7 Great Applications of Augmented Reality that are Available in the Real World Today

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Augmented Reality
By: Sagar Sharma

7 Great Applications of Augmented Reality that are Available in the Real World Today

Augmented Reality app development has taken over the world as no other emerging technology could have. The growth of this technology has been exponential. Augmented Reality started to gain popularity in the same year humanity took a giant leap and laid its first footsteps on the moon. Yes, it was 1968 when American computer scientist Ivan Sutherland first introduced Augmented Reality using computer-generated graphics. But, with Pokemon Go; the world’s first super hit AR based game; the technology became a buzzword across the globe and even amongst laypeople.

Soon after the release of Pokémon Go, we found out that this technology is much more capable than just building games or creating camera filters for social media apps. Starting from providing extensive support to maintenance staff in manufacturing plants, AR apps assist surgeons to perform complex surgeries and help students to learn better through visually rich and immersive content. Today, we can see that Augmented Reality development has expanded its canopy to almost every industry and domain.

Here are some of the best applications of Augmented Reality that I have seen in the real world:

Experiential Marketing

Augmented Reality has changed the way companies used to market their products. Networking companies such as Cisco and Pharmaceutical companies such as Lonza went a step further and created AR apps that help their customers understand their new products in an engaging way.

Cisco created an AR app that delivers an immersive experience to their customers while showcasing their latest products. The app showed a 3D animated model of their product displaying relevant product features in an engaging manner.

Lonza created a similar app that would help them boost sales. The app showcased their product with animations showing how the product would operate. They were now able to showcase every aspect and the functions of their product via animation.

Consumer Products Display

Companies like IKEA have enhanced their sales via an AR app that helps their clients improve their purchase decisions. The app helps customers judge whether the product will fit in the room and its decor or not, before making an actual purchase decision.

The app has a list of all their products from which customers have to choose one. Soon after they choose the product, the camera of their smartphones fires up and it scans the room and places the product within the room. The app helps customers visualize a virtual product in real time and space.

Airport Navigation

Gatwick airport in London has leveraged augmented reality technology to navigate passengers throughout the airport. According to the Civil Aviation Authority report 2018, Gatwick is labeled the second busiest airport in all of UK. Using over 2000 beacons across two terminals and an AR map, the app helps customers navigate to the gate they want to reach. The app has also helped the airport authorities to manage traffic flow and reduce chaos. The app won a lot of awards for its creativity.


Augmented Reality Development has disrupted the healthcare space from the inside out. Medical colleges have started using AR technology to teach students about anatomy and even surgery. It has enhanced the learning experience of students to a great extent.

Devices like AccuVein has helped doctors and surgeons to accurately identify a patient’s vein network. It has reduced escalations up to 45%. Surgeons have now been able to plan the entire surgery before performing it. With the help of AR, the average surgery time has reduced whereas the accuracy and success rate has improved.

Virtual Try-ons

Cosmetic companies like Maybelline and Lenskart have been trying to give an in-store experience to their customers while they are sitting on a couch in their homes. They created an app that helps customers try their products, virtually via a smartphone camera. With the help of virtual try-ons, customers can quickly judge that how a particular makeup or a pair of spectacles will look on them.

Rolex is another company which has created a similar app to inspire their customers to make a purchase. It helps customers to visualize the watch on their wrist in 3D.

Augmented Reality For Fun

Children’s toy companies such as Lego and Guide Craft have reinvented the way children used to play with toys.

Guide Craft created an AR app for the product IO Blocks. The app provides an immersive learning experience to children and guides them by providing step by step animated instructions on how to create various shapes and designs.

Lego created an app called AR-Studio using Apple’s ARKit 2. This app takes children into a whole new world by combining real-life Lego block structures with virtual/animated blocks. Children can create their own new worlds using the app and can also play in multi-player modes. It helps foster creativity in children.

Augmented Reality Helmet

Augmented Reality is making an initial foray into the defense market. US Airforce has created a helmet for the pilots of the F-35 fighter jet. This helmet is packed with AR features and costs around $400,000. The helmet’s front glass acts as a display for pilots where they can see real-time footage of various cameras attached to the jet.

The system helps the pilot to detect blind spots by providing them a 360-degree view around the plane. It also helps them to identify potential threats faster by zooming into suspicious objects.


The growth of Augmented Reality app development has been three dimensional. We can see the applications of Augmented Reality in almost every industry today. Although Augmented Reality might not seem real to everyone today, very soon we are going to see its applications everywhere; like mobile apps. Augmented Reality is going to be the ultimate “Reality” in the upcoming years. So immerse yourselves!

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