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Our Capabilities for Fintech Industry


Customer Mobile Enablement

Leverage mobile apps to deliver great digital experience to customers by streamlining various banking and financial processes.

  • Save time and resources by bringing financial processes like KYC check, claim settlement, investment redemption, foreign exchange and more on mobile.

  • Enable secure and faster transactions by using NFC based mobile payment solutions.

  • Boost customer interactions by creating an app where they can set an investment goal and manage their wealth.

Apps for Sales Representative

Empower your sales representatives with a mobile application that helps them in better planning and execution of sales strategies, performance-tracking, and lead management.

  • Optimize the performance of the sales team by leveraging mobile app that can deploy sales strategies, assign tasks to the team and monitor performance.

  • Streamline selling by centralizing digital assets management and information updation.

  • Bring CRM on the palms of your sales force which helps them to monitor customer portfolio on-the-go and provide them better advice instantly.


Smart Support Services

Increase consumer engagement with your brand by leveraging Chatbots and Voicebots to provide customer support instantly.

  • Deliver great customer experience by establishing instant connectivity between customers and the service representative through mobile.

  • Leverage Robo Advisors to advice customers similar to the human advisor.

  • Leverage features like voice assistance and multilingual support for effective marketing about the latest trends, products and offers.

Digital Signage and Kiosks

Leverage integrated communication platform to help banks boost brand awareness, customer experience and loyalty.

  • Improve ROI by using digital signage advertisement for the promotion of banking services and products.

  • Digital Signage helps banks by supporting their internal communications by displaying leaderboards, HR policies, quarterly performance goals, and more.

  • Financial institutions leverage digital signage to increase client engagement by displaying equity portfolio and other financial data.

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