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Pursuing Flawless iOS Apps

Bugs have become an unavoidable nuisance for App users and iOS App developers alike. The world is so used to bug-fixes and updates that nobody seems to care anymore; however, these imperfections are often also the cause for major data breaches. If you are a business owner, you cannot afford to leave such things to chance. Our iOS App Developers have delivered wow to leading enterprises in retail, logistics, education, healthcare and more. As a top iOS App Development Company we ensure that your iOS application is free from any reported vulnerability.

Helping enterprises create unique and engaging experiences with iOS

Secure Development and Automated Testing

Swift and simple access todata via mobile-optimized APIs

Realtime analytics to power user engagement & measure success

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Credencys has been a real partner in the development and launch of my app. The level of professionalism exceeded my expectations. Not only did they implement all of my ideas but they also improved my app by suggesting additional features. The communication and implementation of the project has been great. We are in the final stage of development and even under pressure they have been a true partner. As I am launching with major corporations everybody is expecting a smooth launch.

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Integrating Siri, iMessage & 3rd party APIs

  • Everyone loves Siri…let your App users talk with her! Siri’s voice and natural language recognition capabilities can now empower your ride booking, messaging, photo search, payments, VoIP, workout, and Climate & Radio based Apps.
  • Make the most of Messages API in iOS 10, to create unique app integrations, allowing users to send text & multimedia messages with your App.
  • You can also add Conferencing, Messaging & Collaboration capabilities of Twilio to your App
  • Streamline shopping experience with shopping APIs from Amazon eCom merce, eBay, Shopzilla, Yelp, PointLoyalty and more…
  • Integrate with DroneKit to develop Apps for Drones
  • Create Apps for IOT with Xively API Integration (Credencys is a Xively Certified Systems Integration partner)

Ensuring Development Best Practices

As part of our continuous improvement and development cycle, all Apps are tested to check incompatibilities, vulnerabilities, memory leaks and crashes.

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Monitoring with Crashlytics

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Automated Testing - Unit Testing with OCUnit, UI Testing with UI Automation

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Manual Testing – The App is tested manually to check if meets the Acceptance Criteria

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