Informatica PIM: Everything You Need to Know

Do I Need a PIM?

By: Manish Shewaramani

Informatica PIM: Everything You Need to Know

In today’s digital age, businesses need to stay ahead of the game with innovative solutions to manage and streamline their operations. With product information management (PIM) being an integral part of any eCommerce platform, the demand for robust and reliable PIM solutions has never been higher. Here, Informatica PIM comes to help product-based organizations.

One such solution is Informatica PIM, a leading PIM system that provides businesses with a centralized platform to manage their product data and ensure consistent, accurate, and relevant information across all channels.

Informatica PIM is a highly adaptable and customizable solution that caters to the unique needs of different industries, including retail, manufacturing, and distribution. It allows businesses to manage product information across the entire product lifecycle, from creating, categorizing, and organizing product data to publishing it across multiple channels, including eCommerce websites, mobile apps, and marketplaces.

It’s user-friendly interfaces and advanced features, such as data governance, workflow management, and analytics, make it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes.

This article elaborates more about the Informatica PIM along with its features and benefits that play a handy role in your business growth.

What is Informatica PIM?

Informatica PIM is a powerful business data management tool that helps you manage your business data more efficiently and accurately. It offers features such as data discovery, data analysis, reporting, and visualization that can help you optimize your processes and make better decisions.

There are many reasons why you might choose to use Informatica product information management in your business. For example, it can help you optimize your processes and make better decisions. It can also help you manage your data more effectively and ensure accuracy. And last but not least, it can help you save time and money.

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Common Product Content Challenges Faced by Every Business

Without proper data management software, often companies experience siloed data across organizational systems, incomplete or inaccurate data across the business units or available channels, fragmented data, and so on. This leads businesses towards a situation where managing product data becomes overwhelming as time progresses and business starts witnessing growth.

Having no system to offer a single trusted 360-degree view of enriched product content will lead both internal departments and external business entities to spend more time and money on handling product data with the high risk of having data errors, data redundancy, data mismatch, and data duplicity.

Apart from those critical situations, an organization with no product data management system will face these common data challenges, take a look.

1. Creating ideas from Conceptions

The first and foremost step in the product development process would be idea generation. Transforming those ideas into products wouldn’t be that easy, also chances of hitting idea roadblocks in making a decision will be high if there isn’t any proper workflow. And workflow will get affected if due to the presence of poor data.

To sort out all those data-oriented problems, having a PIM solution becomes essential. The PIM solution provided by Informatica helps businesses to avoid idea blockage problems by creating suggestion bins during brainstorming sessions.

The centralized data repository offered by Informatica PIM motivates staff to participate in brainstorming activities and escalate their most lucrative ideas.

2. Determining market viability

A product idea might sound good on paper, but while converting it into reality a business faces a lot of struggles. Particularly on handling the financial hassles and finding potential consumers.

Having a good PIM solution will help the business to analyze the product’s viability well before initiating the product development process. With the accurate product data provided by the PIM solution, a business can conduct market research and get the details about the competition and the audiences before the product development.

After creating the minimum viable product (MVP), PIM gathers the essential information of the target audience by collecting opinions and interests. This allows businesses to upgrade their products with value-added features and functionalities to attract more audiences.

3. Workflow management

Without proper workflow management between the departments, companies would lack product development speed and quality. Workflow management includes proper communication between the departments of an organization to resolve conflicts over product data which will lead to better product development in a quick time.

Having an excellent PIM solution from Informatica will offer a centralized platform for storing and managing all product-related information. This helps various departments of an organization to easily access the details at any time.

Also, the centralized repository offered by Informatica PIM solution improves the communication between the departments and paves the path for the development of quality products with high efficiency.

4. Maintaining a Good Reputation Among Customers

Often companies fail to maintain their reputation level as they had during the initial stage when they start to grow. This happens mainly because of improper management of the large volume of product data.

With poor product data, the company starts losing its trust among its potential consumers which will lead to a fall in the customer reputation level.

This can be easily avoided by having a good PIM solution, just like Informatica PIM. PIM solution helps businesses to maintain any size volume of data at ease and maintain the quality of product data consistently.

