Selfie App Development: 5 Features of Best Selfie Apps to Implement!

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By: Sagar Sharma

Selfie App Development: 5 Features of Best Selfie Apps to Implement!

Nowadays, the majority of people are obsessed with clicking selfies everywhere they go.

In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that there are 4 million selfies are taken by people in just an hour.

According to a survey conducted by, 82% of U.S. adults aged 18 to 34 years had taken a photograph of themselves and uploaded it to a social media website.


These data from surveys around the world prove that selfie apps are in huge demand.

So, if you’re still wondering whether or not to go for selfie app development in 2022, we think that you definitely should.

Selfie apps are all rage right now. From taking beautiful selfies to photo-editing and photo enhancement, there are lots of selfie apps with unique features out in the market.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best selfie apps that are insanely popular in the market right now.

List of Top Selfie Apps for Android

Candy Camera – Selfie, Beauty Camera, Photo Editor

Candy camera is one of the most well-known selfie android application, offering real-time filters with swipe-enabled filter options to make your selfies more attractive. This selfie application comes with numerous beauty functions like lipstick, blush, slimming, concealer to beautify your selfie.


In this application, you will find the coolest collection of stickers and collage along with some creative filters like EveryDay, SweetCandy, FreshFace, Rainyday and so on. It also allows you to add frames to your snapshots to make it more beautiful.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam is considered as a perfect selfie beauty application, having amazing editing tools for enhancing the person’s natural beauty. This application has 6 beautification levels to make snap beautify after clicking it.

YouCam Perfect Selfie Photo Editor – Apps on Google Play

As per, more than 30 million selfies are taken daily and over 800 million minutes spent every month taking photos with YouCam Apps. This application has real-time skin beautifying effects in beauty camera & video selfies that create selfie with short videos. It also uses coolest filters for better Vine videos.


InstaBeauty is another popular selfie photo editor for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. This application comes with 100+ beautiful makeup styles and filters that help you to remove pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and rosacea to give you a beautiful selfie.

InstaBeauty Makeup Selfie Cam Apps on Google Play

Used by more than 50 million users, InstaBeauty has grid filters, teeth whitening, selfie filters, zoom in the eyes, stylish collage, and many interesting features that the professional selfie app has. Its Quicksnap feature enables you to take lots of self-snapshots and allows you to review each beautified shot to choose the best one.

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 is recognized as an ultimate selfie app, having over 1,500 diverse stickers, including facial recognition stickers that twist your face or turn you into a cute animal. This application will choose a filter for you automatically, remember filter choices and make it as smarter suggestions.

B612 Beauty Filter Camera Apps on Google Play

Having a ‘tilt-shift effect‘, this B612 app helps in feigning a shallow depth image. As this app supports the camera’s autofocus technology, it enables users to get sharper images in challenging conditions such as high movement, low light, and so on. B612 also has a collage feature with dozens of options to create 3D pictures.

BestMe Selfie Camera

BestMe app comes with amazing 125 real-time filters like halo, mirror, filtergrid, etc. and other 100+ filters and stickers to make snap more attractive. This application has capabilities like face recognition and unique filters like World, Maggie, and Debby that enable users to click awesome selfies.

BestMe Selfie Camera Apps on Google Play

BestMe Selfie Camera app allows users to create real-time collage and users can able to share those collages on social media networks through a wide range of sharing options. Other than this, it has a lot of features and filters like excellent blur effects, vignette options, emoji stickers and more.

So, these are some of the best selfie camera apps for smartphones.

Now, if you want to join the ranks of these best selfie apps, then you also need to build your selfie app with as powerful features as these popular selfie camera apps have.

In this blog, we’ve shared the 5 best features of top selfie apps that you can implement in your selfie app development.

With that being said, let’s dive right in!

Selfie App Development: 5 Must-Have Features

Add Trendy Filters & Stickers

If you’re developing a selfie app, then adding some of the unique and trendy filters in your selfie app is a must. There are many filters like PIP Style, Artistic Filters, Magazine Style, Augmented Reality filters and Live Filters to touch up your selfies in real-time.

stickers YouCam Perfect Best Selfie Photo Editor Apps on Google Play

Image credit: YouCam Perfect

Adding different types of stickers for every occasion, trend, season, etc. enable users to decorate their selfie. It’s best to add the latest and cute stickers and make them resizable and moveable with a multi-touch gesture.

Social Media Integration

Social Media integration is one of the most important features to add in selfie application. Whenever users click a snap, they are looking at different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, VK, LINE, KAKAO, Wechat, or more to share it among their friends.

social integration Sweet Selfie selfie cam beauty cam photo edit Apps on Google Play

Image credit – Sweet Selfie

Having social sharing features enable users to share their snap with just one-two steps on their favorite social networks.

Different Camera Lenses

Not only simple selfie, but also capturing snaps with different camera lenses with loved ones are popular these days. People are capturing the different style of selfies with various camera lenses like Divided lenses, FishEye, Lomo and more.

cameralens - Cymera Camera Collage Selfie Camera Pic Editor Apps on Google Play

Image: cymera

Don’t forget to add some of the important options like anti-shake, timer, touch shooting, out-focusing to make your selfie app stand out from other apps. So, another important feature is to have different camera lenses integrated.

Real-Time Live Videos and GIFs

Do users are looking for a simple selfie app? No. Now, they are looking for an app that captures beautiful selfies and can also capture live videos.

live - video

Image Credit – Retrica

You can create your own selfie app by integrating GIF mode that turns your own created video or collage into a GIF-able moment.

Editing and Filters in Real-time

Another important feature is real-time filters and editing tools. This feature enables user to make a perfect selfie by editing their capture snap, apply whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara and other beauty tools.

filterPhoto Editor Square Fit Snap Collage Maker Lidow Apps on Google Play

Image credit – Lidow

In addition, you can also add multiple filter options like lens flare, halo, limo, light leak, retro, etc. to enable user to add stylish layers to coat their selfies.

Easy Collage Maker

The last not the least, collage maker feature allows to create cool collage from the user’s gallery. Integrate collage maker feature with rotate, resize photos with simple touch gestures to create the best collages within 10 seconds.

collageYouCam Perfect Best Selfie Photo Editor Apps on Google Play

Image credit – Youcam

Concluding Thoughts…

In this blog, we have listed some of the best selfie applications and their unique features that you can add in your selfie app development.

In addition to these listed features, you can also add features like Object Remover and CutOut, Silent camera, beautify features, and so on to make your app outstanding from others.

Lastly, if you’re searching for the best mobile app development company that can bring your selfie app idea into reality, Contact Credencys.

We have a team of top-notch mobile app developers with a decade long experience in developing 50+ photo and video applications.

If you found this blog helpful, take five minutes to browse our other blogs.

General FAQs on Selfie App Development:

Q:1 – What is the best selfie app?

Ans – There are many selfie apps that are considered best by their users. Specifically, B612, YouCam Perfect, and Candy Camera on top right now.

Q:2 – How do you make selfies look better?

Ans – There are lots of ways to click better selfies such as moving the camera farther away, finding the best angle, turning off the flashlight and setting the white balance and exposure right.

Q:3 – What apps make you look pretty?

Ans – If you’re looking for apps that help you look pretty in pictures, you should try B612, Beauty Booth, and Beauty Plus. They all work wonderfully.

Q:4 – What is the best beauty app?

Ans – Like the best selfie app, there are many beauty apps that are considered best. But we had to choose, then we would recommend, YouCam, The Glam App, and MakeupPlus.

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