11 Best Digital Experience Platforms to check out for Digital Transformation

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By: Sagar Sharma

11 Best Digital Experience Platforms to check out in 2023 for Digital Transformation

Digital experience platforms have recently emerged so it is important to know what it actually does. Many companies feel like they are not capable of performing and keeping the standard of the company which it should be or as expected. To make a smooth process for the company, the Best Digital Experience Platform comes into the picture.

Why Do You Need a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

Running a business is never going to be easy in today’s heavy competition. Most of the modern age business owners get the natural fear of falling behind their competitors. Being abreast with all the latest and advanced technology is one of the ultimate things that every businessman does.

The Best Digital Experience Platform (DXP) will reap your business to the new high with its excellence. DXP plays a significant role in alerting your business to downward trends and improving your business culture by boosting employee experience along with boosting customer satisfaction.

If you are not willing to leave your business behind, then you should desperately need to invest it. Investing in DXP would be the smart move as it allows you to look forward to your business growth rather than keep concentrating on your business operation.

This software is used to meet the company’s ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. If a company is going through digital transformation, DXP helps them in meeting their goals. Here are the key features of Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that helps enterprise a lot for its growth.

Key Features of Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

  • DXP has the tendency of improving business culture and progress towards positive. And this is done by DXP by easing the communication, strong integration, and also through personalization.
  • Though, you can find several tools for improving business operation. But none of them was specifically designed to tandem the business operation as DXP. The platform simply improves the efficiency of your business operation that plays a key role in gaining an edge over the competitors.
  • The DXP platform with the aid of evolving technology smoothens the business integration process. This plays a vital role in improving the employee experience and customer satisfaction rate tremendously.
  • DXP platform acts as a cost-effective solution for businesses that look to streamline their internal communication.
  • The embracing technology possessed by the DXP platform allows business owners to focus on their business goals by leaving the business operation to the platform.
  • This Digital Experience Platform is specially designed to evolve on its own and help the business to grow its full potential.
  • The DXP has high flexibility that avoids business owners or developers from costly redesigning operations as per their requirements.
  • The efficient digital infrastructure provided by DXP allows developers to find innovative solutions for boosting business operation at a faster pace.
  • DXP manages, creates, and handles content and asset management on a larger scale. DXP provides services for the company, services of digitizes business operations, gives actionable customer insights, and delivers a better customer experience. It continuously makes websites, portals, and applications better. DXP can integrate with existing tools easily to perform efficiently.

Top 11 Best Digital Experience Platforms

In today’s market, you can find numerous brands releasing DXP software. Each one of them has its own features and tendencies. It is essential for the business owners to pick the right DXP platform for their business that suits well for their requirements for experiencing high benefits.

1. Pimcore

It is also one of the best and must look at the platform while talking about DXP. It combines two platforms into a single digital platform for better deliveries- it combines data management and experience management. It can collaborate easily with the existing IT system and makes data transfer flawless, with a flexible and API-driven approach.

It is an open-source DXP and has global existence and connection in many countries. This DXP is available for enterprises, agencies, and for developers at zero license cost. It is the best DXP for developers and marketers. It gives customer-oriented, personalized, and optimized solutions and even offers free trials.

2. Nuxeo Platform

Nuxeo Platform is an open-source platform, data can be stored in an SQL database. It provides a low-code approach in the development of centric applications. It helps in accelerating products into the market, in the decision-making process, and in enhancing the customer experience with its smart built content-centric application. Nuxeo platform is built with an open development model.

Some basic uses of this platform are Document management, content management, knowledge management, and digital asset management. It does not matter how big in size the data or content is, this platform helps organizations in finding that stored data, gives easy and secured access, and helps them in using that information across multi-channels, applications, and business units.

3. Adobe Experience Manager

This platform simply connects digital asset management with the content management system. Through its content management system, it makes sure that your content is consistent and personalized for a particular customer. With its automated tools, it manages and creates your digital experience flawlessly on all channels.

Through its digital asset management system, it helps you in finding, adapting, and delivering assets throughout all channels with its automated smart tools more quickly and with better accuracy. This platform helps in making the communication process faster by connecting forms to communication processes. It also has a feature of cloud service and helps in giving optimal cloud performance.

4. Acquia

Its open DXP offers rapid digital transformation. To grow easily with freedom and without having constraints this platform helps IT and marketing teams in easy-to-use tools, with customer data and contents. For developers, IT, and marketing it is flexible, comprising business capabilities.

Its traditional marketing cloud solution takes care of the execution and activation process. It is the only platform to provide breakdown technology; it collects data from different channels and filters them out, combines them, and provides useful unified data for 360 customer view.

