How Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Helpful For Successful Marketing?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Helpful For Successful Marketing?

The digital experience platform is very important as it provides customer data and throughout the customer journey. Through digital transformation DXP helps businesses in profit generation; it saves their time, customer insights, and removes customer complaints. So ultimately with the growing market, growth of business arises with Digital experience Platform. The main object of business growth and serving customer’s needs are fulfilled by DXP.

To engage worldwide with digital transformation, the usage of DXP in businesses cannot be neglected. Knowing the right needs of customers is the heart of any business and it is only possible with DXP. For lifetime loyalty of customers, and revenue generation- DXP is absolutely necessary. It is a win-win platform as it helps businesses and customers both (For customers – better decision-making process and for businesses – overall growth).

What is a Digital Experience Platform?

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is software that builds the bridge between a company’s digital transformations with a better customer experience. DXP works as architecture for business goals, operation and helps in getting customer insights. It provides a platform for personalized user experience across all channels and devices. Digital Experience Platform can manage, handle, and create content easily on the centralized platform with security and safety.

In simpler terms, DXP is in the interaction between a user and organization, through digital technologies. To build websites, portals, and applications with content, and media- DXP is important. DXP takes care of both customer satisfaction and helps businesses in higher performance. Personalized customer experience is an added advantage of DXP. DXP is easy to use the software as it collaborates with existing tools/software easily.

Types of Digital Experience Platform

There are mainly three types of DXP, which are bifurcated on the basis of organizational cases and uses. The three types are:

  • Commercial DXP
  • Portal DXP
  • Content Management System DXP

Commercial Digital Experience platform

The organizations, which are in need of promotion of their content on websites for commercial purposes should follow CMS DXP. Facilities provided by the Commercial Digital Experience platform are Shopping carts, various payment methods, stock management, product return, pre-purchase, and fulfillment. To push the promotional data to the company’s website, CMS DXP is important.

Portal DXP

In working with B2B- Business to Business, and B2C- Business to Customer, Portal DXP is important as it is specially designed to serve customer support initiative- for better customer relations with the organization. For manufacturing sectors- its primary goal is to fulfill the needs of suppliers and partners. Its key features are Workflow automation, mobile support, CMS, and front-end presentation.

Content Management System

CMS has all kinds of information related to the company in it. Information: workflow, security, administrations, and all content delivery purposes. Thus CMS is the heart of any business. All organizations use CMS, according to the need and the key feature of CMS are personalized content delivery, customer acquisition, and demand generation.

Marketing Benefits of Digital Experience Platform

By bringing data together, DXP helps businesses in fulfilling their customer’s needs. The key marketing benefits of the Digital experience platform are as below.

1. Promotes Digital Transformation

To sustain in a competitive environment, having a competitive edge is necessary, and DXP helps in having that competitive edge. For any company digital transformation is the digitalization of information, content, tools, and growth on the digital platform. DXP plays the role of agent and brings digital transformation by collecting customer information and gives insights for improving customer reviews.

The flexible system of transformation with longer customer loyalty, through DXP, will boost up the organization’s brand name and it will help in marketing. DXP is a single unified platform, and when it helps in digital transformation, the results will be extraordinary for marketing purposes.

2. Profit Generating Revenue

The company would accept less profit, but no company would accept loss or bigger expenses. DXP is a single platform and acts as a unified platform, which can perform tasks of many others, software. If DXP is not implemented, the cost of different software, for different needs has to be incurred. To save the expense of different software, and to generate more revenue, using one single platform, DXP is important.

One useful creation of software is sufficient if it brings the desired revenue. Thus DXP helps in profit generation, directly and indirectly. It also helps in increasing employee productivity. With employee productivity and playing the role of many software combined, DXP is important for the organization.

3. Effective Time management

It is tough to keep an eye on all the customer’s needs and their interest. If one decides to do so, it will be time-consuming tasks to look at what customers are browsing (for purchase decision making) and their successful transaction. The tedious task of customer insights can be done easily with DXP. DXP gives real information in no time, about customer’s insights and interests.

The rich data of DXP is accessible and without putting much effort and time, the data could be readily available. Time management through DXP can help you in focusing on your other business core activity. The saved time could be utilized to generate more leads and revenues. Thus DXP helps in managing updated data constantly with accuracy.

4. Optimal Content Usage

For any department the access and usage of content are important. But specifically for the marketing department, the optimal content usage could lead to profit generation. Digital experience Platform helps in storing rich content, which is available easily when in need. The accessibility of content, at the right time to the right people, can help in generating more revenue for the business.

5. Centre of Rich Client/User Experience

Customer loyalty is important but so is getting new customers. DXP has a rich content of customer information. When the customer needs a product and searches through the company’s website- their information about contacts is saved. To get a new customer’s basic requirement is to know the customer’s preference. Through DXP new customers can be gained by knowing their preferences.

