Pimcore DXP for Marketeers - The Ultimate Guide

Do I Need a PIM?

By: Sagar Sharma

Pimcore DXP for Marketeers - The Ultimate Guide

Delivering a personalized experience has become important in the modern era. If you are connecting all the important touchpoints like websites, social media, email, and IoT devices, marketeers can deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.

To tackle issues related to digital disappointment and meeting the needs of a business, Pimcore comes in handy. It is an open-source digital platform that works for businesses to centralize their data. Access to all the data in one place ensures businesses with effective usability, a comfortable working experience, and a better flow.

Pimcore consists of multiple frameworks within it that allow businesses to accelerate digital transformation by managing the data centrally. The same goes for the experience management module and provides a better workflow during the use. Having the right blend of data and experience management tools at one place increases productivity and it helps to boost performance also.

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  • What Pimcore provides to business users?
  • How It Boosts Business Growth?
  • How to Identify DXP [Comparison Table]
  • The main difference between a CMS & a DXP!!!
  • How DXP offers a complete overview of the customer data?
  • Important Marketing and Advertising campaigns

What Pimcore provides to business users?

Pimcore offers a range of advantages to your business which will lead to better workflow for sure. Pimcore DXP for marketeers provides varied advantages as follow –


No doubt that the new generation of leaders can upgrade their knowledge base any time and be updated with innovative technology to keep ahead in the competition. In this hyper-competitive market, expanding in the competitive landscape seems like a typical task. But, Pimcore helps with innovation by enhancing the digital experience.

In other words, it will give you a significant boost from the other competitors trying for the same product.


A technology that will help with the loading speed of web pages and provides smooth operation will lead to better usability. It will help to create better opportunities and there will be lots of possibilities in the future so that you won’t have to tackle poor buffering of the database.

Fast speed leads to better productivity and a significant increase in sales. Pimcore keeps you updated with the upcoming trends and helps you go faster in the eCommerce field.


Being able to scale when your business begins for a better ambition seems hitherto daunting unless you opt for a powerful DXP (Digital Experience Platform). You can scale the organization with the use of Pimcore and it provides you a dedicated space for great ease during use.

It will open many doors for a new business to expand in a better manner.


In the Content Management System Market, Pimcore is awarded for the best solution to manage content. If you use Pimcore DXP, you will get great leadership from the competitors in the upcoming days. Having strategic product placement and being able to edit the description, and other essential data with few clicks provides higher convenience during the use.

How Pimcore DXP Boosts Business Growth?

As most of the Marketeers benefit from Pimcore DXP and they are relying on it for a significant boost in sales. If you own a small or mid-scale business then using Pimcore DXP will provide you a range of benefits. You might be wondering how it can boost business and provide significant growth?

Let’s learn in easy steps –

  • Pimcore DXP is an open-source platform so it is going to be free to use and easy to maintain at the same time.
  • DXP focuses on the digital experience of customers and providing a better UI for great support to the customers.
  • It helps to bridge the content and commerce section of your website efficiently for the best and convenient approach.
  • You get smart automation with this flexible and single-source publishing engine that allows smooth operation.
  • It helps with the delivery processes of the content management part so that you can reduce troubles related to information mismatches or bugs.
  • Creating an engaging and personalized digital experience seems easy with DXP because you get all the essential details for effective marketing.
  • You can easily create a better marketing campaign along with easier management of content in a small budget.
  • Designed with 100% interoperability which integrates and consolidates data for several purposes.
  • You can easily merge enterprise Web Content Management as well as eCommerce for a boost in ROI. It will work for B2B as well as the B2C industry.
  • The customer experience plays an important role in improving ROI.

To minimize the cost and reduce the use of several resources, the selection of Pimcore DXP is the right choice. It is going to provide you maximum efficiency during the use and you can expect consolidated data for marketing purposes. The overall functionality gets better and the experience enhances effectively.

To check stats based on website traffic history and learning about customers’ needs will provide valuable information regarding a better approach. Most customers are dealing with inconveniences when they are visiting websites that work using CMS.

If you have a plan to enhance the overall UI and provide a better experience for an affordable price, then you can choose DXP.

You can begin using DXP and enhance your business in a better manner. We hope that this post will help you understand the basics of Pimcore DXP and how it is valuable for your business. For those who are confused about identifying DXP the upcoming table will give them clear thoughts.

How to Identify DXP [Comparison Table]

Sr.NoWhat is a DXPWhat is Not a DXP?
1A centralized platform that supports end-to-end customer lifecycleA mixture of platforms or group of technologies offering end-to-end customer lifecycle
2Supports Multichannel API IntegrationSupports either a site, app or responsive mobile site
3Supports either a site, app, or responsive mobile siteProvides unidirectional communication
4Integrated Unified PlatformA Stand-alone monolithic intranet package
5Supports Hybrid, Microservices & DevOpsIt is a tool like PaaS (Platform As A Service) or Multi-experience Development Application

Being able to make multiple connections with the external software smooths out your workflow and gives you a good-to-go tool. Having such great versatility from Pimcore will help you understand the key advantages. You can choose between Pimcore’s DXP and CMS.