5. Usersnap

This platform is very important in getting feedback; your company could only grow if it knows where it stands. It helps in getting feedback so a business can understand, analyze, process, and can improve their companies by monitoring the feedback, and can know their growth and downs. More than 20,000 companies, including Microsoft and Facebook, have used Usersnap in getting customer feedback.

It has key features of bug tracking, feature requests, and visual design feedback. Despite having key features and maximum benefits a company could incur, it has a minimum starting price which any company can afford easily.

6. Contentstack

With modern CMS, this platform accelerates the delivery of digital assets. It brings business and technology together and delivers a personalized digital experience. It can create unlimited content management for business processes and allows developers to build and edit content. It can integrate with existing tools powerfully to accelerate market growth.

This platform helps in better collaboration between business and technology, gives better control to both parties, and helps in getting a higher return on investment. It is easy to use-maintain and empowers business and with rich visual editing, it helps a business is growing.

7. Centralpoint

Many clients around the globe use this platform and the main reason for that is its self-service interaction with secure and authenticated methods. A rich filtered data can be used by you from anywhere by using Centralpoint as it collects data from multiple sources, filters them, and gives rich data. This data can be searched and used from anywhere whenever needed. It is one of the best DXP available.

Its unique solution of automatic metadata, automatic retention policy, and method of simplification of data that is collected from multiple sources makes it unique and must install the platform. It can be implemented in the premise or in the cloud and can be used for any secure portal solutions.

8. Mura

For better customer feedback and retention, this cloud-based software is very useful for businesses as it gives content to digital brands with its cloud service without any technical turbulence. This platform combines with AWS to give a better digital experience to businesses. It is a flexible yet secure platform for digital experience.

With its technical resources and highly trained employees with extensive training, this platform provides 24/7 support. It does not just collaborate with AWS, but it can collaborate with any private cloud to deliver the best result. It is a simple, understandable platform that can be used by any enterprise.

9. dotCMS

It is one of the best digital experience platforms used by many great companies for a better customer experience. This platform runs on the premise and on cloud service too. It creates, manages, stores, and reuses the content with its advanced features. It has key features of workflows, analytics, multi-channel deployment, content authoring, and many.

The main added advantage of this platform is that it can integrate with third-party applications that you might already be using. With its advanced search engines, you can find your assets and data quickly, more efficiently, and retrieve documents too. This platform understands the importance of the content with the highest level of NoCode.

10. Censhare

This platform collects and makes data/content centralized in one platform so that it can be used for marketing on any channel, in any language. Give customers a unique experience helps businesses to focus on their core activities and not spend precious time managing and searching content. The complexity of sharing data is demolished with its global sharing data through central management where content is stored.

With powerful data management and search filters, you can find your content easily and can manage or create your content with fewer efforts and more efficiently. With its personalized content, product information, and digital assets available across multi-channels in different regions and different languages, it is trusted by many renowned brands.

11. Rigor

To get valuable insights into user experience, this platform is very useful. It prevents the problems that your users may experience while using your web. It detects issues affecting your web performance and cloud services. Through visualization and root-cause analysis, it takes immediate action in fixing that particular problem. It collects data from various portals to give better business transactions, third-party tags, and performance budgets.

It turns data into action and helps businesses in using it to get web optimization. It can easily integrate with your sites. With root-cause analysis, it can detect issues faster and quickly resolve them before it could create a problem for you or for your customers. With its ability to detect a problem in web performance, this platform gives you an edge over your competitors. When detection of the issue is done quickly you can lead in the market.

Tips to Choose Right DXP For Your Business

  • Firstly, run a proper analysis of your business and make sure what kind of technology stack you may need for its growth.
  • Now, check with points for what purpose you are in need of a digital experience platform. And sort down the DXP that suits your requirements.
  • Before finalizing, measure the vendor’s integrity and your business goals.
  • Finally, always think in terms of user journey especially on how they interact with your business.

Bottom Line

Thus, these are the top 11 Digital experience platforms to help you in better customer experience, and in keeping customer loyalties. For faster digital experience and for digital transformation using one of the above platforms is necessary. For faster working of the cloud without any restrictions to the usage of any of the above platforms is necessary. For the collection of data, management, and flexibility DXP is important to get the right content with a better customer experience.

All the platforms mentioned above are useful and are mostly used by branded companies globally. The selection of a particular platform completely depends on the nature and need of your business type. To stay ahead in the competition of this digital world, it is absolutely necessary to use any of the platforms, as all are the best digital experience platform.

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