DXP has a strategic tool that shows the records of customer’s preferences and each touchpoint could tell us the customer’s decision-making process. Through DXP, customer’s preferences and decisions could be improved by giving reliable, right, and consistent content.

6. Customer’s activity provides feedback to business

As already stated, DXP is rich in customer data. DXP not only collects information about customer’s choices and preferences but also shows their activities on the digital platform. When the activity of customers is accessible to business/ organization/ or firms- it is quite helpful to them in growing up. If the customer is leaving his/her activity in between their buying decision, the point where they left becomes important.

For i.e., if the customer leaves the product in the cart when he/she has to make a payment, it means they are facing issues while paying out for the particular product. Thus the point where improvement is needed could be easily detected with DXP. And in the end, the information of customer’s activity helps in improving areas of business which were lacking in the first place.

7. Dismiss negative customer review

A happy customer is the strength of many organizations, but on the other hand, a negative customer is the weakness of any organization. DXP helps in improving the customer’s buying decision-making process and also dismisses negative customer reviews. It does not automatically work and dismisses the review but it solves the query of customers within no time so they do not have anything to complain about.

In simpler terms, their queries are being solved before they have been raised by them. So the chances of negative customer reviews are nearly not possible, which in turn will help in getting new customers. The existing customer’s loyalty will be sustained for a longer period of time.

8. Overall Business Growth

With touchpoint optimization, profitable investment, ability in building customer-centric approach, by using content, by optimizing employee productivity, by getting positive and negative feedback from the customer, by effective time management, and by generating profit- DXP helps is achieving growth of business with digital transformation.

No business wants to get a stagnant position and their ultimate goal is to grow and also provide better customer satisfaction. With DXP, both are feasible. Managing time and better employees could use productivity- the saved time for other business activities.

Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Experience Platform:

The Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the set of software technologies that ensure the development, delivery, and optimization of personalized, content-rich digital experiences at any time and anywhere.

The DXP is developed to manage content and assets on a wide scale. A robust DXP can help brands promote eCommerce projects, establish intranets, and manage multiple microsites with simplicity.

At first, it seems overwhelming to choose a digital experience platform, but many resources can enable you along your journey. No business is the same, so your requirements are undoubtedly different.

1. Map the Requirements to Your Goals

It is necessary to put together a roadmap when selecting a DXP. You can then set priorities, key goals, and tasks realistically and practically for your business in every project phase.

It is simple to get involved with all the latest advanced features. But the requirements of your organization are unique. You should ensure the new features and functions on your list are omitted because they are the latest trend or buzzword. Instead, set specific goals and consider how the technical requirements can help you achieve them. It is also useful to separate the needs into phases.

2. Properly Assess Ecosystems

Partner ecosystems and easy integration of vendors must be kept in mind when considering options. The software must interact with other software, not operate in silos. Be sure to consider the community, resources, and integration partners that exist for a specific system as you approach your technology decision.

3. Don’t Make a Compromise.

It would be best if you never compromised in personal relationships. The same applies to the option of a technology provider. If you start feeling like that, consider moving in different directions in areas of speed, efficiency, cost, or support.

Choose a vendor that offers you the best of both worlds, instead of selecting between speed and quality. It would be best if you did not have to choose a vendor with a specific authoring framework for both vendors and developers. Never compromise the performance. To make this decision, give yourself enough time.

4. Get To Understand the Technology

Before moving into a new technological world, it is essential to understand who and what the current technology can do. A user travel map is helpful here, as it helps you recognize technological gaps that prevent great user experiences. When you understand your technology, you can consider whether it is compatible with DXP technology.

5. Enhance User Interface

It is vital to consider how users interact with the different touchpoints in your organization so that you can improve the overall user interface. You will select the best technology by analyzing what users are searching for with the different touchpoints.

A DXP streamlines the experience of its customers. DXPs allow organizations to centralize all their digital assets, collect research findings of customer preferences, and deliver unique digital experiences. You will need to integrate the digital platforms into your business and learn how to use business logic to communicate with your customers. It is vital to deal with any legacy application and link to any user data source.

Bottom Line

The digital experience platform is easy to use and has many benefits for businesses. DXP is easy to use, which brings customer data and business, hand in hand. Both customers and businesses get benefits from it. DXP is evidently important for any business to grow. DXP has a variety of functions and saves the cost of many software by performing all the activities.

Implementations of DXP will lead to digital transformation, rich content of customers, time management, revenue generation, and overall growth of the business. Either a temporary requirement or permanent, the need for DXP is inevitable. Many platforms are available for different requirements and one could easily choose from the options.

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