Will Apple Watch Apps Development Be A New Gold Rush?

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Wearable Technology
By: Manish Shewaramani

Will Apple Watch App Development Be A New Gold Rush?

The novel products of Apple have taken the tech world by storm.

It’s really phenomenal!

Presently, keeping pace with advanced technology, Apple is dominating the wearable market and taking hold of its fan base with new offering that’s Apple watch.

The new wearable has grabbed the attention of masses quickly, but it’s uncertain that Apple watch applications will also deliver the similar seamless experience and make the users take interest in.

Scratching your head, why?

Designing killer apps for the Apple Watch is a bit tricky.

With limited space on watch, building unique apps with intuitive UI and WatchKit restriction makes the developers fight with tooth and nails.

In global Apple watch app development hackathon, technical experts find it extremely taxing and arduous to craft apps that perfectly suits what customer needs.

A veritable rush among the developers is going across the globe, but there are caveats.

Here are the bizarre challenges that skilled engineers may face in crafting beautiful apps for Apple watch.

Caveat #1: Watch Apps have to be Simple by nature. This is, paradoxically complex.

The budding apple watch app developer will have their work cut out for them because with an Apple Watch, the small screen size and general simplicity of the device mean that minimalism will be key when it comes to user interface and front-end functionality.

This is a big difference that developers will need to get used to – the screens on our smartphones have gradually gotten bigger, meaning more buttons and features could be added to every app. People will expect that functionality to remain. They will want their app to still be intuitive, however.

Caveat #2: Users Will Have a Learning Curve Steeper Than Before.

This is something that developers need to be aware of. Most people who are developing for apps now weren’t developing when the first smartphones came out – and so never experienced a customer base who expects the Earth of their luxury product yet has no idea of how to work it.

With the Apple Watch, people will expect it to work exactly like an iPhone, and when it doesn’t, expect to face a gauntlet of criticism and customer support.

Caveat #3: Wearable tech… Think about the market- what will they wear?

One of the glorious things about App development is that all kinds of niches have been filled – from doctor’s devices to financial calculators. When you are thinking of starting your iWatch app Development Company, think hard about what people are actually going to want from a wearable tech device.

Chances are they’ll be wearing wearable tech for a reason – on the go, moving around, etc. Chances are you’re not going to be developing heavy statistical programs which will require sitting at a PC to digest.

Caveat #4: Apple is not Open Source.

This is both a great advantage for Apple and the bane of their development. Firstly, if you want to hire apple watch app developers, then you’re paying a premium. If you’re developing yourself, then realize that you are not going to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants when it comes to code.

The lack of open source community hurts Apple development because everything needs to be started from scratch every time.

Caveat #5: Apple Price means that a lot of app buyers are not the target market.

The Apple Watch is not a cheap device. If you’re looking to profit in a similar way to the gold rush of iPhone and Android it’s going to be a little different a process than looking to hire apple watch app developers in third world countries, have them write a simple child’s game and then watch millions roll in.

The reason that such apps were successful is that everyone had a phone and so giving the kids something to distract them wasn’t a huge diversion. The Apple Watch will not share the same ubiquitous nature for a long time.


The budding Apple Watch app developer has a veritable treasure trove of potential projects to do. However, careful thought needs to be put into this to ensure that their efforts don’t fall flat. Remember, despite the wild success of Apple in the past, there is no guarantee of future success.

We are entering new and unchartered territory for product development with wearable tech and the Apple Watch with it.

Despite having a lot of challenges involved in the Apple watch app development, our proficient iOS developers have the expertise and extensive experience in engineering Apple watch apps.

So, don’t hang fire and let’s build intuitive Apple watch applications!

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