5. Pricing policy

Converting the ideology into a product completely differs when it comes to pricing the fully developed products. Chances of not maintaining the sweet balance in pricing the product will cost you to lose a customer and lower your product sales.

This may happen because of having an improper or poor conception of acquiring a target audience and poor value of the products according to the demands of potential customers.

This can be avoided by having a perfect data management platform Informatica PIM. The PIM solution does almost half of the product manager’s job by conducting a thorough market analysis of the product’s demand.

Also, the PIM system predicts the maximum amount potential buyers are ready to pay for the products. This helps product managers to finalize the product price.

In addition to that, the PIM solution maintains all the essential information like product hiring expenses, marketing expenses, and product realization costs. This information helps product managers to determine an effective pricing policy.

6. Time-to-market

A new product’s market positioning is fully determined based on the ability of the company to meet its product launch deadline and the timeline of the product launch.

Often companies fail to meet the product launch deadline and increase the time taken for the new products to reach the market after the launch. This happens mainly because of the inability of development, marketing, and sales teams to access accurate and up-to-date product content.

This can be easily avoided by having an Informatica PIM solution. The centralized repository offered by PIM helps an organization to create a collaborative environment, where all departments can work as a collaborative workforce by accessing accurate and up-to-date product data. This helps development teams to speed up the development process and significantly reduces the time to market new products.

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Informatica PIM Architecture

The diagram depicted above is inherently comprehensible. I have incorporated certain cloud components to facilitate the process of data exportation. This straightforward approach offers an effective means of managing product data sourced from diverse systems.

The implementation of Cloud Function, Cloud CDN, and Apigee API platform serves as a mere illustration of efficient operational practices. For instance, the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Platform (IICP) provides comparable capabilities.

Additionally, the Data Lake solution may be substituted with the more advanced Snowflake platform. The inclusion of supplementary third-party API management features is widely dispersed across various software and services.

The automation of task translation can be achieved through the utilization of REST API inbound and outbound calls. However, in a real-time environment, an additional workflow engine must be invoked for one or more levels of approval after the translated text has been loaded into the system. To facilitate efficient task management, ActiveVOS, a reliable BPEL engine for P360, is a widely recommended solution.

The responsibility of managing image generation and linking may be outsourced to a third party. Nonetheless, the task of uploading and linking various types of images to products in P360 is competently executed by IMM (Informatica Media Manager).

Upon completion of all tasks, the export process will initiate the production of diverse document formats (delineated by communication channels) that will generate a RAW textual document (in either JSON, TXT, or XML format) accompanied by image files compressed into a ZIP file, which will be securely located within the export directory.

One viable option for initiating a Data Pipeline is through the utilization of Cloud Functions or other suitable utilities. By implementing this methodology, data can be seamlessly transferred to the appropriate systems in a timely and efficient manner.

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Key Features of Informatica PIM

The Informatica Product 360 PIM solution helps businesses to achieve far better engaging product experience through publishing trusted, accurate, and enriched product content across the available channels.

Informatica PIM is a comprehensive solution that covers a wide range of operations and features, including:

Enhance Shopper Experience

To provide a better shopping experience for the end user, Informatica PIM offers a wide range of integrations with various e-commerce platforms. This coupled with powerful search capabilities ensures that the required information is easily accessible.

Real-time Data Management

The ability to actively manage data in real time enables quick and efficient decision-making, thereby enhancing business efficiency.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Whether you need simple or sophisticated reporting facilities, Informatica PIM has you covered.

Manage & Automate Workflow

With the ability to automate processes and integrate with various business applications, Informatica PIM can help you streamline operations.

Ensure Product Data Quality & Compliance

Product 360 PIM offers comprehensive product data quality through automated validation rules and compliance tools, ensuring the platform comes with excellent data governance capability.

Easily Exchange Product Data

Informatica PIM offers a wide range of data pools such as GDSN, that make it easy to exchange product data with other systems.

Securely Store Product Data

Informatica PIM offers numerous security features to ensure that the data is securely stored and protected from unauthorized access.

Manage Complex Data More Efficiently

To manage complex data more efficiently, Informatica PIM offers a centralized embedded DAM which can be easily accessed and connected to external DAM.

