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By: Vishal Kulshrestha

Want to Build Your Own Taxi App? You Don’t Need An Additional Content Management System

On November 5th 2014, we woke up to the news of China taxi app market that broke the 150 million user barrier during Q3 of the year, giving the respective companies place among 15 most valuable startups. (Reference)

Without a doubt, mobility has disturbed the conventional taxi cab services more than any other in the last few years. A plethora of taxi booking apps have been created that serves a better understanding of the activities and engagement level of end users right from looking to the booking of the cab, by following comprehensive analytics.

Before you know, why such apps are essential for your taxi business, let’s take a deep dive to its Working Methodology

A taxi booking app development is basically a software product that streamlines daily business operations by promoting a sophisticated user interface environment. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, such apps would be free for your customers to download.

Once the registration and signing process is done, users would be able to hire a cab based upon their requirements by viewing their locations via map view. Besides, multiple bookings can be made and SMS service could be used for booking confirmations and making payments, all with just a click of a button.

Benefits for Drivers

Most of your drivers could be found on a halt for the customers. However this could now be very well overcome through the use of this application. They would be able to earn more and manage their time simultaneously upon the use of taxi application. By using this booking app, your drivers can:

  • Allow users to request a ride
  • Accept multiple bookings at a time
  • Confirm booking status through SMS services
  • Generate instant payment process

Benefits for Passengers

Living in a city overwhelmed by traffic woes public transportation options and makes commuting a daily struggle. Those hailing a cab have to suffer waiting in a long queue or end up paying more money. Using a taxi-booking app doesn’t require standing roadside in hopes nor at designated taxi lanes as it allows to:

  • Set Pickup location
  • Select the desired Car Type
  • Track driver’s progress to their current location
  • Proceed with Cashless Payments
  • Save Time

Now, as an owner of a cab business, you are surely in the predicament of designing a new content management system platform for its execution….right?

You would be quite surprised to know that your taxi application doesn’t need an additional content management system.

The intrinsic configurations help the application to get attuned within the existing platform through the very use of API, allowing you to avoid the further requirement of any other software.

Customize Your Own App

What’s much better than to have an application of your requirement? You could provide your ideas regarding the designs and configuration of the applications, encompassing features like real time communication with driver, chat options, multiple languages and all those attributes and make your application distinctive from the multitude of other apps in the market.


At Credencys, we employ some of the best ideas to develop an entirely functional application. We rely on our extremely skilled and experienced developers who produce exceptional lines of codes after a thorough interaction with our clients. Our arrays of projects and consistently increasing clients are a proof of our inimitable performance.

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