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Establish A Deeper Connection with Your Customers

Expand your business outreach by managing the content for different channels in real-time from an enterprise content management solution. Manage your content across different platforms such as websites, mobile apps, social media, print, and digital signage using a single and intuitive interface. Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time through the right channel and on the right device harnessing the potential of Customer Experience Manager developed by our skilled professionals.

We develop custom content management systems that allow businesses to manage content as well as product information as and when required. Our experienced developers build secure and scalable content management solutions that are easy to deploy, integrate and manage. Leverage flexibility to update and edit the content at the single place and reuse it across different channels.

Deliver Awesomeness to The Customers

Enhance customer experience across different channels by publishing highly effective and interactive content with an enterprise content management solution.

Improved Time-to-Market

Launch new products & update the details of existing items in real-time.

Dynamic Customer Experience

Deliver dynamic experience to customers by showing relevant content at the right time.

Centralized Data Management

Manage all your digital assets and customer information in the content management platform.

We develop custom enterprise management system where organizations can manage their product information, customer data, content, and digital asset.

Enable Customers with Contextual Personalization

Provide highly relevant content to each of your customers using powerful analytics of Customer Experience Manager.

Using Historical Behaviour

Propose the products and services to your customers in which they were interested to buy by embracing customer intelligence.

Using Buying Pattern

Learn about your users profile, demographics, lifestyle, and spending power during their every visits. Offer them the content that matches with their attributes.

Using User Journey

Assist your customers throughout their journey with your brand and help them in making in well-informed buying decisions.

Push your Content on Multiple-channels from a Single Interface

Streamline the cumbersome process of distributing appropriate content on websites, e-commerce portals, mobile applications, social media, and offline channels using Customer Experience Manager. Use the content management platform to provide the right content at the right time at the right touch points.

Enhanced Digital Presence

Deliver consistent customer experience by managing your digital entities and social presence.

Save Time

Save time to write, organize and publish content for different channels offline and online.

Improved Productivity

Marketers can manage different channels and marketing campaigns from customer experience manager.

Deliver omnichannel experiences to your customers using our customer experience manager.

Our Featured Work

Tugboat - Web Application Enhancement

Tugboat had been already using a Pimcore based web application. They wanted to extend the functionality of the app by incorporating Pimcore V5. Credencys extended their existing Pimcore based application with new features for the DAM in the admin panel.

  • Extended DAM module with new functionalities
  • Allowed to select multiple assets and drag & drop them from one folder to another
  • Development of Tag Management, Assets Search, Single Image Copy-paste functionality

Highly Dynamic Website Development for a Supermarket Chain

Credencys has developed a CMS website for the renowned supermarket chain having multiple stores across the USA, using Pimcore technology. It allows clients to update images and content anytime on-the-go, and publish them on the live website in real-time.

  • Developed custom PIM, DAM & CMS
  • Google Map integration to enable users with the routes of stores
  • Developed dynamic backend to manage the information of different departments of the company & recipes

Mobile app to simplify daily operations of the leading supermarket chain from USA

Credencys developed a tablet application that has simplified the registration flow and digitized the check cashing process for the store associates and managers. The app is specifically designed for the SAMSUNG Galaxy tab S4 Portrait view only.

  • Simplified customer registration process
  • Face recognition & real-time SMS
  • Check cashing & digital asset management
  • Customer data platform
  • OFAC integration

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