Netflix to NASA - Why These 5 Famous Companies Use Node.js?
By: Manish Shewaramani

Netflix to NASA - 5 Famous Companies That Use Node.js

Since its inception in 2009, Node.js has gained immense popularity in the JavaScript market. And Netflix & NASA are just a few organizations using Node.js in their products.

To cut the long story short, Node.js is an open-source, light, and scalable JavaScript environment that allows writing server-side scripts.

Though Node.js is mainly used for developing real-time, data-intensive web applications, but mobile app development is also possible, all thanks to the node’s rich ecosystem.

In this blog, we’ve gathered information about the top 5 famous companies that are currently using Node.js in their software products.

5 Famous Organizations Using Node.js

#1 – Netflix


Netflix is, without any doubt, the biggest video streaming service company worldwide. As of January 2019, Netflix has 139 million paying subscribers and is quickly approaching 150 million, according to CNN.

Currently, Netflix’s user interface is built using node.js. And the technology has proved itself so beneficial and effective that the company has already planned to use it for building other layers of their tech stack.

So, why Netflix choose to use Node.js?

The Netflix team decided to embrace Node.js in their software product to make the application modular, lightweight, and fast. As a result, the application’s startup time is now reduced by 70%.

Kristofer Baxter, Former Senior Manager of User Interface Engineering Department of Netflix, himself shared these findings on Netflix’s blog on August 5th, 2015.

#2 – eBay


eBay is an ecommerce company that offers business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer internet sales services.

For buyers, the service is completely free to use. Sellers, on the other hand, need to pay fees for listing and selling items.

eBay currently operates in around 37 countries and according to Statista, eBay currently has 179 million active users across the world.

So, why eBay choose to use Node.js?

According to Principal Web Engineer of eBay, Senthil Padmanabhan, eBay adopted Node.js for two main reasons:

First, they wanted to make their product as real-time as possible such as maintaining live connections with the server.
And secondly, they also wanted to orchestrate a lot of eBay-specific services to handle I/O bound operations in a better way.

As a result, eBay is now experiencing many benefits including better speed, performance, transparency, scalability, and control over their product.

#3 – Paypal


Paypal is the largest Internet payment platform that offers services like online money transfer and acts as an electronic alternative to traditional payment methods like money orders & checks.

The company, as of today, supports over 24 currencies and has 277 million active users according to Statista.

So, why Paypal choose to use Node.js?

Paypal adopted Node.js for building the consumer-side of their web application. Jeff Harrel, Vice President of Checkout and Identity Department at Paypal said that Node.js helped them unify their developers into a team and helped to write both the server and the browser applications write in JavaScript.

As a result, their new Paypal app was built 2x faster with less number of people, with 40% fewer files and 33% of less code compared to their previous Java-based application.

#4 – LinkedIn


Launched in 2002, LinkedIn is a professional social network platform where employers connect with job seekers around the globe.

LinkedIn supports 24 languages and has over 303 million active monthly users and a total of 610 million members.

So, why LinkedIn choose to use Node.js?

LinkedIn adopted Node.js technology for empowering the server-side of their mobile applications.

As a result, LinkedIn’s new node-based app is 20x faster and their number of servers are also reduced from 30 to 3, compared to its previous Ruby on Rails version.

#5 – NASA


NASA, as you might already know, is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration agency of the US.

Node.js proved to be the most advantageous for NASA and helped the organization keep astronauts safer during their space expeditions.

The above statement may seem bold but that doesn’t change the fact.

So, why NASA choose to use Node.js?

NASA adopted Node.js technology after an unfortunate incident occurred in space. Simply put, NASA realized that their data was scattered on multiple locations and because of this one of their astronauts nearly lost his life.

So, NASA finally decided to move everything in the cloud and also developed their own end-to-end data system to prevent such incidents occurring in the future.

As a result, NASA now has 1 database for everything and their Data Access Time is also reduced by 300 percent!

Bottom Line? – Node.js is the Way Foward!

Node.js offers the greatest benefits and has now become the most preferred technology not just among developers but also among giant companies. Apart from the companies mentioned above, Google, Yahoo, and Github has also embraced Node.js into their production and are now experiencing the following innumerable advantages.

  • Rise in productivity
  • Fast processing
  • High scalability
  • Solid community support
  • And a lot more.

If you too wish to experience these advantages, Hire node js developer today!



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