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Deployed an MDM Solution that helps a manufacturing company achieve operational excellence




Master Data Management

Client Background

A leading manufacturing company produces industrial equipment and machinery. With over three decades of experience, they have built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. 

The brand operates multiple production facilities across different geographical locations, each specializing in specific product lines. Efficient management of their manufacturing operations is essential to ensure consistent quality, cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery. Streamlining processes and harmonizing data across various facilities is crucial for achieving operational excellence. 


The manufacturing organization encountered several key challenges related to Master Data Management, which hindered their ability to achieve operational excellence. These challenges included: 

Data Inconsistencies 

The company struggled with inconsistent data across different departments and systems. Discrepancies in product specifications, customer information, and pricing data led to errors, miscommunication, and delays in decision-making. This resulted in inefficiencies and negatively impacted customer satisfaction.

Duplicate Records  

Over time, duplicate records accumulated in the company’s data systems. This duplication led to confusion and made it difficult to determine accurate and up-to-date information.

Data Silos 

The organization manages business data in various systems and databases across different departments, resulting in data silos. This siloed approach made it challenging to access comprehensive and integrated data across the organization.

Inefficient Processes 

Existing data management processes were manual and time-consuming, relying heavily on spreadsheets and disjointed workflows. Lack of automation and standardized processes resulted in delays, errors, and limited scalability.

Lack of Data Governance 

In the absence of a reliable data governance framework, they face issues of data quality, integrity, and security. Without proper guidelines and controls in place, data management became prone to errors, inconsistent standards, and security risks.

How Credencys Helped?

To address the challenges and achieve operational excellence, the manufacturing organization partnered with Credencys to implement a robust Semarchy Master Data Management (MDM) solution.

Credencys implemented a centralized Semarchy MDM platform that integrates data from various sources and departments. Through data cleansing, standardization, and validation processes, data inconsistencies were resolved.

Our MDM experts have performed a comprehensive data deduplication exercise, identifying and merging duplicate records within the system. By eliminating redundancy and maintaining a single source of truth, the organization achieved data integrity and reduced the time spent on manual reconciliation.

Using Semarchy’s master data management, Credencys helped the organization to break down data silos and establish a unified view of the business. Decision-makers now have access to real-time, accurate information, facilitating better insights and informed decision-making.

Credencys automated manual data management processes, leveraging workflows and system integration capabilities. This streamlined operations, reduced manual errors, and increased efficiency. Standardized processes were established, ensuring consistency and scalability, which enabled the organization to respond quickly to market changes and scale its operations effectively.

We implemented a comprehensive data governance framework, establishing rules, policies, and controls for data quality, integrity, and security. Using Semarchy MDM, we have offered data stewardship, access controls, and audit trails, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and data privacy laws.

“Our data management issues were holding us back from achieving our full potential. We needed a partner who could understand our unique requirements and deliver a tailored MDM solution. Credencys proved to be the perfect fit. Their MDM expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence were truly impressive. They guided us through the entire master data management implementation process, addressing our concerns and ensuring a smooth transition. We are thrilled with the results and the positive impact on our operations.”

– Managing Director

Business Impact


Reduction in data inconsistencies, errors, and duplications


Increase in operational efficiency


Reduction in time-to-market for new products


Cost reduction in data maintenance, data cleansing, and manual data reconciliation efforts

The implementation of the Semarchy MDM solution by Credencys had a profound impact on the operations of the manufacturing company. They experienced improved data accuracy, consistency, and visibility across departments.  

With streamlined data processes, the client achieved operational excellence, enabling faster and more informed decision-making. The reduction in data inconsistencies and duplicate records resulted in cost savings and enhanced productivity. 

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