How Innovative Technologies Help Brands to Operate Efficiently in New Normal?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Innovative Technologies Help Brands to Operate Efficiently in New Normal?

COVID-19 is affecting the physical and financial health of every individual.

During this pandemic outage, social distancing is the key to stay healthy and fit. To maintain social distancing, the governments of affected countries are shutting down the cities and states. The leaders request people to stay in their home, in isolation.

But, social distancing is devastating the global economy and causes to create financial crises.

After Effect of Pandemic on Businesses

All types and sizes of businesses are impacted by the pandemic. Companies from different industries are facing different challenges to stay competitive and grow during this tough time.

Small to large scale organizations are making harsh decisions such as reducing manpower, shutting down manufacturing units, reducing the production capacity, and more in order to survive.

So many small businesses and startups that facing the cash flow issues while mid-sized and large scale organizations are struggling to sustain their growth.

How to Adapt Your Business to The New Normal?

To address the new normal situation, organizations can adopt innovative technologies as an integral part of the business strategy. With the help of technologies, the brands can leverage

PIMCore is one of the latest technology that enables businesses with an end to end digital solutions to run your online business seamlessly. It helps companies to manage tons of business data in a centralized place.

Moreover, it also allows you to deliver a personalized and omnichannel experience to the customers.

How PIMCore Helps Your Business to Stay Competitive?

PIMCore helps your different teams to streamline and simplify their respective operations. With effective data management, your eCommerce managers/product data managers, marketing teams, and sales teams can improve their operational efficiency.

Do you want to how?

Offering experience management and data management capabilities, PIMCore allows your different business units such as operations, marketing, sales, customer service, digital commerce, and supply chain to act as one. They work together to achieve profitability goals and collaborative effectiveness.

The digital experience platform allows you to deliver personalized customer experience across multiple devices and channels. So, it allows you to connect efficiently with internal and external resources.

How PIMCore Helps Your Teams to Drive Efficiency in Their Performance?

Product Data Manager: They can manage millions of your products with its thousands of attributes

eCommerce Manager: They can manage product data accurately for online sales.

Marketing Team: They can create and deliver a consistent omnichannel product experience to the customers.

Sales Teams: They can access up-to-date and accurate product data and material on the go at all times.

How To Cope With The New Normal Effectively by Leveraging PIMCore?

Save A Lot of Time of Your Teams

Product Data Managers

Data Managers need to manage millions of SKUs with thousands of attributes along with eCommerce, customer, digital asset, and vendor details. When they manage all these data in different systems, data liking and data matching will become a headache.

Using PIMCore, you can manage all your data in a centralized platform. The digital experience platform enables you with varied frameworks that consist of Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Customer Data Platforms, and eCommerce.

eCommerce Data Managers

Due to the eCommerce abilities of PIMCore, the managers can manage pricing, shipping, invoice, and other details in a centralized platform. The eCommerce managers can have a consolidated view of all your B2B and B2C orders.

They need to collect the data from different systems to get a unified view of all the online orders from a single platform. They can track the order status from a single screen with all the required details.

PIMCore is flexible enough to be synchronized with any of your existing enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and accounting. Thus, the managers can have access to the complete data across all the systems. PIMCore allows your marketing teams to create and publish the content on multiple channels to deliver an omnichannel experience to the customers.

They can expand their market reach by providing the content to the target audience in their native languages by leveraging multi-lingual support of PIMCore.

Furthermore, it allows the marketing teams to publish the content on their intended platforms in the format that is accepted by the respective platforms.

Marketing Teams

Marketing teams create content for the organization’s products and services, they need to promote product-related content on different sales and marketing channels such as website, eCommerce platform, social media, marketplace, mobile app, and more.

Sales Teams

As the product managers keep the product data updated, sales executives have access to accurate product information. They can show accurate product data to the customers. The more accurate information they provide to the customers, the more chances of conversion.

Help Your Business to Grow with Speed and Agility

To stay competitive, you need to adapt your business as per the changing market needs. PIMCore helps you to stay ahead in the competition by enabling you with a single view of business information, offering omnichannel selling, and improved operational efficiency.

PIMCore offers Master Data Management framework where businesses can manage all the information related to products, customers, and vendors.

By allowing you to update the product data quickly and publishing it across the different sales channels in real-time, the digital experience platform improves the time-to-market of your products.

It also helps you to meet newer business demands by developing and integrating advanced features and functionality with the help of a large community.

Meet the Unique Business Needs with Innovative Features

To meet the changing market demands, you need to update your business solution with advanced functionality. With PIMCore, it is quite easy to develop new features and integrate them into your business solution. You can scale your software without incurring a huge cost.

Apart from that, PIMCore can be integrated with your existing enterprise systems and allows you to fetch data from other systems and send data from PIMCore to other systems. Thus, you can have updated data on every system.

Simplify the Data Management Workflow

PIMCore allows you to manage your business data regardless of volume and variety. You can collect the data from different sources and manage them in a single location to maintain data accuracy and consistency.

The technology permits companies to harness the potential of data modeling engine, workflows, and business rules. You do not need to write code to utilize these capabilities of PIMCore, all you need to do is just configure them.
Leverage the smarter mechanism of PIMCore to use your product data across the multiple channels in a consistent way.

Improve Time-to-market of Your Product

To stay competitive, it is very essential to launch your product with the correct data within a short time period. The earlier you launch your product, the more responses you are supposed to get from customers.

PIMCore helps companies to drive operational efficiency along with improved time-to-market by meeting the compliance requirements, risk management, and governance standards.

Allowing to manage millions of product data and other business information under a single roof, the digital platform helps your sales and marketing teams to deliver a better customer experience.


To adopt the new normal situation, companies look for technologies that help them to increase operational excellence, improve customer experience, expand across new sales and marketing channels, and so on and so forth.

PIMCore helps you to address all your requirements that are changed due to the effect of the pandemic. It helps you to boost operational efficiency by reliving your teams from manual product data management, expanding across new channels by allowing you to push your content on multiple channels.

Being a Strategic Partner of PIMCore, Credencys helps brands to startups to make their business more efficient by leveraging PIMCore development services and utilizing different frameworks and capabilities of the digital platforms to build robust business solutions.

We have a dedicated team of PIMCore developers who have helped organizations belong from different industry domains in implementing the custom business solutions as per their specific business needs.

Are you ready to come out as a stronger business in this new normal situation? Connect with our experts to get personalized consultation for your business challenges.

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