The main difference between a CMS & a DXP!

The objective of the CMS is to create & manage the content across the mobile sites & desktop. The innovative technologies have already cleared the way for the DXPs.

DXP is continually offering the users with seamless and fully digital experiences across all the touchpoints & their entire journey. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss the main difference between CMS & DXP.

Difference between cms and dxp

Credit: Pimcore

  • CMS isn’t taking the experiences into account. It will not be able to address the demand for personalized & consistent content across the channels.
  • DXP will be able to eradicate the data silos and will surely be able to make the interdepartmental communication a little bit comfortable.
  • DXP is completely different from CMS in that it will be able to connect the entire data architecture & all the platforms that are involved in the value chain.
  • Nothing is better than DXP that is already providing the ability to impact a complete customer lifecycle across all the important touchpoints.
  • CMS is not capable of connecting the entire data and maintaining the file directory. It takes time and everything seems unsorted which creates a mess to users.
  • Impact on the customer lifecycle is obvious when you are using CMS due to lack of functionality and a slow process

If you are already interested in exploring the main difference between DXP and CMS, then you should pay close attention to Pimcore’s insights.

With Pimcore, enterprises will be able to create the demanding rich digital experience with a user-friendly environment for different kinds of output channels such as mobile, application, mobile, marketplace, social platforms, and others at once.

It is one of the great open-source experience management platforms that will be able to bridge commerce and content. The following are the Marketeers benefits from Pimcore DXP.

How DXP offers a complete overview of the customer data?

The majority of the enterprises depend on the DXP that is offering a holistic overview of the customer data. It is continually bringing a considerable amount of benefits to the enterprises. It will surely help you in creating a highly personalized experience that completely depends on the preferences, context & customer-related details.

Holistic data approach

Credit: Pimcore

Nowadays, the majority of marketeers are facing a variety of challenges like mastering the new technologies & limitations of the latest marketing technologies that will be able to handle the customer data. Digital experience platform is continually offering marketeers a one-stop solution for conducting important marketing activities.

Important Marketing and Advertising campaigns

Advertising and marketing campaigns are proven to be as great as customer data. CDP can combine the important data from the offline & online sources that are offering data to the marketing department. It is continually offering a single customer view that will allow you to create the best marketing campaign.

1. Personalized approach

Personalization always holds one of great importance in the age of the customer. With every information channel, the power of customers will increase & expectations rise. Pimcore’s DXP has become an optimal solution for companies. It will be able to remove data silos & will surely be able to make collaboration and cross-departmental communication possible.

Moreover, in order to deliver a great personalized experience, you need to gather key information like activities, purchase history, customer’s interests, and real-time behavior. The marketing department will be able to customize the relevant shopping journey for every customer and will be able to satisfy every requirement.

2. Highly-effective

If you want to face the challenges, Pimcore DXP always comes with a highly effective personalization engine. It is allowing the marketing department to define the segments and different target groups based on all the collected details. Pimcore’s integrated analytic will help you in measuring every interaction.

You will be able to track the multi-channel attribution models that can fully understand the impact of every engagement which has already occurred on digital interference.

3. Enhance the cross-departmental communication

If you are creating the omnichannel strategy, then your team will be able to act as a central task force that is dedicated to implementing this strategy. DXP is playing an important role here. It is continually offering the environment for the team to work together towards the common goal.

This will surely help you in achieving a common goal. It will help you in achieving a common goal. DXPs comes with wide support for the different kinds of methodologies like as-

  • User-centered design
  • Modeling that is completely based on the persona
  • Journey mapping across the best customer life cycle

DXP will enable a company to reuse the content in the different kinds of channels via single-layer interaction. Consumers will be able to enjoy an enhanced experience. It is able to directly correlate with great retention & higher customer satisfaction. Omnichannel enablement always offers marketeers with a variety of tools in their arsenal.

It will surely allow them to create complex personalization strategies. You can reach every consumer with antique content across all the platforms.

4. The best option for the organizations

Organizations are always searching to create a consistent & phenomenal customer experience. If you want to achieve this goal, then organizations will require a particular set of tools and technologies.

With the perfect strategy in place, DXPs will surely be able to make a great effort in achieving the goal, managing, monitoring & will improve the overall customer experience while ensuring the consistency of the brand.

5. Digital marketing technology

Marketing technology always requires to be digitalized by streamlining data, operations & processes to fit the overall requirements of today’s connected customers.

6. Manage overall personalized experiences

Managing the personalized experience has become important for creating relevant & customized engagements. It is considered as one of the most important parts of the enterprise business strategy. It will surely help you in creating persuasive shopping experiences and engaging journeys.

The Final Verdict

Lastly, marketeers are continually getting these benefits from Pimcore DXP. This will improve the overall ROI for both B2B/B2C industries. It can quickly improve customer experiences and efficiency as well.

PIM Cost Calculator

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