Top 6 Reasons Why You (Must Hire) an Agile Software Development Company over Freelancers

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By: Sagar Sharma

Top 6 Reasons Why You (Must Hire) an Agile Software Development Company over Freelancers

By this time you must be having a product or an app idea. Getting struck by an idea is merely the first step to business success. If you think that your idea has the potential to solve the problem, then you must be looking for someone who can put your idea into execution and make it a reality.

But, putting trust in someone you don’t know is tough. Most of the people who outsource their software development project has at least two questions. First: whether or not the person will be able to keep my idea secret? And Second: Will I get my project delivery on-time with all my requirements being satisfied?

Without any doubt, an Agile software development company can answer both your questions. Unlike software development companies, a majority of the freelancers don’t have the provision to sign a non-disclosure agreement which provides you the assurance that your idea is safe. Freelancers don’t usually follow a well-defined methodology such as DevOps, Agile Scrum, Kanban, etc. for successful development and deployment of the product.


Benefits of Hiring an Agile Software Development Company

Below are a few proven reasons why you must hire an Agile software development company rather than freelancers.


Loaded with Experts

Development firms are packed with experienced and talented people. Developers have to face extensive interview sessions before getting hired. Hence, you’ll always get the best of the best resources for your project.

Unlike freelancers, Software development companies have people from various backgrounds and culture which creates a significant impact on development. With extensive teamwork and expertise on the subject matter, they are capable of carrying out even the most complex projects.

Freelancers, on the other hand, have limited knowledge and time. Because of which, they either take more time to finish the project or they outsource their work to their cocky peers. They cannot guarantee the quality delivery of your product.


More The Merrier

Freelancers are “one man army.” If god forbid anything happens to him/her, your development cycle will stop at once. Working with freelancers is like always living on the edge. Also, it does not come with a warning. Imagine your project is almost halfway through, and the freelancer falls sick. At that time transferring every single element of your project to the other guy will only lead your project to go haywire.


King of One v/s Jack of All

Software development companies hire people who pursue expertize in a targeted domain which makes them the king of one. While on the other hand freelancers are jack of all or rather they have to be jack of all. Freelancers cannot afford to master one skill as they receive a variety of requirements from clients which, require multiple skill sets.

The most significant advantage of Agile software development companies is that they have a team of experts to develop your project. For example, they have experts for Photoshop, JavaScript, Magento, etc. who have unmatched technical and practical knowledge of their subject matter. The concentrated effort that these black belt developers put into building a product is way higher than the effort put by a team of freelancers.


Use Latest Tools and Follow Latest Practices

Freelancers have limited knowledge about the latest tools and SDKs. Even though they know, they don’t have enough time to learn those tools and use them to develop projects. Software development companies hire experts who have in-depth knowledge of the latest tools and practices which makes a huge difference in software development. Latest tools help you to build a product that is future proof and scalable.

Software development companies follow Agile methodology to develop your product and follow the latest practices such as DevOps. They use the newest software testing methods and tools such as Kotlin, Jenkins, Apache jMeter, and more. Freelancers don’t put much effort into the test the software as they have less time and resources.


They Keep Your Idea Safe

One of the most common problems that clients face is about keeping their idea safe. Maintaining confidentiality is not a problem for most of the software development companies as they sign a well-structured non-disclosure agreement before the actual development begins. Freelancers also sign an NDA at the beginning of development but, there is still some risk associated with it.


They Have to Protect their Brand

An Agile software development company is built on a specific brand image. They care for their brand image before anything else. Therefore they never compromise to deliver excellent customer experience by providing the best product quality. Freelancers, on the other hand, do not have a brand to protect. They are a brand of their own. Freelancers do care about your product but, not as much as Agile software development companies do.



Freelancers v/s Agile Software development company; it is an ongoing debate which one to prefer. The short answer is that if you want to avoid fishy source code, extra cost and shady qualifications that sends shivers down your spine, then you must go with an Agile software development company like Credencys.

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