Why Should You Consider Angular.js for Web App Development?

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By: Sagar Sharma

Why Should You Consider Angular.js for Web App Development?

This article briefs several popular web application frameworks that suit your web app development in a great manner. Today, we are going to look at one more such dynamic web application framework Angular.js and eventful reasons why Angular.js should be considered for your web app development. You would have come across React.js and how it uses JavaScript for developing dynamic web applications.

Similarly, Angular.js also uses a hybrid HTML/JavaScript framework that provides simplified enterprise solutions for developing dynamic web applications against RESTful web services. Let us see what Angular.js is in detail and the benefits of Angular.js for web app development.

How Popular Angular.js around the World?

Here are the statistics that show how popular Angular.js is across industry verticals. According to an expert’s opinion poll survey, Angular.js is widely used at 3.91% in computers electronics and technology, 2.50% in arts and entertainment, 2.16% in news and media, 1.86% in finance and 89.57% in several other industries.

More than 500,000 websites are using Angular.js and if you consider demography, the United States of America has the highest number of Angular.js, which is 74,287, second comes Russia, which has 57,131 websites and Taiwan comes the third with 23,129 websites. Likewise, other countries such as India, the United Kingdom, China, France, Germany, Brazil and Japan have close to 10,000 websites.

Benefits of Angular.js

The following points provide you with an overview of how angular.js can be helpful for web application development.

  • It allows you to create single-page applications effortlessly and provides you with proper guidelines to maintain those applications.
  • It offers a rich look and responsive experience to users by providing data binding functionality to HTML.
  • The code is unit-testable and makes an easy way for developers.
  • It uses dependency injection along with the separation of concerns.
  • It allows developers to write short codes and let them achieve more functionality within the scope.
    Angular.js can be run on all types of browsers, Smartphone and Android/iOS-based tablets.

6 best reasons why Angular Js should be used for web app development

Angular.js is an adaptable technology and provides an easy learning curve to developers. Here are the top reasons why you should consider Angular.js for developing dynamic web applications.

1. Security

If you look at enterprise enhancement or introducing a new leading technology framework into the existing system, we all think of the security aspect, which becomes mandatory. Angular.js can be a great technology and the best solution to security concerns that enterprises arise because their focus has turned majorly towards data security and require convenient access to their internal and promotional teams’ data.

Enterprises to streamline their entire web app processes and take the business to the next level should look out for options such as Angular.js.

2. Critical user interface

If you expect your user interface code to be simple but specific and strong, you can just define what you need in the application, and the rest will be dealt with by Angular.js. It is that flexible and effective when it comes to defining your web application’s user interface because it uses HTML, which is a simple language to learn and apply. It is easily demonstrable and less-complicated that offers spontaneous output.

It is considered to be an effective web app framework in defining UI when compared to defining an interface in JavaScript. You invest less effort and achieve more from using Angular.js.

3. Integration

Angular.js allows easy integration of third-party features into web applications or it comes inbuilt with frameworks such as Famo.us, Wijmo, Telerik’s Kendo UI, Ionic and several other frameworks. Integration of various tools and frameworks is something very important for developing a dynamic web app; otherwise, you may not be able to develop an adaptive and attractive website for your users.

4. Data binding

Angular.js comes with two-way binding, which is the smartest feature available. One of the best benefits of data binding is it automatically stores the app data, and no restriction towards data storage is considered too. The moment data is stored, the user interface also gets updated automatically. This reduces the effort of monitoring whether every process in the web app development is intact.

If coding seems to be complicated, you can easily remove it from the front-end display, especially when you propose a declarative approach to UI presentation. You can avoid unnecessary complexity in coding and beginning from scratch. Although it throws some unexpected problems with respect to the design of the web app architecture, yet it is one of the best reasons to consider Angular.js for simplifying complex data manipulations and calculations.

5. Minimal coding

Angular.js is a great opportunity for developers to code because it does not involve much coding. Even if you write complex code, it converts them into easy short codes, making the web app development simple and quick. Therefore coders need not spend more time on thinking and implementing codes. Here are certain criteria that Angular.js expects an in-depth/strong coding:

  • It is not required to incorporate a separate pipeline for Angular.js developer’s community.
  • You need not go for customization of any setter functions as Angular.js has a simple data model.
  • It generates an automated view of data with granting excellent features, data binding, to developers.
  • It is all-time defined using HTML and makes the view more specific and simplified.
  • Other coding teams involved in web app development may find it easy to write codes without confusion in the integration of any applications or tools used because directives are not combined with app code.
  • Without changing any controller, developers can easily manipulate data on the view level itself by using filters.
  • Angular.js makes testing easier with the availability of inbuilt dependency injection subsystems.

6. Quick testing

As mentioned earlier, the testing process is quick and simple with Angular.js as it uses JavaScript that definitely requires a bunch of tests. You should know that JavaScript is interpreted and dynamic but not compiled and hence requires frequent and effective testing.


Hoping you all have received a good piece of knowledge about why Angular.js for your enterprise in streamlining dynamic web app development. It is somehow familiar among developers and most commonly adopted by enterprises. You get the best output out of writing simple and short codes with Angular.js and hence developers attract to its implementation effortlessly.

If you want to develop a fabulous web app using Angular.js and require support, contact our Angular JS expert team for quick and instant assistance.

Frequently asked questions on Angular.js for Web App Development?

1. What is Angular.js? How can it be used?

Angular.js is the best framework, and many get confused with it as a library because it is extremely light to use when compared to a typical framework. It uses JavaScript for coding and goes well with client-side applications of both desktop and mobile browsers, and so it is not a plugin too.

You find it easy to work with Angular.js and also learn a plethora of things that help you deal with your web app development.

2. Does Angular.js follow a template system?

Angular.js appears like a template system but it is different from other template systems. It provides a two-way data binding system that brings a very good fit for web application development.

Moreover, the template collates in the browser, and the steps involved for performing the collation to create a new step. Therefore, it reduces the need of developers to write code consistently in sync with the existing view model and several other models with unique template systems.

3. Does Angular.js provide authenticated security and how should I consider it?

Angular.js is not least to any other technology when it comes to security. Yet, Angular.js provides tightened safety to data from basic security holes that comprise cross-site scripting and HTML injection attacks.

It offers XSRF protection for enabling server-side communication and easily skips all types of attacks that occur in the due course. It is also compatible with other security measures such as content security policy (CSP), HTTPS and server-side authentication and authorization. It is highly recommended for usage as it avoids your data from being exposed to possible attacks.

4. How can I analysis Angular.js Performance?

Certain factors decide the performance of your web app built using Angular.js. You should have a proper network connection, observe the state of the cache, use a high-end browser that supports Angular.js and check hardware availability. At the same time, you can measure bootstrap time in the lowest unit of milliseconds such as tens or hundreds. However, if your web app development includes more complex data bindings on the page, then the runtime performance of your app may vary accordingly, and the speed of your backend applications may also depend on the same.

Anyhow, the loading speed may vary according to the number of pages you add as well.

But you should also remember that Angular.js simplifies any complex code and makes it compatible with the architecture and convenient to developers. Hence measuring the performance of Angular.js should not be that tough for you.

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