There are more features that a Product Information Management platform contains to simplify the life of different teams of an organization. Read Must Have Features of Product Information Management System to explore the most common features that every leading PIM platform provides.

Benefits of Informatica PIM

Informatica PIM offers a wealth of benefits that can help you streamline your business operations. With the Informatica PIM system, a business of any size can significantly improve its operational efficiency. Especially in handling the complex & large volume of product data.

Apart from those, here are the lists of some key benefits your organization can get by employing the Informatica PIM solution:

Deliver Engaging Omnichannel Product Experiences

With Informatica PIM, you can deliver engaging omnichannel product experiences that are easy to use and conform to customer preferences.

Complex Product Content Syndication

With Informatica PIM, you can syndicate complex product content across various channels, including web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Best-in-Class Business Workflow Management and Automation for Smarter Collaboration

With Informatica PIM, you can manage and automate your business workflow more efficiently, ensuring that all tasks are completed promptly.

Benefit from Industry-Leading Product Data Quality and Ensure Compliance

With Informatica PIM, you can ensure the accuracy and integrity of your product data, which helps to comply with regulatory requirements.

Easy Exchange of Product Data via Data Pools

With Informatica PIM, you can easily exchange product data with other systems via data pools, which makes it easy to share and integrate product data from multiple sources.


With Informatica PIM, you can easily scale your product data throughout your organization, ensuring that it is easily accessible and manageable.

Enhanced Security

With Informatica PIM, you can ensure the security of your product data by incorporating advanced security features into the software.

Reduced Costs

With Informatica PIM, you can reduce costs associated with data management by automating business processes and reducing the need for human intervention.

Speed up Processes and Workflows for Optimal Efficiency

With Informatica PIM, you can speed up your processes and workflows to ensure that your business can operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Only End-to-End MDM and Best-of-Breed Integration Capabilities

With Informatica PIM, you can manage and automate your product data across all your channels, including web, mobile, and desktop applications.

Strategic Partner for Your End-to-End Information Value Chain

With Informatica PIM, you can join forces with other systems in your organization to build a strategic information value chain.

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Informatica PIM Pricing: A detailed overview

Following our discussion of the diverse range of features and solutions offered by Informatica, we will now delve into their nuanced pricing models. It is worth noting that Informatica PIM pricing is highly flexible and can be tailored to cater to the specific requirements of individual organizations.

Informatica PowerCenter is widely recognized as a premier data integration platform that empowers organizations to extract, transform and load data from diverse sources. This highly sought-after solution streamlines the intricate process of data management, allowing businesses to seamlessly access and utilize the information they require to drive their operations forward.

The pricing structure for PowerCenter is rooted in a user-centric, monthly subscription model, whereby diverse pricing tiers are offered depending on the number of users and the requisite level of support.

PIM 360 Informatica, a leading provider of data management solutions, offers an additional highly sought-after product known as Informatica Cloud. This innovative solution is cloud-based and designed to seamlessly integrate and manage data. The pricing structure for Informatica Cloud is based on a per-user, per-month subscription model, with various pricing tiers available to cater to diverse user needs and the levels of support required.

Aside from its portfolio of data integration and management solutions, Informatica presents an array of supplementary offerings, including Informatica MDM (Master Data Management) and Informatica Data Governance.

Organizations seeking to optimize their operations with cutting-edge data management software can now avail themselves of a risk-free opportunity to sample some of Informatica’s most popular products. Among the software available for the trial are Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud, both widely recognized as industry leaders in their respective domains.

By taking advantage of the 30-day free trial option offered on our website, discerning organizations can thoroughly test and evaluate the software to ensure it aligns with their unique requirements before investing in a purchase.

Regrettably, the lack of transparency surrounding their pricing plans is apparent. The website fails to provide specific details on the cost of each plan.

Wrapping Up

As a business, you rely on information to make informed decisions. Product Information management (PIM) is the process of organizing and managing information, which is relevant to the products so that it can be used effectively and efficiently. The excellent data management solution from PIM Informatica 360 helps organizations manage their data in a way that helps them make better decisions. ‘

This blog covers the basics of Informatica PIM and gives you an overview of some of its key features. By understanding what Informatica PIM is and what it can do for your business, you can take advantage of its many benefits and achieve better outcomes.

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