of 30+ experienced full stack developers who build robust web and mobile application for different industry domains. They have a profound knowledge base of all the different frontend, backend, database, cloud, and mobile technologies to deliver result oriented business solutions. Our skilled full stack programmers have proven experience of developing custom applications to address the tailored needs and specific challenges of the businesses.

Leverage our end-to-end full stack development services to build your next web or mobile solution. Hire full stack developers from Credencys to ensure quality development and on-time project delivery.

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